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When Am I Gonna Lose YouLocal NativesGreat falsetto  and indie tune crashing the maudlin music of the University station
Into The Shape of Your HeartWintersleepA little bit Rockin' and a little bit chill.  Great album.
UFOFBig ThiefPitchfork, etc., may be making a bit too much of this album.  Cool song, though.
Somewhere in BetweenKyle DanielMaintain one of the best Country album releases of the year.
The Future Is HereSleater-KinneyEasily one of the most overrated bands ever.  This one is finally tolerable.
Beliefs and PrayersMiddle KidsFollow-up album from Aussie rock band.  Very cool.
People Need A MelodyThe Head And The HeartSome say they sound different.  Don't think so at all.  More polished?
The Way I FeelKeaneStill no guitar?  Still enjoyable.
Hyperspace BluesStrand of OaksA little psych-rock.  Dig it.  Amazing record.
Tomorrow Never ComesHoney HarperAmusingly 70's-like.  That's ok.  Dude is strange.  Don't care.
It Doesn't Matter WhySilversun PickupsRockin' tune from "Panic Room" progenitors.
Walk Me HomeP!nkTotally in on the voice.
Just LifeJaguar DreamsBest new band initiates.  Builds. Wait for it.
Laws of the UniverseToro Y MoiImpossible to resist. Exercise tune.
Deepest LightThe Get AheadSome soul and R&B here, mixed with some Americana violin. Works.
Stay HereThe World of BirdsGood little pop-tune with an easy sound.
Summertime HighHalf the AnimalRoaring summer tune.
Slow MotionSavoir AdoreVery pleasant and relaxing sound that is not slow at all.
Drawn AwayFruit BatsA great band.  Makes you want to get outside or roll the windows down.
Mirror MasterYoung the GiantUpbeat and fun tune from "Cough Syrup" dudes.

Blue Sky DrugsIn the Valley BelowDead ringer for the Great Northern.  If you like them, you will love this.
Fuel On The FireBear's DenHarkens back to Mike & the Mechanics a little.
Running Scared (Desert Song)The StrumbellasNice, upbeat jingle that thoroughly sounds like the Strumbellas.
Beagle TheoryThe ResonarsGreat tune from NM nomads. Beatles and some psych rock.
Missed ConnectionThe Head and the HeartOf Mice & Men, The Strumbellas, The Lumineers.  Still quite good.
TetheredVersingThis song makes one smile: "we're tied together!"
Devil May CareSon VoltAmericana stalwart still has some interesting tunes.
Both SidesMapsThe Postal Service, the Helio Sequence... soothing and lush.
When I AwokeTothHas to be a TV commercial?! 
RubyStrand of OaksThere's more.  This is another great one.
Love Me AnywayP!nk feat. Chris StapletonAbsolutely lovely.
LonelyDrugdealerThe Beatles with an inauspicious name.
Strands AlignNight MovesTom Petty from the "Don't Come Around Her No More" era.
Carry Me HomeShovels & RopeAmericana romp.  Absolutely excellent!
OblivionsThe NationalChose to incorporate other artists on new album.  It's good.
Quiet HeartJoyous WolfPure modern rock excess.  If you need a break and miss Soundgarden.
StrangersEstronsNever heard of them.  Dig it.  A little Courtney Barnett going on maybe.
Tropic of CancerMinor PoetSort of a fun summer song to help refresh your tropics geography.
All You Ever (Live)Amanda Anne Platt & The HoneycuttersOfficially addicted.
Old MeBetty WhoAustralia's P!nk.  Independent release.

Your EnemyThe Beta MachineMultiple voices that's a little rockin' and a little retro.
The Way We Say GoodbyeCirca WavesThis is actually a very lovely and enjoyable song.
Final FiresStrand of OaksCould play this song over and over and over again.
Ice Cold PoolWallowsThis is another great album.  Different sounds throughout
The WeekendInterpolRich, dark sound continues.  Just different.
GloriaThe LumineersIt is definitely the Lumineers.
Chin UpYoke LoreIrresistible.  Sounds a bit like Head and the Heart
Millennium PeopleLittle CubThe lyrics are strange, but the sound is fun and extremely addictive.
Don't Give Up on Me NowKyle DanielGenuine Chris Stapleton-like country.  Really good album.
RoadsRose of the WestGreat tune.  A musical accompaniment to a midnight city drive.
Saw LightningBeckDistinctly Beck.  Very fun.
The Long Way HomeJohn Paul WhiteCivil Wars dude has a really good album out.  This is nice.
Lack of LoveFriendly FiresYep, this an exercise song on steroids.  It's awesome!
The Bottom of ItFruit BatsOne of the best bands in the last 15 years.
Forest FireWintersleepNew album from one of the most underrated Canadian bands ever. 
BorderlineTame ImpalaJust chillaxing!
StyleFoster the PeopleThis is one of the best tunes of the year.  It is not earth-shattering, but it is season-defining.
The Great Pixley Train RobberyCass McCombsThis is again hard to categorize, but it rocks and is also a folk tune.  Awesome.
Don't Do Me Like ThatJ. MascisTribute to Tom Petty.  Good job.

Won't HappenTen FeGroovy little indie song that has a very catchy chorus and guitar line.
(Jogging)Jetty JonesSubtle and surprisingly distinctive.  Love that  the title is in parenthesis.
Weird WaysStrand of OaksBest song of the year on so far the best album of the year
EverydayWeyes BloodNot a 100% sold yet, but this is a very fine, edgy tune.
VtrThe Twilight SadSolid Scottish band that flies under the radar a bit. 
Your WayJai Wolf feat. Day WaveGreat album.  Played regularly as part of the maudlin music of the SXMU station.
Drowning in the SoundAmanda PalmerShe probably tries too hard to be provocative when her voice stands on its own.
He Follows MeFRONTPERSONEvokes a reflection of memories of one's long lost dog.
Poly BlueJessica PrattNot sure what the big whoop is.  This is ok.  Has some Feist in it.
ImpossibleC. DuncanOne of the best songs of the year
Far From Home LadytronAbba goes a little goth. 
Only WaterTEENA little like School of Seven Bells.  A bit more upbeat.
HireGirlpool90s grunge rock.
Are You Bored YetWallowsA really nice album.  Diverse. Impossible not to have this in one's head
Young and ImpressionableThe Wild ReedsThe greatest Americana band to almost suck.  They do have some great songs. 
Elastic DaysJ. MascisDunno.  Digging some J Mascis.  Got to be in the mood.
PatienceTame ImpalaThis is just simply wonderful.  Impatiently hoping for an album soon.
ComeLost Under HeavenThis playlist is great with the possible exception of this, but needed some rock.

Blue BellGolden DazeA bit hushed like Bon Iver and some CSNY, but lovely and relaxing.
WorkMillionyoungA pure exercise song that's literally for people who work all day. Funny.
Last CenturySustoLove Susto.  They are just a bunch of dudes, man. Great rockin' tune.
In the CapitalRolling Blackouts Coastal FeverAll of the best things about Dawes, Phish, the Clash, and Grizzly Bear.
There You AreRobert EllisDude's probably lost his mind, but it is well arranged and thoroughly enjoyable.
Dylan ThomasBetter Oblivion Community CenterBright Eyes gets an improvement.  A surprisingly refreshing album.
Sleeping VolcanoesCass McCombs One of the best of the year.  Not pop hits, but all distinctively good.
Forget AboutLast DinosaursThis is a great band.  Love this song.  Sing it over and over again.
Love In the WinterRomanticaNot the band you think they might be.  Mostly folk/songwriter.  This a very nice song.
Into The BlackChromaticsOne of the best covers.  Simple, but the sound works.
Love Gone WrongLula WilesDid not want to, but love this song.  It is light and fluffy Americana with standup bass.
AlibiMansionairThis a pounding gem mostly because of the siren sounding anthem.
ChancesDidoHer best in years.  "I won't go down with this ship," a little.
When the Summer EndsSavoir AdoreA good summer anthem.
Kiss ItGoldenStatesMostly a fast-paced exercise song, but it has a dark side and some baritone sax in there.
The Utmost WayIsbellsSuppose it could be an Isbell family tune, but it is not.  Not bad.
Are You Like MeNew DialogueShout it out loud anthem.  Fun song.
NineLiilyTwo (i)s in Liily.  Say no more.  Rockin'  like Billy Squire at the end.
The WolvesMandolin OrangeConsistently solid.  Same on this new album

Love You So BadEzra FurmanSo anxious, this one.  Has some Elvis Costello to it.
The ImperialThe DelinesAmericana.  Easy listening.
TimebombWalk the MoonA little bubblegum, but it is fun enough
Blue WingsWild NothingOne of the best of the year.  Modern, upbeat, and yet also nostalgic.
Numb Without YouThe MaineRockin' in the 2019 sense.  There's a bad word.
The Other SideJukebox The GhostReliably fun and upbeat tune from the band that brought us "Schizophrenia."
As Often As I CanFrankie CosmosAs much as one may want to, hard to resist the basic, raw songwriting talent.
Fast TalkHousesLove this tune.  So good.
I Was an AstronautBrand New FriendVery fast-pace pop song, basically.  It is fun.
Wear the TreadsNightseasonT.V. on the Radio, a little.
Easy Way OutLeisureGet your feet moving, but not frivolously.  There's some reggae in there. 
This is Where You LeaveFairmontThis is something from a hip whiskey bar somewhere in the southwest.  Dig it.
GiantCalvin Harris & Rag'n Bone ManIt is what it is.  It is really catchy, and the brass section works.
Two HeartsRukhsana MerriseA nice, relaxing and disarming sound aka Adele.  Lovely.
BloomSavoir Adore"Know Love"  Cheesy band name, but won over ever since their song, "Dreamers."
Boat Accident KeuningOne of the best songs on this list.  It is like an 80s rock song.
Driftwood SeatMighty OaksBut, the maples want more sunlight, man. Good alt/folk, upbeat Americana.
HumanMolly SarleAcoustic guitar gives way to a story about "I wonder if.."
Air Runs OutThe Wild StateUpbeat alternative that has all the striations of sound.
FrailJust Like HoneyNice album that has good songwriting and authentic sound.

Guiding LightMumford & SonsWe dig it.  Nothing wrong with this album. 
Formless and NewRubblebucketAbsolutely great and interesting band.  This is from 2018.
Be Good to MeMilo GreeneCannot figure this band out.  Very diverse, crosses multiple genres.
How Long?Rolling Blackouts Coastal FeverJust the coolest, easiest, post/punk, but not at all insufferable Aussie band.
No RootsAlice MertonThe whole car will be shouting this, even if you don't want to.
WaikikiThe Essex GreenPut your knitting project down, switch the tv from GOT, and imagine Hawaii?
New York Has A Lump In Her ThroatJealous of the BirdsWe are totally sold on this artist.  Great range of music.
GirlBrand New FriendA very fun song.  Back and forth vocals remind you of bad teen movies.
Runaway GirlKakkmaddafakkaYeah, the band name stinks, but the song is pretty rockin'.
Pressure to PartyJulia JacklinProbably an Aussie too.  Honestly, really good.
DreamsJaguar DreamsOne of the best covers we have ever heard, seriously.  Get this one.
Pass the HoursMormorLaid-back and probably not remarkable, but the eventual falsetto is cool.
Endless LoversThe Night CafeOne of the best of the year.  A good, relatively new band.
EggshellRunnnerYep (3 n's).  Sounds like a band we know, but just can't think of it.
When it Hurts YouThe Paper KitesFrom 2018.  Still a nice, smooth sounding band.
PennyThe HoneycuttersOld one, but love this song!
People ChangemachineheartGreat voice meets a decent piano build and then transitions into a full sound.
WaterOhmmeInterested to know their influences. It is thoroughly interesting.
La La La LaBusiness of DreamsBright and lo-fi, but there are always days where a chorus like this reigns true.
Into the SunMandolin OrangeBlue-grassy

Birthday SongAmanda Anne Platt & The HoneycuttersJealous of the set list! They were in D.C. soon after, but missed it.
Alone But Not AloneGreat Lake SwimmersJust really good alt-folk songwriting.  Kick-back and head to the lake house.
Not RunningThe BethsThis is the age of the Aussie invasion.  90s teen movie genre is back!
Don't GoGusterVestiges of the 80s synth pop, but still reliably Guster.
Give A LittleMaggie RogersDiverse and edgy enough to allow her voice to come out.
We Appreciate PowerGrimes feat. HanaAnthem for probably some ESPN televised sports match.  Pretty cool.
She's KeroseneThe InterruptersSort of like the Mighty, Mighty Bostones or the like.
Give Me Back My ManOhmmeLate 70s, early 80s New Wave/Punk Rock.  Early B-52s, The Cars (Panorama)
VideogramsThe Twilight SadReally dig this Scottish alt/rock indie band.
LandscapeFuture GenerationsFrom 2018, but absolutely delightful.
Flight Of FancyInterpolAlways seem to start midway through the song.  Slightly dark and mysterious.
Comeback KidSharon Van EttenStarts off one way and takes you a completely different way.  Very good.
Last GoodbyeClean Bandit feat. Tove Styrke & Steffon DonIt's got a little reggae/calypso thing going on.  Dig it!
Crisis FestSunflower BeanLove how edgy it is and the howling lyrics.  It is catchy.
TurnThe Night CafeNearly perfect.  Very polished and soothing.
PlainsDeerhunterBradford Cox, right?  A nut, but at least he does his own thing.
See MeTalosHas a little Moby quality to it, although slightly more diminutive.
Funny BusinessAlice MertonShould be a Summer release, but there is enough goodness here to sing along.
LongshotCatfish & the BottlemenStadium anthem that is really, really good.  Putting rock n's roll back into the 2010-19s.
New MoonSteve GunnEveryone is a Steve Gunn fan this year.  This is a fairly interesting tune.

SkywritingThe YearlingsOne of Twangville's top picks.  It is really great songwriting alt/folk.
Loading ZonesKurt VileHow does he do it?  Brilliant record.
Grow Into A GhostSwearin'Falls into the rock/post punk category, which is normally blah.  Dig this.
Blue LipsBear Hands (feat. Ursula Rose)Edgy talk singing by ole Ursula.  It is funny!  But, also cool.
TroubleTalliesUnsurprisingly Canadian (probably).  So, there's a bass line and it is good.
Let Me Down EasyBlackberry Smoke (feat. Amanda Shires)Pretty close to perfect.
Walk BackwardsPapercutsHard working one-man (basically) band.  Has glimpses of Psychedelic Furs. 
ShelterBroken BellsDifferent sound from the Shins and in some ways refreshing.
Endors ToiTame ImpalaNot much else compares.  We just need more! (this is from about 2012)
Diamond In The RoughAmanda Anne Platt & The HoneycuttersSuch a talented, wonderful voice.
SurrenderWintersleepHoping for a full release following this single.  Great, consistent alt/rock band.
SalvationThe StrumbellasPop music that has the Lumineers at heart.  Fun song.
Black and BlueSavoir AdoreInto the Dido category.  Nice and melodic.
Down On The KnuckleThe DecemberistsThey always do this.  Follow up a mediocre LP with a brilliant EP.
Someone Else's ProblemWe Were Promised JetpacksA very good record.  Missing the Frightened Rabbits a little.
Trouble Letting GoThe Avett BrothersJust want to see them live each time.  That's all.
SpoonfulGrizfolkExcellent, clean sound.  Multiple voices.
Opposite MiddleRyley WalkerPhish and Dawes' amps crashed into each other
Forever FallingArthur/Buck Impossible not to get this.  It's ok.  Arthur is better.

ThrowbackJim James
Easy AlamedaLast Of The Easy Riders
Me Oh MyThe Honeycutters
Are You All GoodBreathe
I See The WhiteJess Williamson
33chantsDavid August
My Heart Is FreeTift Merritt
It's All Part Of The PlanPunch Brothers
The Life You Choose (live at the Ryman)Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit
Extraordinary LoveErika Wennerstrom
Walk Like A ManRuen Brothers
Deadbeat GirlDay Wave
Lost HighwayLusts
Why Even TryHippo Campus
NaturalImagine Dragons
Naturally Pretty GirlsElle King
Mountain's ShadowMutual Benefit
Die HappyMetric
Girl Of The YearBeach House
Happy PeopleLori McKenna
Through WindowsWild Nothing
Such a Simple ThingRay LaMontagne
PatriciaFlorence + The Machine
Someone In The DoorwayBen Howard
Stay DownDawes
Let the Sun InWallows
People Give InManic Street Preachers
Oracle of the MaritimesNeko Case
The Feeling Of FreedomRiver Whyless
Howlin' HeartRichard Edwards
All Or NothingReuben And The Dark
Without ApplauseHorse Feathers
Let Her GoFamily Of The Year
Doesn't Even Matter NowLake Street Dive
PleaseMiddle Kids
Life Is Good On The Open RoadTrampled By Turtles
Hey LoveNight Flowers
How It IsOkkervil River
Secret Of LifeLord Huron
Space CowboyKacey Musgraves
Show Me The SunBelle & Sebastian
JoinWye Oak
Everybody's LonelyJukebox The Ghost
What Am I Gonna DoLissie
HideoutS. Carey
Love (Won't Take Me Back)The Silver Seas
Take Your TimeVance Joy
Empty ArmsCaleb Caudle
Witch BottleStick In The Wheel
Open Sky (Bell)Red River Dialect
Eyes Wide AwakeCalexico
One Thing Left To TryMGMT
King Of BonesBlack Rebel Motorcycle Club
To Live A LifeFirst Aid Kit
Most Of AllBrandi Carlile
Feel The Love GoFranz Ferdinand
The BallroomPalace Winter
When It HurtsThe Paper Kites
How Long?Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever
Be Good To MeMilo Greene
Formless And NewRubblebucket
Guiding LightMumford & Sons
One More TimePale Waves
Blame It On LoveDavid Guetta
Love You So BadEzra Furman
Hang Out At The GallowsFather John Misty
I Shall Love 2Julia Holter
Trouble In BohemiaJealous Of The Birds

Always AscendingFranz Ferdinand
End of the World With YouCalexico
The TidePale Waves
Don't Let Me LoveDream Car
Cassette MemoryRoadkill Ghost Choir
EverafterMe Not You
Stuck With MeThe Neighbourhood
On and OnJaniva Magness feat. Rusty Young
Once In My LifeThe Decemberists
MistakeMiddle Kids
Starcrossed LoversThe Fratellis
Good SignSilver Seas (feat. Thad Cockrell)
MainlandRolling Blackouts Coastal Fever
Love Is A Wild ThingKacey Musgraves
You Worry MeNathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats
KissPale Waves
Bitter MindFamily Of The Year
SandcastlesNight Flowers
Heart In TwoReuben And The Dark
Loving Is EasyRex Orange County (feat. Benny Sings)
Plastic SkeletonsJealous of the Birds
Deep Burn BlueThe Paper Kites
OscillationWild Nothing
Lucky OnesIsrael Nash
TimeErika Wennerstrom
Hanging InWe Were Promised Jetpacks
On the Corner Where You LiveThe Paper Kites
Roman CarsBuffalo Tom
Annihilation SongRubblebucket
Falling Into MeLet's Eat Grandma
Loading ZonesKurt Vile
Hail MaryFacing New York
Young At HeartMilo Greene
Take Your TimeVance Joy
Leave It AloneAmanda Shires
Big LoveShe Wants Revenge
Dark SpringBeach House
The SpotYour Smith
Lost The FeelingThe Saint Johns
All The SameFuture Generations

Hail MaryFacing New YorkNot a metaphor. Absolutely awesome, fun song.
Big LoveShe Wants RevengeSoft Cell!  It really is a great listen.
CemeteryCOINFriggin great song. Yeah, it won't blow your socks off, but it is fun.
Golden Hippo CampusPaul McCartney snaps into the 21st Century.
Mean Somethin[ ]Jaguar DreamsDunno why they left the (g) off.  Does not hurt the song.  Catchy and upbeat.
Worst NitesFoster the PeopleSounds like Foster the People.  If you like that, you will like this.
West CoastImagine DragonsMP loves these dudes.  We tolerate.  This one is actually pretty good.
An Evening DreamingRuen BrothersRoy Orbison meets...  Interesting sound from some yesteryear.  Takes you off guard.
Slip AwayMumford & SonsIt is good that they try to change their sound!  It's not bad at all.
The Dark SideMuseDon't change your sound ,Muse.  Queen fans need the therapy!
All The SameFuture GenerationsVery interesting blend of synths and beats with good melodies. "I saw you today!"
My Bloodtwenty one pilotsYeah.  Not usually into this, but it is interesting enough.
On The Corner Where You LiveThe Paper KitesLovely song.  Play it over and over again.
Desperate ManEric ChurchImpossibly catchy tune.  The rest is just alright dog.  EC is great though.
The New DayGreta Van FleetLaughed for 7 minutes at the Pitchfork review of this album. As if?!! Treat yourself.
New HistoryMutual BenefitDelicate, simple, warm, diminutive, melodic.  Yet, somehow there is plenty of sound.
Young At HeartMilo GreeneCan't figure this band out.  This song is one of the best of the year.
Heavy ThoughtsLustsStraight 80s New Wave (New Order, etc.)
Paper ManRay LaMontagneElton John.  Not even veiled at all. Lol.

Lost the FeelingThe Saint JohnsLate 70s, early 80s radio play.  Irresistibly catchy.
Lucky OnesIsrael NashFolk/Rock genius.  Great tune and no relation apparently to Graham.
Leave It AloneAmanda ShiresStands on its own.  Appreciate the distinctive sound.
OscillationWild NothingOne of the best songs of the year.  Very upbeat and full sound.
Roman CarsBuffalo TomCross of folk/pop and U.K. Stadium rock song throughout.  It works. Great song.
Breath In, Breath OutMelody's Echo ChamberChanges tempo several times.  That's ok.  Makes it very interesting.
AnnihilationRubblebucketAn absolutely addictive song.  Really unique, interesting and refreshing.
Moments Like TheseThe AmazingJust listen.  Entrancing.  It could be from 2016 or 17.
TimeErika WennerstromBrilliant songwriter.  Really, really love this one.
SevenMen I TrustTried to eschew, but could not.  Very groovy.
There's A HoneyPale WavesGreat debut album.  It is pop music, but has enough of an edge.
Underline The BlackMetricThis is one of the best off of the new album.
The Bug CollectorHaley HeynderickxThere's a bad word, but still dig it.  We all digress, don't we... .
Dark SpringBeach HouseThere's only one Beach House.
Spoil With The RestRyley WalkerNot sure what the big whoop is with this guy, but this song ain't bad.
Too High NowWill CourtneyNot new, but very good still.
Hanging InWe Were Promised JetpacksWill have to do to replace their countryman.  This song is one of the best of the year.
In a RiverRostamRefreshingly upbeat tune.  Summer mischief.
FallingMansionairVery nice tune.  Balanced with a beat and a simple message.

AutumnNo Kind of RiderStrange.  Eerie, but also quite interesting.
High In The CountryBrent CobbMore Alt. Country than knee smackin.  Is it Hi (exhale) or High (nice views)?
GhostSister SparrowVery upbeat and not Game of Thronesy.
Loving is EasyRex Orange County (feat. Benny Sings)Bad words, but oddly soothing.
Plastic SkeletonsJealous of the BirdsDon't like Garage Punk bands.  Love this.
Deep Burn BlueThe Paper KitesOne of the best albums and songs of the year.  Lovely sound.
Idea of YouDave Matthews BandYep, it is them alright.  It sounds very good.
See You at the MoviesJ. MascisA liberated Dinosaur Jr.  Very good.
Now or Never NowMetricLatest is very good.  Not their best, but better than their last.
Young LoveFrontpersonSounds like you are about to meet up with your significant other at the county fair.
Feed The FireDawes70s lounge music.  Very enjoyable.
Slow BurnKacey MusgravesEasily the best album of the year.  Easily.
Funeral SingersSylvan Esso (feat. Collection of Colonies of Bees)North Carolinian experiments with synth work very well. Less synths here.
Letting GoWild NothingAwesome full sound on this new album.
HungerFlorence + The MachineGive her credit for being somewhat the Benetar of this decade along with St. Vincent.
Buried AliveMe Not YouStill waiting on a proper record.  Last two EPs are really great.

Something HumanMuseFreddie Mercury keeps it going!
Don't Be HidingMiddle KidsEasy to sing along to this Aussie band.
ResolverNight FlowersHas the feeling of the "Sundays." Soothing.
Your Ghost The DecemberistsDilly, Dilly.  A little.
EschatonDarlingsideHelios Sequence meets the Postal Service. Builds nicely.
Little Dark AgeMGMTThis has to really grow on you.  It is an interesting album.
People Get OldLori McKennaLovely nostalgic story.
ForeverCHVRCHESJust a very fun album.
A Woman Who Can't Say NoRichard EdwardsGreat change of pace singer-songwriter.
There Was This GirlRiley GreenHowling country.
Blue GirlChromaticsEver since the movie, "Drive," dig this band.
Control (Secretly Sorry)(Holy Ghost Remix!)JR JRThis is for exercise, almost purely.  Pretty cool though.
An Air Conditioned ManRolling Blackouts Coastal FeverSome say early REM; some say it's got some the Clash. Very good.
Just Dumb Enough To TryFather John MistyInsufferable.  Yet, dude can sing.
Come Back (Left Behind)Palace WinterReally like this band.  Simple, but full sound.
Falling Into MeLet's Eat GrandmaWhy?  Because of:  "You Got This." So awesome.
EmeryS. CareyBeautiful composition.  Another lovely sounding album.
What the Moon DoesBen HowardSomewhat ethereal album.  Worth the listen.

SimplifyYoung the GiantBy the band that brought you "Cough Syrup."  Rockin'
Heart in TwoReuben And the DarkMaybe slightly too sweet, but good sound nevertheless
PeaceLissieBack somewhat to her folk roots, which is nice.
DianeJukebox The GhostGroovy song about a girl with that name.  Catchy.
These Are My FriendslovelythebandMade for a commercial, but it too is very catchy.
Mistakes We Should Have MadeDawesActually think this a really great album, contrary to most.
The SpotYour Smith"All I want to do is have some fun." Right?
Imagine ThatMe Not YouLove this Brooklyn band.  Formerly, Little Daylight.
Not The OneMikky EkkoProbably Finnish, but still has an accessible sound.
MiracleCHVRCHESVery good album, full of enjoyable, uplifting tunes.
Percy FaithDamien JuradoEnigmatic, uber talented dude.  This tune is fun enough.
Right DirectionThe Silver SeasUsually a Guster sound. Different. Songwriter/Producer for Kacey Musgraves.
HumilityGorrillaz (feat. George Benson)Never figured out the whole cartoon character thing, but dig it.  George Benson!
The 710The Essex GreenPut down my knitting project and cranked this  one up.
It's Only RightWallowsMinimalist Indie sound that captures you gradually through the chorus.
ElectrifiedJust LoudNot that loud. If you don't like Foster the People, you won't like this.
ApolloSt. Paul & The Broken BonesLike Lake Street Dive, difficult to pick just one groovy tune.
Dylan & CaitlinManic Street PreachersHas an Olivia Newton John and John Travolta feel to it.  Cool.
BoundersFlauralSilly bass line at the beginning.  Then, the Austin Powers thing kicks in!
Fulton County Jane DoeBrandi CarlileCome to My Window!

Wonder WomanKacey MusgravesCrazy great album.  Fun song.
Summer FeverLittle Big TownPure summer pop. Beach music
KissPale WavesThe Cure's guitar meets Belinda Carlisle sort of..
Best FriendBlue Water HighwaySlightly cheesy, but "No one can help me like you can!"
I Know How to SpeakManchester OrchestraAtlanta's best unknown mortal orchestra.
MoveMilo GreeneGroovy, but also very fun.
Halls of SarahNeko CaseAmerican singer-songwriter.  That's right.
Talking StraightRolling Blackouts Coastal Fever (CF)Early REM (Murmur)?
Best to LeaveHorse FeathersOregon's best Folk/Americana chasing Sam Beam.
EmpirePalace WinterBest Danish indie band of the year :)
Comin' AroundAndrew DuhonHow Ray Lamontagne should have turned out.
Girl Who Washed AshoreFamily of the YearLovely tune.  The whole album really.
SavantViViiThe underlying guitar is just so addictive.
Scene of the CrimeGaspar SanzSo, this is like a Cut Copy song that's actually from the 80s.  Just fun.
SomedayPhantogramAlso slightly groovy, but just a cool miss you song.
Born In the Right CountryRiver WhylessWaiting for this great new album.  It is here.  Alt/folk/Americana.  Songwriting.
Dance MacabreGhostScorpions posing as early 80s costume wearing evil band. Love it.
Falling WaterMaggie RogersSurprisingly, really dig this. Not dull and not too howling.
Whatever it TakesImagine DragonsFor MP.  Loves these dudes.  Reminds me of  the movie "Win, Win"
CrazyYukon BlondeAh lyrics, but very fun for a summer drive.

Love SomebodyOkkervil RiverMore accessible.  Sort of a new wave, indie folk sound.
SandcastlesNight Flowers90s teen movie sound and that hard snare drum after about 1:00 minute,...yes.
Look AwayOld Crow Medicine ShowNot rockin' but does not need to be.
Bitter MindFamily of the YearOne of the best albums of the year.  One of several goods songs.
Never EverLord HuronNew sound.  Grungy, actually. Not really car commercial worthy.
A Cowboy CanJosh WardA little cliché.  Ok, a lot, but real country.
DreamingReuben and the DarkSurprised not to have heard before.  Very nice, full sounding indie band.
OutroM83Not new, but nearly perfect, apart from the pause at 1 minute.
Edge of TownMiddle KidsPart of the Australian band revolution.  Very refreshing.
Lonely WeekendKacey MusgravesCo-written with Silver Seas dude.  An amazing album.
Saturday SunVance JoyJust a peppy, upbeat summer song.
SymmetryWye OakNot for everyone.  Added some complexity.  Totally dig it.
Don't Ever StopThe Boxer RebellionLovely
Twisted HighwayErika WennerstromHeartless Bastards singer.  It's a really good album.
Seems So FarBlackberry SmokeAmericana/Southern Rock
The MiddleTrampled By TurtlesMinnesota's most famous alt. blue grass band.  Awesome.
Shame, Shame, ShameLake Street DiveYou can never just pick that one song, but this is good.
Stack of TomorrowsCaleb CaudleJust like a late 70's radio song.  Thoroughly listenable
Harder to ForgiveBrandi CarlileOne of us is out and one of us still in.  Still hooked on that voice.

No DepthElk CityThis has some of that crazy baroque thing going on, but it is awesome.
The Heart Is A MuscleGang of YouthsWeird, but upbeat and fun.  The heart is indeed a muscle.
StarwatcherThe DecemberistsMaybe it is likeable, maybe it is not. Not bad.
Fred AstaireJukebox The GhostThis one is a total summer anthem and that's ok.
Best DaysLissieGuess she is less folksy and more pop, but it is good.
SaturdaysTwin Shadow (feat. HAIM)It is quite a good pop jam.
Nameless, FacelessCourtney BarnettAustralian singer that you are supposed to like.  We do.
The Girl Doesn't Get ItBelle & SebastianAll that can be said is that it sounds like them.
It Was Not NaturalWye OakA little more accessible release from Baltimore indie band.
Asking 4 a FriendAnna BurchSomewhat Juliana Hatfield from the 90s.
You Worry MeNathaniel Rateliff & The Night SweatsOne of the best songs of the year.
Love YourselfThe Boxer RebellionLovely.
Love Is A Wild ThingKacey MusgravesBest album of the year so far. Beautiful tune.
Don't Move Back to L.A.Okkervil RiverThis is one of their best albums in years.  Great variety.
You Ain't Foolin MeLindi OrtegaVery good release from singer songwriter.  A little rock'n.
Run Away From It AllBlackberry SmokeNot ashamed to roll down the truck windows and blast.
Letting GoErika WennerstromHeartless Bastards front woman can Sang.
Fault LinesCraig FinnThese might be covers of Mountain Goats songs.  This is a very good one.
Magnet and SteelWalter EganLong lost, but not forgotten.

Van Dyke BrownRiver WhylessOh yeah.  This album is going to be really, really good.
Small Foreign FactionHaley BlaisYep.  It is good.  Dunno why. 
Once In My LifeThe DecemberistsCan't totally dig them, but this tune is  poignant for us all. Love the synth. (Stick it pitchfork)
River BrineThe Low AnthemNot for everyone.  If you like crazy... Very ocean themed.
Good SignThe Silver SeasOne of our  favorite bands.  Guster sound, but writes a ton of songs for others.
Hold Your Head Up HighDarlingsideBon Iver and Lord Huron teamed up to give your kid a pep talk.
For You TooYo La TengoMay be too indie for some, but its sparseness is its charm.
MistakeMiddle KidsOne of the best songs of the year.  Truly.
Mr. TillmanFather John MistyHate this dude, bud we dig some of his tunes.
Never Look BackField ReportHave to think this will remind everyone of Mike & the Mechanics.  Lol.
Starcrossed LosersThe FratellisVery Fun Song.  Thoroughly enjoyable.
Scary LoveThe NeighbourhoodDifferent sound from "Stuck With Me." but it is groovy.
Act!Richy Mitch & The Coal MinersPiano parts have a Steely Dan quality, but the sound is distinct.  Dig it.
Hallelujah (So Low)EditorsNot the droning sound of yesteryear.  More upbeat.
Can't Get It OutBrand NewLove the album cover.  How did that happen?  Also, not bad.
Haunted HouseRyan AdamsYes, 2017, but forgot this one.  Nice song.
Chemical CureMe Not YouShe could always sing.  Refreshing reset.
Fool's GoldS. CareyKnown for atmospherics and that's here too, but lovely still.
Oh YeahRoxy MusicIf you watch the HBO show Divorce, you get all of these throwbacks...

When You DieMGMTWarning.  Bad words. It is so mean. Love it.
Bridge To NowhereCalexicoSo, we might like this album a little.
Whitehouse RoadTyler ChildersCountry in the Sturgill vein. The real stuff.
MainlandRolling Blackouts Coastal FeverFrom forthcoming album.  Love this band. Refreshing Rock, but not mainstream.
We're Going HomeVance JoyGood variety in highly awaited record. It is a solid album.
EverafterMe Not YouLittle Daylight reprised completely.  Love this Brooklyn band.
Glimpse Of LoveFranz FerdinandIt just makes one smile.  So over the top, but fun to listen to.
After My TimeDarling WestA little River Whyless, but has its own sort of . . . harmonica.
BurningThe War on DrugsFrom previous album.  May be one of the best bands of the decade.
Over AgainStick In The WheelSort of feel like you need to wear some 16th century serf garb. Dig it.
Between the LinesWarbly JetsNot sold necessarily on this band, but it is a little 90s relief.
NYC In The RainCaleb CaudleAmazing song-writer and a very good singer.
From One AnotherTotally MildIvy with the Perishers playing guitar. If that makes any sense.
HeartacheYour Favorite ColorNot remarkable, just a really good late 2010s alternative song.
Just Outside of AustinLukas NelsonAbsolutely hilarious redneck band, but it is great for a road trip. Willie Nelson
Stuck With MeThe NeighbourhoodOne of the best songs of the year so far.
WildwindYoung DreamsPhoenix.
On and OnJaniva Magness (feat. Rusty Young)Also one of the year's best.  Completely and utterly addictive.
Ain't That FineI'm With HerSucker for talent.  Watched YouTube live performance and got hooked.

Get OutCHVRCHESNew, fresh music from Scottish new wave band.
Wedding In FinistereJens LekmanLove the oddity and amusing storytelling.
Thought ContagionMuseLatest anthem from prog's brightest band.
Hold Me DownFamily of the YearNew one off of the forthcoming new album that's probably one of the year's best.
JamesMGMTCool sound from a diverse album.
Under the WheelsCalexicoAnother great song off new album.  Sounds very 70s retro.
Ti AmoPhoenixLove to hate them, but it is really good actually.
Hold Out Your HandBrandi CarlileNo doubt.  Just don't get too Ethridge on us!
OrdinaryDay WaveCouldn't help but add this new wave, blissful tune.
Cassette MemoryRoadkill Ghost ChoirFrom no kidding one of the best albums of 2017.  Get it!
Baby I Love YouRyan AdamsApparently, not a cover.  If true, we give up.  Beautiful song.
JoeyShovels & Rope (feat. Nicole Atkins)Absolutely a cover (three non-blonds?).  Really, really good.
Don't Let Me LoveDreamcarSounds like it is from the Echo and the Bunnymen era.  Cool.
Baby's Got The BluesH.C. McEntireAmericana.  Just a very good listen.
AlrightRural Alberta AdvantageAlways consistent.  It's got the Lumineers written all over them.
My ChildrenProtomartyrI gave in because pitchfork called them caustic.  Still growing on us.
NeighborsGrizzly BearEnigmatic band.  This is a great song from an amazing 2017 album
As I Love My OwnAaron FreemanFrom a few years ago, but it has this strangely, lovely lullaby-like quality.
CampanaRed River DialectVery diminutive, sort of Irish/Scottish folk.  Mood music.
Sad EyesRobert JohnRomancing the 70s.  Sometimes, we need a wakeup call!

Always AscendingFranz FerdinandThey're back! Better than the mid 00s.
End of the World With YouCalexicoSounds depressing, but actually a very lovely song.
The GlowSylvan EssoAnother great song from the 2017 album.  Addictive
Run for CoverThe KillersThey're back!  Will induct the Cars in April!
Continental BreakfastCourtney Barnett & Kurt VileAwesome song.  Funny, but also sort of groovey. Americana.
Wither with YouRolling Blackouts Coastal FeverMay take a few listens. This band has a great sound. They can all sing.
DelicateTaylor SwiftI'm grasping here.
Sorry is GoneJessica Lea MayfieldOk, so it is a little depressing.  Wonderful little song, though.
Kept It All To MyselfThe Weather StationBroke me down.  Think a little like The Pretenders.
The TidePale WavesMore of a summer song, but a great full sound from Manchester, U.K. band.
Goodnight Rhonda LeeNicole AtkinsSmoke filled billiards room with country music playing.
Don't Delete The KissesWolf AliceReally great song from a very good 2017 album.
It's A ShameFirst Aid KitGreat live performers
Little Thing Gone WildBlack Rebel Motorcycle ClubAlternative mainstays.  A little Black Keys there.
Young LoverSt. VincentNo absence of sound.  Good exercise music.
Craving YouThomas RhettGrammy, pop country.  Just fine.
Wild As We Came HereThe Steel WheelsBlue grass/country.  Nice sound.
Roll Me AwayBob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandIt's like the end of a good, old school movie.

Highway TuneGreta Van Fleet
It's Only a DreamModern Space
Hot ThoughtsSpoon
To Be Without YouRyan Adams
RanFuture Islands
Good With GodOld 97's (Feat. Brandi Carlile)
High Ticket AttractionsThe New Pornographers
BrideSan Fermin
NightingaleThe Honey Trees
Hope the High RoadJason Isbell and the 400 Unit
QachinaDamien Jurado
The Morning SongDrew Holcomb & The Neighbors
One More NightMichael Kiwanuka
Green LightLorde
Evening PrayerJens Lekman
MildenhallThe Shins
Gentle On My MindAlison Krauss
GravityInfamous Stringdusters
Everything NowArcade Fire
Holding OnThe War on Drugs
BoyishHippo Campus
Maybe A MomentJustin Townes Earle
Feel It StillPortugal, The Man
The System Only Dreams In Total DarknessThe National
The GoldManchester Orchestra
SuckerThe Big Moon
Sad MagicRoadkill Ghost Choir
Lay It On MeVance Joy
Fatal GiftEmily Haines & The Soft Skeleton
In UndertowAlvvays
SadboyWolf Alice
On My MindThe Outdoor Type
SorryNothing But Thieves
Time's Always LeavingThe Lone Bellow
Lost Man RunningElliot Root
Song That I HeardThe Barr Brothers
Fix MeBeck
French PressRolling Blackouts Coastal Fever
Die YoungSylvan Esso
Mourning SoundGrizzly Bear

Dream ShiverRoadkill Ghost Choir
JuliaMe Not You
Wild And RecklessBlitzen Trapper
Dear LifeBeck
PainThe War on Drugs
Time's Always Leaving The Lone Bellow
Like the SunElliot Root
Late NightODESZA
Day I DieThe National
Three RingsGrizzly Bear
Mama's Sunshine, Daddy's RainDrew Holcomb & The Neighbors
The UnconditionalSpiral Stairs
What's All The Fuss AboutStereophonics
Song That I HeardThe Barr Brothers
SadboyWolf Alice
Something to LoveJason Isbell & The 400 Unit
Everything You See Tonight Is Different From ItselfThe Clientele
Your TypeAlvvays
StarlightSingle Girl, Married Girl

A Moment ApartODESZAA musical landscape from like the Lord of the Rings or something.
Talk on the StreetGreta Van FleetChange of pace.  Led Zeppelin.
Dreams ToniteAlvvaysDreamy alt/indie.  Excellent album.
Fix MeBeckResurrects the greatness of the last album.
AvalonThe White BuffaloRockin' Americana.
Kill the NoiseMe Not YouA little more rockin' Little Daylight.  Very good.
Bad Luck AgainThe Rural Alberta AdvantageThe Lumineers. Canadian version.
Dancing With Our Hands TiedTaylor SwiftTrying to imagine Ryan Adams reworking these.  Please!
Lay It On MeVance JoyGreat tune.  Looking for more from ole Vance.
Classics (Die Young)Roadkill Ghost ChoirTom Petty, a little.
Blue WalshMastodonDon't dismiss Atlanta's own as just a metal band.
Wild and RecklessBlitzen TrapperPerfectly imperfect Americana.
Somebody to ThankLogan MizeYeah.  Feel good country.
Time's Always LeavingThe Lone BellowKnee clapping sing along.
End of our FaultsElliot RootA singer-songwriter tune.
ChangeEmily BarkerBeautiful voice and songwriting.
Unspoken RuleRobert FrancisStrangely reminds me of early Billy Joel and then shifts.
LucilleTall ShipsA good sound. Soft beginning, loud middle, soft ending.
The Light of DayKacy & ClaytonHonky tonk Americana.
List of People (To Try and Forget About)Tame ImpalaFull and dynamic sound from indie staple.

What About UsP!nkVoice of a talent, right off of a modern musical.
Fatal GiftEmily Haines & The Soft SkeletonMetric lead singer.  Dark (b-minor), but really enjoyable tune.
On My MindThe Outdoor TypeBeer or car commercial
Animal*repeat repeatThe repeat synth "beat" sound is humorously awesome.
Catch A FishLogan MizeLike this album so much, I bought the t-shirt.
Jenny of the RosesHiss Golden MessengerGreat song.  Country/Americana/Folk/Singer-Songwriter.
Up All NightThe War On DrugsOne of, if not the, best albums of the year.
Everyone You MeetThe ClienteleThe description for this sound is a little "precious."
Stars Last Me A LifetimeCut CopyNew album!  It's alright, dog.
Sea of CloudsDeer TickNew double album.  Straightforward, acoustic Dylan.
HeavenwardWolf AliceWe are fans.  A bit more diversity on their second album.
On Our WayThe PerennialsSlightly like the ole "Of Monster and Men"
Sad MagicRoadkill Ghost ChoirNew album.  Really, really good.  Family of the Year?
It's a ShameFirst Aid KitNew album in January.  This is just fine.
The Hard WayTurnpike TroubadoursConsistent, Americana/Country Rockers.
Queens Of The BreakersThe Barr BrothersThis could be their breakthrough album.
Total Entertainment ForeverFather John MistyInsufferable, but he has a good voice.
Don't Dream It's OverThe Head and the HeartImpossible to do this song justice.
California LightChildhoodKind of feel like you are in a Tarantino movie.

Keep OnPortugal, The ManPop music that actually uses  lyrics, instruments and someone's voice.
You're In Love With A PsychoKasabianQuite self-reflecting.
Sweetness AliveGoldroomExercise tune.  Awesome.
Fool for LoveLord HuronJust a really nice song from a couple of years ago.
Hard To Say GoodbyeWashed OutA little jazzier. Perfectly happy with this, albeit short, album.
I Still Wanna KnowRACMostly just exercise fodder.
Put Your Money On MeArcade FireScrambling not to dismiss the rest of this album completely.
The AlienManchester OrchestraOne of the best albums of the year. Simple.
Home is a FeelingRideBack after a really long hiatus.  It's good.
SorryNothing But ThievesTry to hate this song. 
WhoopsEvan DandoThe Lemonhead.
PillEdie BrickellStumbled upon this gem.
The System Only Dreams In Total Darkness The NationalWant so badly to ignore them, but still have some good stuff.
Lost Man RunningElliot RootGreat song if you are preparing for any kind of race.
Set the FireSwimming TapesSquishy guitar rifts washing all over you.
Is It Ever Gonna Be EasyThe Lone BellowOne of the best albums of the year.
In UndertowAlvvaysSurprisingly really good and diverse album
BaseballHippo CampusYea, dunno know.  Stuck in the misery of the NLDS.
Smith HillDeer TickStumbled upon this classic.  Channeling Dylan you think?
Juma MountainSam AmidonWhat's that dude's name.  Nick Drake?

Mourning SoundGrizzly BearNot grizzly at all. Friggin' great indie tune with unique sound.
WastedKasabianStraight up modern rock & roll.  This one is a bit of a sing along.
DarlingReal EstateEnchanting.
Nothing To FindThe War On DrugsNear perfect arrangement.  Uses harmonica for good and not evil.
Halfway HomeBroken Social SceneAlways in danger of too much. 
In Cold BloodAlt-JEveryone makes fun, but dig it a little.
ReliefMe Not YouLittle Daylight renamed. 
Dear RiverEmily Barker & The Red Clay HaloWould love to see live. Talented songwriter.
Only SongsThe Wild ReedsHere's the thing: it is a sweet story.
Fool's ErrandFleet FoxesAnd, also a story.  Nerds.
Holding OnJames Vincent McMorrowBlues/jazz, jazz/blues. Finishes with a George Benson groove.
FeelsCalvin Harris "Don't be afraid to catch fish."
The Queen of HeartsOffa RexSo crazy from the Decembrists and friend.  "You're that Nerd!"
Something Just Like ThisColdplayStadium rock.
Plastic MachineryThe CharlatansClassic Brit/Rock from their new album.  It's good, as always.
ToniteLCD SoundsystemGotta sort be in the mood, but creativity and sound are good.
ThunderImagine DragonsOnly and I mean only because MP loves it.
Big OneMadeline KenneyFred Sanford: "Elisabeth, this could be the [.....]."
Call it DreamingIron & WineThere is a heartbeat here.

East Coast GirlButch WalkerThe first chord sounds like the beginning of Journey's "Raised on Radio"
MedicineThe Black Angels'60s Psych-rock.  Very cool.
I Don't Wanna DanceCoin..nor should you.  Upbeat a la Cut Copy, New Order, etc.
WavesSUSTOVery straightforward rock about crashing the waves, man.
Something HereDay WavePleasant indie sound. 
Mr. Minister GreatJunius MeyvantJazz-based, blues sound.  Very nice.
ChariotsPaper RouteThe maudlin music of the university station.
Southern NightsGlen CampbellIn honorarium + Guardians of the Galaxy 2.
CassiusFleet FoxesChamber folk rock survives and is very pleasing to the ear.
The GoldManchester OrchestraOne of the best of the year from Atlanta-based band. Jason Isbell kindred.
Perfect PlacesLordePop madness.  Perfectly fine.
Cumberland GapJason Isbell & The 400 UnitAnother good one off of the new one.
SuckerThe Big MoonPerhaps a one-off, but a great song.  Grows on you at the 2:00 mark.
Shark SmileBig ThiefLow-key and enjoyable.
Better CompanySan FerminLove it.  Great sax incorporated. They are so good.
Busy, Busy, BusyWestern DaughterNot a great deal of vocals on this one, but still works very well.
Road Not TakenTall ShipsThe word crescendo is an understatement.
ShotgunSpoonSilly, but fun from their new album.
HoneyPumarosaHighly touted indie.  Like all the SOB usage.
Bike DreamsRostamReminds me of the Magnetic Fields.  Also, quite addictive.

Born to LieDreamcarAmazingly fresh flashback to all that was good about 80s New Wave
Dig DownMuseIt's Muse.  Sorry, you are Prog.
Feel it StillPortugal. The ManProbably the sound of the summer, but very catchy.
Out of My MindSaint EtienneEuro tinged.  Like your headed for dinner on a Norwegian Cruise
A Real HeroSmallpoolsSlow build into a perfectly enjoyable pop/new wave tune.
J-BoyPhoenixInsufferable, but very good.
Lights OutRoyal BloodVery Rockin without over doing it.
Andrew Eldritch is Moving Back to LeedsThe Mountain GoatsSort of a nerdy British sea shanty out of nowhere.
Everything NowArcade FireA nearly perfect electronic/pop song.
Holding OnThe War on DrugsThe arrangement is incredible.  The bass line holds it all together.
Get LostWashed OutYou are in the record store, and chatting with the cool dude with the dyed hair.
The Only ThingZola BloodRadiohead called and begged for its sound back.
This TimeLand of TalkWonderfully refreshing, truly indie sound. Great guitar/synths.
Stained GlassReal EstateSo very relaxing and chill.
Maybe a MomentJustin Townes EarleEasy listening, Americana.  Road-trip to Memphis
MotorcycleColter WallDude is 24.  Sounds like John Cash after smoking 12 cartons.
Forever and Then SomeLillie MaeFinger picking mandolin and lovely voice.
Face In The MoonSpringtime CarnivoreKeyboard driving, quite fun song.  A more upbeat Beach House. 
Kill A WordEric Church (Feat. Rhiannon Giddens)A classic from his best album. (circa 2015)

I Will FollowSaid The WhaleCanadian.  Do you think?
Falling From Cloud 9Lift To ExperienceHoodu Gurus.  Taoism?  Is that the whole Cloud 9 thing?
Young Lady, You're Scaring MeRon GalloSo Rockin'; So good.
DecoysJuvenilesIf you hate all electronica, not for you.  But, this is awesome.
High Ticket AttractionsThe New PornographersAfter a few listens, it becomes second nature.
It's Only A DreamModern SpaceOne of the best songs of the year.  Blast it and enjoy.
ShadowsFuture IslandsYes, we know...  Can't help it.
Fight For LoveDrew Holcomb & The NeighborsAnother easy country song from their new album.
BoyishHippo CampusIt comes on and Bam!  ("I'll take for you") And, then it just ends.
Always WrongEisleySounds a bit like the Rosebuds and the Great Northern, which is good.
Hotwire The Ferris WheelJens LekmanJust a refreshingly different sound for the impending summer.
GetawaySaint MotelSometimes you just have to get moving.  This helps.
Fountain of YouthLocal NativesYes, we all thought that she would win the election too!
Ugly LightsMiranda LambertSalty country
Fake MemoryBell XIA Talking Heads quality to their sound.
Highway TuneGreta Van FleetUnapologetic Zeppelin rip-off, but it is FANTASTIC!
Broken HalosChris StapletonThank you.
My Old ManMac DeMarcoA folk song.  That's it.
Call the PoliceLCD SoundsystemHe's so mysterious, right? Cool song.
Real ThingZac Brown BandEh.  Tough to top the last album.

Hope the High RoadJason Isbell and the 400 UnitI'll take it one single at a time if I have to...
Hot ThoughtsSpoonReally, really, good song. 
Skinny WaterWestern DaughterThis sounds familiar, but it is new, rockin' and very addictive.
White LightReal EstateStarting to fall into atmospheric realm with this album, but this one is good
The Morning SongDrew Holcomb & the NeighborsLaid back, alt-country love song. You'll want to dance (slightly) at the chorus.
One More NightMichael KiwanukaReally cool and groovy soul
Name For YouThe ShinsMore traditional Shins sound.
To Be Without YouRyan AdamsBest song on the album.  Haven't you ever been sad too?
AnymoreGoldfrappIcon returns with her dependable sound.
Bad BohemianBritish Sea PowerPsychedelic Furs for the 2010s.
SomedayHalfNoiseProbably more for the exercise mix, but good, upbeat tune.
CapableThe Wild ReedsA call to motivation!
EmoshunsSpiral StairsFalls into the cool song genre.  There is a slight punk and Bowie thing there.
Wanna BeBetty WhoThis is our frivolous summer-pop sensation.
Palisades StormSan FerminGood piano and vocals showcases this band's range.  We're fans.
RollercoastersAimee MannAlbum is a little minimalist, but this is a good one.
Record YearEric ChurchGave up.  Heard this too many times and finally included here.
Hungry GhostHurray For The Riff RaffTypically, just alright for me, dog.  This one rocks nicely.
I Don't Wanna Die AngryFront Country A little blue-grass and finger picking with a decent chorus.
Touch of GreyThe War on DrugsOne of the better covers to a cool song by the Dead.

Shiver and ShakeRyan AdamsThe one most played from the new album
Mona LisaLittle DaylightHoping this band comes back with more  in 2017/2018.  Upbeat electronic.
Way It GoesHippo CampusThis part of my brain always gets me in trouble
Bad Luck CharmOld 97'sBack to their Americana/Rock sound.  Refreshingly clean sound.
Magnificent (She Says)ElbowYou must invest yourself.
Third of May/OdaigaharaFleet FoxesChamber folk rock is back and it is not too late?!
JackpotNikki LaneHonkey tonk Las Vegas jingle.
Evening PrayerJens LekmanRefreshingly different by a long shot.
Green LightLordeAn angry pop anthem that will be on the radio. So, why not.
Kinda BonkersAnimal CollectiveDon't know how they do this, but they have their moments...
Born Into the SunsetTemplesOnly somewhat trippy here.  It works.
Last KissMinus the BearGreat song.  It is a simple, but genuine alt/indie sound
MildenhallThe ShinsVery different tune.  Folk/story-telling song from his military brat days.
Radio KidsStrand of OaksLike the edgy rock sound, but the rest of the album is not as tight.
Wishing WellJaime WyattGood, confident alt/country tune.
Back Against the WallSon VoltSo, it turns out this is a really good album.
The TideThe Lonely Heartstring BandBanjo wielding, but very listenable alt-grass/folk tune.
MelodyThe Silver SeasStill waiting for their new album.  This is the third single release.
'71: I Think I'll Make Another WorldThe Magnetic FieldsQuite an accomplishment to write a song for every year of your life.

JuanitaNatural ChildThe Allman Brothers.  Seriously.  The Allman Brothers.
Divine LorraineDave HauseStraight up knee slapping country/americana
Sometimes AlwaysBeach SlangHas an early to mid-90s mixtape feel (She said/he said)
Restless SpheresBlue StatesA little trippy.  Sort of a nice vocal cacophony.
RanFuture IslandsWeird that we really dig this band?  Simple and goofy, but great energy.
Where I'm GoingCut CopyOne of those songs that thumps in your head all day.  A good thing.
Good With GodOld 97's (Feat. Brandi Carlile)One of the best songs of the year, so far.  Different and impossible to resist.
Gentle On My MindAlison KraussAnother lovely song.
Anything I Say To You NowRyan AdamsAbsolutely one of his best albums.  This song is wonderful, if a little sad. 
Dog YearsMaggie RogersDifferent sound, but voice sounds a little bit like Kathleen Edwards.
NightingaleThe Honey TreesFrom 2014, but this song is beautiful through the chorus.
We Went to the BeachLittle Big TownReally silly, but everyone has a beach trip memory.
Two HeartsThe FeaturesNice indie/alternative sound.
Break The SilencePalaceNice percussive off-beats (yes, it is in seven before the chorus)!
QachinaDamien JuradoSuch a cool song in the cool music genre.  Listen a few times and you will be hooked.
All Day All NightRiver WhylessIntriguing mix of Americana, folk and indie sounds.
Young BloodWeaver at the LoomMoody, but polished alternative sound.  It's very nice, actually.
A Song For The BirdsEisleyMos Eisley nerds?  Maybe not, but music is good, upbeat alternative.
Buzzes Like A BeeRed Heart The TickerNew England folk.
Silver ChainLuke RobertsBest alternating thumb acoustic since Dust in the Wind!

Baby's Got the Bluest EyesThe RoomsoundsA little different sound from the same album.  Nice.  Simple.
GravityInfamous StringdustersOff the new album.  It is great!
Goose Snow ConeAimee MannGreat new song from VA native.  Pleasant crooning for late Winter.
Nothing to LoseLittle DaylightJust for the silly bass and fun of it.
Follow You AroundPurling HissThe Stone Roses called and want their sound back.  Still really good.
Free Your MindCut CopyAustralian New Order.
Heartache Is An Uphill ClimbTift MerrittNew.  Kind of a downer, but love her voice and her music.
Slow KnifeRoadkill Ghost ChoirUpbeat, genre busting indy band.  This is a couple of years ago.
BrideSan FerminBest song ever, "Emily."  This from upcoming album is very nice.
Indian SummerRiver City ExtensionFair to say they have a bit of the Head and the Heart sound.
Suitcase Full Of SparksGregory Alan IsakovJust like this dude's name and the fact that it is singer-songwriter, Americana folk.
Tell Her I Love HerHeidecker & WoodBest 70s spoof band of all time.  Love it.
A New England DelugeWinterpillsA little ethereal, but the lyrics are cool and it is a nice song.
DestroyerDead Man WinterIf you like Trampled by Turtles.... This is different, but just as good.
Dancing On GlassSt. LuciaExercise song nonsense.  Need it!
Can't Have YouParade of LightsDescent thumping sound of the times rock/pop song.
Love as a WeaponLittle ScreamFalsetto, a la Prince.  It's actually pretty good.
AnywherePassengerSounds like that guy . . . (Singer songwriter)
End of the SeaThe Gospel Whiskey RunnersSucker for the banjo sometimes.
RennenSohnCredit rolling tune to an emotionally draining movie.

Packed PowderBlind PilotSo, we went skiing again this year....
Sun PowersMorgan DeltPsychedelic.  A bit Tame Impala, a bit soft edge Temples.
The PoemThee Oh SeesLove this simple, pastoral little song.
Virginia, No One Can Warn YouTift MerrittIn anticipation of her new album.  A lovely song from her first album.
On LankershimFoxygenPiano, horns, etc., is like a combination of Calexico, Elvis Costello and Meatloaf.
Committed to the CauseThe Radio Dept.Best album cover of the year if nothing else.  It's got a Thievery Corp. feel.  Great bass.
These Last Few DaysMichael McDermottRequisite hoarse voice for a great Americana sing along.
Say SoSara WatkinsHopelessly addictive.
FamiliarAgnes ObelReally cool song.  Strings and multiple voices packaged very well.
What Do I Gotta DoThe RoomsoundsNot in your face Rock n' Roll, but we'll take it.  A little Oasis with a Southwest flavor.
Fail Again, Fail BetterBell X1A quick and pleasant jingle with a little soul.
Shut Up Kiss MeAngel OlsenThis song is fine, but one of the best albums of 2016, Pitchfork?
Wilder In the HeartButch WalkerIf Bruce sang about Georgia.
Sunday LoveBat For LashesAlmost feel obliged to include one of hers every now and then. 
Move Your BodySiaCaved in because it is actually really great for exercise.
Was It MeColony HouseKind of a punk/garage sound, but not really.  It is much more accessible.
Hard to RememberBlue RodeoGreat, great song.  Love it.  Canadian Americana?
A DistanceFanfarloFrom a few years ago.  Great band that frequently channels Talking Heads.
Yesterday Was Hard On All of UsFinkA bit too intense, but can use it as a parable for the election.
FireBarns CourtneyI'm sure Grey's Anatomy probably had this, but it's kind of catchy.

Everytime BootsJulia Holter
Waiting for YouGrizfolk
I Can't Give Everything AwayDavid Bowie
AblazeSchool of Seven Bells
AdoreThe Wild Nothing
Boys LifeSmall Black
Siren CallLittle Daylight
SeasonsGreat Northern
High Horse (South)Stephen Kellogg
An Otherwise Disappointing LifeFrightened Rabbit
Time WindM83
H.W. RunningPalace Winter
You, Darling YouTreetop Flyers
Sour GrapesJohn the Ghost
Humbug Mountain SongFruit Bats
White Doves WingsCaleb Caudle
All We Ever KnewThe Head and the Heart
Set My Heart on FireImaginary Cities
SpiritsThe Strumbellas
The Song They Play Every NightLittle Green Cars
Call off Your DogsLake Street Drive
Solving ProblemsBrent Cobb
You Were On My MindColvin & Earle
MoveSaint Motel
In a DrawerBand of Horses
For No Good ReasonDawes
The RunnersThe Naked and Famous
Help Me OutThe Wild Feathers
Moment in the SunReckless Kelly
Shaking All OverGreat Lake Swimmers
Dark NecessitiesRed Hot Chili Peppers
BelowWhite Lung
Can't Stop The FeelingJustin Timberlake
Square HammerGhost

Do it, Try itM83So, probably one of the most interesting albums of the year.  Not for everyone.  Try it.
Standing in the SunGrouploveStarts out Nirvana and then turns completely from Blind Melon to The Bravery.  Good.
Talk Too MuchCOINUpbeat and fun, self-effacing tune.
Midnight On The EarthSt. Paul & The Broken BonesSort of have to be in the mood, but if you are it is really great.
The Sea RoseThe Handsome FamilyTrue Detective theme artists turn drab into catchy, somehow.
How Quickly Your Heart MendsCourtney Marie AndrewsHowling Americana.  Like the piano and pedal steel.
Don't Wanna Know WhyWhiskeytownIt is refreshing to hear Ryan Adams in the beginning.
Just Let GoSturgill SimpsonHe has his own quality that is not like the others.  A very genuine sound.
Down HomeBrent CobbThis one is a little more Honky Tonk, but the lyrics are kind of fun.
After LifePictish TrailThrobbing beat keeps the song moving with interesting interludes of time and key change.
Make You MineHigh ValleyFast paced acoustic country transitions to full sounding choral piece.  Maybe too full.
Girl Can't Be HerselfAlicia KeysSaw her play this live in NYC on TV.  Not too shabby, if a little silly.
Runnin' Just In CaseMiranda LambertNashville country.  Whatever that actually means.  Sorry, it's not bad.
PleasureFormationTo mix it up on your walk, run or other routine.  Dig the electro/pop and slightly funky sound.
The OceanThe Wild WindLooking out the window while someone else is driving and seeing a nice seascape.
The Other SideNvdesWhat!!  You expect them to yell that in the beginning.  This is crazy, but fun too.
Forever, AlwaysJudah & The LionFolkstra/rock turns a little more pop.  It's not bad.
Call Me UpSt. LuciaFrom 2014.  Cool song, lyrics aside.  Falls into the lush and layered category.
Take It Out On MeWhite LiesAlso lush and layered, but has the intrigue of that weird voice.  Makes it interesting.
Hey StrangerMandolin OrangeAcoustic joy.  What you see and hear is what you get.

Square HammerGhostStarving for Rock n Roll and yearn for  horrifyingly bad lyrics?  Awfully fantastic. 
How Can You Love Him (You Don't Even Like Him)Reckless KellyShort, sweet and too the point rock/country.
Running Through TimeBlackberry SmokeNew album is a little Honky Tonk, but this a really nice Americana tune.
Tell Her I'm Just DancingHiss Golden MessengerGreat sax sounds in this one with overall alt/folk sound.
Feel The LoveCut CopyAmazing to run to and it even has that goofy Daft Punk sound in parts.
Dead AliveThe ShinsIt's good.  Looking forward to the new album.
WowBeckOk, so also a commercial, but the whole thing is pretty cool.
We Stay TogetherKaiser ChiefsEnglish stadium rock.  Builds nicely with a little David Bowie going on.
The JokeFlock of DimesNot sure what's going on here, but kind of dig it.
Exit 353Damien JuradoAt first, maybe it's like the South of the Border exit, and then it's clearly not.
Take a WalkThe Head and the HeartSo, hipsters have to abandon now that they are popular?!  Great song/album.
Grand CanyonThe Wind and the WaveGreat, fast-paced rendition of someone dragged unwillingly down a river in the GC.
1973Beth OrtonKind of groovy and a unique change of pace tune.
Country BoundBrent CobbReally enjoy this album, even if he is channeling others.
This Is How We Walk On the MoonGeographerA band called Geographer explains how to do a lunar walk.  A must listen, right?
Sudden FeelingHalfNoiseIt is what is.  Some electronica, but it pops and beats.
StarsFuture GenerationsGood piano and very upbeat.  Love it.
You Don't Own Me (feat. G-Eazy)GraceAbsolutely horrible, but funny enough to listen.
Guns of UmpquaDrive-By-TruckersActually, quite a great album and this one is a highlight.
Supreme BeingAmazing BabyNot a new song  but a great song from one NYC's best bands

MoveSaint MotelAlready in a commercial.  For the express purpose of inspiring . . . exercise! (sort of)
The RunnersThe Naked and FamousNew album.  Begins like we remember from previous work.  Fun music.
Call Off Your DogsLake Street DiveYou must dig it.
Help Me OutThe Wild FeathersSounds like a repeat, but it is not.  Catchy tune. 
Dark DaysLocal NativesVery interesting song and lyrics.  Sort of groovy. 
Young & WildThe StrumbellasCaved-in.  This is the one probably most played.
Moment In The SunReckless KellyCountry/Americana.  Very enjoyable and uplifting sound.
Solving ProblemsBrent CobbDude has a great beard.  Singer/songwriter.  Slightly more country than Isbell, but similar.
Sleep On the FloorThe LumineersAbsolutely nothing wrong with it.
The IndustryOkkervil RiverProbably critically acclaimed; hipster for sure; just alright for me, dawg.
One Thousand TimesJames Vincent McMorrowA bit of a new sound for him. Talented dude.
If I Was A ChildWilcoA take it or leave it band. This album is a take it.  Very good.
WeightlessLiz LongleyAddictive song.  A little rock/country.
Carolina HeartYarnLove these guys.  Straight-up Americana.
RunawayCity and ColourRockin' tune from 2015.  Just got around to it. Very good lyrics and good sound.
BiloxiHiss Golden MessengerSort of a modern Dylan sound, without all of that Nobel laureate stigma :)
AirlinerJamestown RevivalUpbeat, rural country/rock sound. 
Giving Up On Your HometownLori McKennaJust a lovely little song.
666Bon IverDefinitely different, if that's what they were going for.  Apart from the title, sort of dig this one.
Don't Look BackBostonRedneck Rock still rocks and you know that for sure!

Don't Ask Me To ChangeThe Wild FeathersA good sound that will remind you of so many different sounds- Oasis, Wanderlust, etc.
ColorsThe Head And The HeartMainstream from what is an incredibly balanced sound and typically a solid songwriting band.
SmithsonianThe Avett BrothersMP's favorite.  A live band.  One of the best.
Shaking All OverGreat Lake SwimmersInteresting, dire lyrics.  This is a really solid and upbeat folk/rock album.
Sleepless NightsTreetop FlyersStarts out a little trippy, then settles into your parents' 70's radio classics.
VaporizeAmos LeeA big fan of his amazing voice.
Light Me UpIngrid MichaelsonAbsolutely nothing wrong with it.
My Sweet MidwestFruit BatsDon't know which song is the best, but this is up there.  Simple.
How I Love YouRobert EllisTalented dude.  A blend of Ryan Adams and Jason Isbell.
LongerLydia LovelessIf you like an edgy Brandi Carlile, this album is for you.
Angela The LumineersThis is one of the better songs off of this album.
For No Good ReasonDawesIt stinks and then you realize it is absolute genius.  How do they do it?
Hit the ResetThis Wild LifeA little bit terrible.  Need a little commercial relief.
White FlagJosephNot so bad, actually. Rockin' girl power.
NightsBreathe Carolina & InukshukThis is awful.  Too exasperated, a la Owl City, etc, with like Minnie Mouse, but some dig it. . .
In a DrawerBand of HorsesAnother side of the new album.  Very good.
True LoveImaginary CitiesSorry, this band is great.
Four Years of ChancesMargo PriceHeavily lauded and promoted.  "It was just alright for me, dawg."

BelowWhite LungGreat song.  It's like what Joan Jett might have sounded like with musicians.
Personal BestSmall BlackAt this age, it is all we can hope for! Good for the long runs....
AmerikaYoung The Giant"Cough Syrup."  That's still their best, but this is still very cool, despite the title.
Set My Heart on FireImaginary CitiesOh, just love it.  This and "Chasing the Sunset" are amazing.
You, Darling YouTreetop FlyersSo, just go and get this album. A catchy, modern CSN&Y-like 70s band from the UK?
From a Soon-to-Be Ghost TownFruit BatsHard to explain how extraordinarily lovely and listenable this album really is.
IndependencePalace WinterHeadphones on; sound up all the way.  Commence star-gaze or cloud-gaze.
DevotionSavoir Adore80s, upbeat Human League, Howard Jones, et al.  Just fun to run with.
We Are EnergyJill Andrews1/2 of the former Everybodyfields, gone pop. Very Kathleen Edwards.
Going Down Grinnin'Justin WellsThoroughly Americana.  A little gruff, but a very nice and genuine sound.
One More Charge at the Red CapeGreat Lake SwimmersCanadian.  A little Kingsbury Manx.  Good songwriting and pleasant sound.
We Don't KnowStrumbellasAn anthem.  You wonder how many are actually singing in this song?  Maybe too many.
500 PiecesThe HoneycuttersAlso Americana.  Just a very soothing sound.
Open RoadThe RivalProbably from a movie or the beginning of an HBO promo.  Still dig it.
That's the Way It Goes DownThe Black LilliesThese guys rock.  Americana that rocks.
Something WildLindsey StirlingPete's Dragon.  :)
Same To YouLydia LovelessAn edgy Brandi Carlile.  Love the bass line!
Country TeenBand of HorsesProbably the best song on a very good album.  Yes it is different/diverse again, and that's good.
Love LetterThe Wild ReedsBanjo picking nonsense, but it is pleasant and an enjoyable listen from Paste.
What A TeaseNico YaryanFor whatever it is worth, this is a real love song and the dude was feelin' it.

I'm in LoveTeenage Fanclub"It feels good when you are close to me.  That's enough; that's enough."
Won't You Leave Me AloneThe RaveonettesConsistent indie, sort of grunge rock sound.  Dig it.
7 (Seven)Catfish & The BottlemenWord of mouth English stadium band similar to Kaiser Chiefs.  Rockin.
PositronPalace WinterStarts out like Nirvana and changes altogether. Sort of prog, but not really.
LandlockedFanfarloTalking Heads from 2014.  Love their sound.
The Song They Play Every NightLittle Green CarsHarper Lee band provides more building tunes with good piano and dark guitar accents.
You Were On My MindColvin & EarleA nearly perfect rendition of an imperfect, but lovely song.
Good Will Come to YouFruit BatsA perfect album.
Wrong Side of the Dream (feat. Lydia Loveless)Austin LucasGenuine country, singer/songwriter.  Worth a steady listen.
CaitlinThe Silver SeasAnxiously awaiting the full album from Guster-like band.  Very pleasing.
DefectorBlack MountainPink Floyd for the new millennium.
Beg & CrawlMax JuryCompletely hipster, but builds into a very nice and thoroughly enjoyable tune.
TuscaloosaCaleb CaudleGifted Singer/Songwriter with a little twang.
FoolFrankie CosmosAlso for the hipsters, but also refreshingly different from the current pop-heavy dregs.
AnolaThe Duke SpiritDark alt rock that's rather interesting.
CarPorchesCompletely weird, admittedly. Tripping over the remarkability of an automobile.
I Have Been to the MountainKevin MobyAcoustic strumming with thumping, background ladies, horns and then a little guitar.
SpiritsThe StrumbellasIf you like any of their sound, you will like this as well.
On the RopesThe HoneycuttersAmericana.  A bit of a Zoe Muth sound.  Very nice.
The Dusty RoadsWe/Or/MeEarly Simon & Garfunkle.  Less Garfunkle than Simon.

A Love SongLadyhawkeSummer Shanty
LaidThe Pains of Being Pure At HeartSorry James, this is a perfectly great remake.
You Are MineThe Avett BrothersThoroughly enjoyable new wave alt/folkstra.
Dark NecessitiesRed Hot Chili Peppers (RHCPs)Perfected a sound from absolutely nothing.  Flee rules.
American Country Love SongJake OwenThis summer's talk-singing country fun.
Great NightNEED TO BREATHE (w/Shovels & Rope)The Black Keys for dummies.
Settlin' or Sleepin' AroundTrapper SchoeppNeeds more cowbell.  Sort of a modern rockin' Jackson Brown.
VegasBig ThiefActually begins a little RHCPs, but with female indie vocals.
Gimme the LoveJake BuggRub dubs it.  Kind of dig it.
Head Over BootsJohn PardiNice Texas country.  Easy summer listening.
White Doves WingsCaleb CaudleThis year's Jason Isbell with a bit more twang. Lovely voice.
Never Going BackCavemanReminiscent of the 70s singer-songwriters, only it is modern rockin.
Phenomenal WomenLaura MvulaAdmittedly bizarre, but wait for it . . .
CaliforniaDelta SpiritCould be a repeat, but much needed for the summer.
Hear TonightTim McGraw (w/ Gracie McGraw)Father/daughter.  Better than just a gimmick.
Georgia StarsNeko Case, K.D. Lang, Laura VeirsRisky with three that can and should stand on their own. Peach State!
SpiritWintersleepAbsolutely love it.  Performed very well live.
The Only ThingBrian WhelanRockin' country that ain't so country.
What You Do To My SoulAir Traffic ControllerSort of a he sings/she sings back and forth.  Very fun.
Love TrainThe O'JaysIn honor of Mark Watney's final escape

Can't Stop the FeelingJustin TimberlakeIf you think I picked this one, . . .   Musicality aside, it's catchy for a month or two.
All We Ever KnewThe Head and the HeartIf the new album is as good as this song, it will be another classic.
Get OutFrightened RabbitPick a song.  Good, consistent album.
Skin of Our TeethGreat NorthernCanadian goodness.
OpheliaThe Lumineers Held out as long as I could on their single.  It's fine.
California SunriseJon PardiKnee slapping Texas country.
FriendsEliza and the BearEnjoyable alt rock
Carolina GhostCaleb CaudleUp there with the best album of the year.
True SadnessThe Avett BrothersSaw them live and this will also play very well.
BurnThe Temper TrapNew album from Australian band that still holds a special place b/c of "Love Lost."
IdentikitRadioheadI suppose the era of beat-box percussion will grow on me.
I Love You Always ForeverBetty WhoSummer song de jour.  A pop sensation (laugh with us).
Solemn OathBand of HorsesBack to the new sound.  It's great.
RedemptionThe Boxer RebellionStrumming this time.  Just a very pleasant sound.
None of UsFruit BatsSongwriting.  Very good album.
Look at MeRogue WaveInteresting variation.  A little new wave, but subtle.
Loose EndsDIIVThe Cure and The Church from the late 80s. Blasted this stuff at BB practice in HS.
My FatherPete YornA Father's Day single
Early Morning LightSarah JaroszGood singer-songwriter with a country bluegrass flavor.
What I've DoneLinkin ParkIn honor of the new Transformers movie

Coming AliveKodalineReally fun song
Casual PartyBand of HorsesObligatory new song from old sound.  Love both their new and their old.
In the LightThe LumineersThis IS actually refreshing.  Has a blues tinge.
Moon CrystalM83Lol.  70s television show theme song- just for fun.
H.W. RunningPalace WinterReally great new band.  Sounds like the Silver Seas, but a little more groove.
Humbug Mountain SongFruit BatsOne of the best albums of the year, just listen.
Woke Up HurtingFrightened RabbitSo completely addictive.  Accent is in your face, but the sound is great.
The Plain MoonThe Besnard LakesCan't help ourselves.  Maybe a bit too complex, but still interesting.
Sea StoriesSturgill SimpsonLike so many others, had to get the follow-up.
Falling Back to YouThe Saint JohnsThis is actually a little country and very catchy.
ExeuntThe Oh HellosFrom the mixed up files of Mumford & Sons, but then goes Monsters on you!
Constant VacationIan FisherSoft Rockin' country
Sour GrapesJohn the GhostWill find yourself singing "cheap sex and cigarettes" more than you'd like to.
California BrideRogue WaveAlways liked this band and new album is just as consistent.
The ChasePete YornNot sure if this is on the new album or not, but adds a little edge to the mix.
Big IdeasThe Boxer RebellionOk, so it is montage music for HBO.  Still sounds really good.
The Reddest RoseCaleb CaudleGo ahead and get as much of this dude's music as you can.  Wonderful voice and songwriter.
Your LowDMA'sOasis voice with a dude ruining a guitar.  Dig it, though.
Choices and ChangesSierra HullBluegrass that won't make you want to scratch your eyes out.
Lakeside ParkRush"Willows in the Breeze!!"  Pirates Tee-ball 2016

God is a Working ManJason IsbellOff of Southern Family compilation, which is not too shabby
Best of Me (South)Stephen KelloggOne of the best albums of the year- seriously
An Otherwise Disappointing LifeFrightened RabbitBrooklyn's Scottish vermin.  Very good sound
Time WindM83 (w/Beck)Beck as you've never heard him before
CleopatraThe LumineersFrom the new album that's very good if not as fresh.
Settle DownHolly WilliamsAlso from Southern Family.  Love Holly Williams, lineage aside.
BridgesFrancisPleasant voice and clear sound. Neither rockin, nor too folky. 
Closer Than ThisSt. LuciaNot a Caribbean band.  Indy summer sound. 
To Know YouWild NothingLike the groovy synth and driving bass sound.
See How Far You've ComeInfamous Stringdusters (w/Sara Watkins)Sara sings well with plenty of fingerpicking.
Officer TelephoneYouth LagoonA 2015 oversight.  Takes a bit to get there, but a great Bourne Identity tune.
DopamineDIIVSubdued sound like the Cure, but with more pleasant vocals. 
Girl of the SummerKip MooreCountry with a little edge.
Livin' in the MomentSpencers OwnAlso country with a pleasant, polyphonic sound
Dance Like FireBen Harper & The Innocent CriminalsHis music is always interesting and rarely disappoints.
Pressure of Our PlansThe Besnard LakesCanadian complex psychedelic composition.
You SayDori FreemanCountry folkstra.  Lovely voice.
Crossing Muddy WatersSara Watkins, Sarah Jarosz & Aoife O'DonovanEach can stand on their own and probably should, but like this song.
All I Ever WantedMeg BairdLovely folk song from Heron Oblivion singer

Music 101Renee StahlReplay from pop singer-songwriter a la Kathleen Edwards or Susan Vega
American CrazyBrothers OsborneCountry song starts out a little like Bruce and then just a good sing along
TerritoryWintersleepSlappin the bass.  Canadian Indie band with the best guest bass player ever.
All Time HighThe HolidaysReally nice alt-electronic song with a dash of guitar reverb
A Thousand More TimesSchool Of Seven BellsOne of our favorite bands to run to.
Hearts Like OursThe Naked & FamousAwesome full-sound and high energy.
SeasonsGreat NorthernLove this Canadian Indie band.  Finally, a new album.  Song builds
The Sound of a Heart That Breaks (Midsummer Version)AstropolProbably meant for mid-summer.  A touch atmospheric, but the singing comes through.
GalaxyStephen KelloggThis album is greatly diverse.  Great songwriting.  Great variety of folk, country and pop (here)
In Your HeadPete YornHe is back and back to more melodic songwriting.
Checkpoints Small BlackThese guys are a mix of 80s new wave and millennial beats.  Enjoyable.
Aerial OceanThe PinesThis is folk/singer-songwriter that mixes minor and major keys for emphasis. Nice.
He Didn't Mention His MotherEleanor FriedbergerFair enough.   Good genuine folk/blues-like quality, but also moves along nicely.
Easier DayLittle Green CarsFrom the new album.  Starts off minimalist and grows nicely with the vocals.
America's SweetheartElle KingOk, well if she is going to throw a banjo in there . . .
Leave Your Light OnThe Wild FeathersReal Americana/Rock & Roll.  Refreshing.
San AntoneRandy Rogers BandThis is nice because it is not so token pop country
Part Two - Wouldn't It Make A Lovely PhotographRay LaMontagneSlow and a bit exacerbated.  Songwriting is still there.
You, Me & The SeaGreen River OrdinanceLovely song. 
Queen AnneDamien JuradoDude is talented.  Strumming with a little puff the magic dragon going on.

Highway Patrol Stun GunYouth LagoonNo idea about the title, but a lovely song.
AdoreWild NothingFrom the band that brought you "Cough Syrup."  Dreamy.  Actually, that's Young the Giant.
High Horse (South)Stephen KelloggLove this album.  Songs for the South, West, North, and East.
Boys LifeSmall BlackNice sound and beat, with airs of Radiohead if they went this direction.
Run to YouThe Silver SeasFrom forthcoming album in May. We are fans.  Guster.
AblazeSchool of Seven BellsIf not already obvious, we love this band for the mixes.
Take Your TimeSam HuntCan't stand that he talks in the beginning.  Steady radio play.
A StillnessThe Naked & FamousWaiting on their next, depending on their last.  Addictive alt/electronic pop with acoustic guitar.
Blue & The GreenLoyalTakes a while to build, but worthwhile for the mix.
Pageant MaterialKacey MusgravesFun to listen to when it does not matter much what you are listening to.
DaughtersLissieStrong, driving alt/pop that's diverse from her other stuff.
John Cougar, John Deere, John 3:16Keith UrbanSo, now it is Grammy time.  We're more John Bonham, Sears Craftsman and Frost 2 roads.
Land of the Bloody UnknownThe Middle EastReally nice tune from 2011 from band that did "Blood."  Wonderful stuff.
Siren CallLittle DaylightGreat song that makes you giggle a little if you run with music and this comes on.
CascadesHigh HighsRemember this band from Pitch Perfect?!
Ship to WreckFlorence + The MachineThe Grammys.  Perfectly fine.
MysteryBoxed InStarts with discordant chopsticks, but rounds-out into a nice tune.
Wheels on the RunPursesSimple alt music that is a little more fresh than normal.
Nevada CityJohn Heart JackieEven Americana.  Solid tune with gentle crooning and a full sound.

Walking on a DreamEmpire of the SunRepeat, but b/c of the commercial, MP likes it.
Seven SistersCheatahsPossibly too atmospheric at first listen, but really grows on you.
FadeThe Black LilliesBuilds nicely and ironically.  Great Americana.
DreamersSavoir AdoreFrom 2013, but a really great running song. 
Godless GirlThe Chain Gang of 1974Nothing astonishing, but we are trying to get motivated here in the New Year.
Clearest BlueCHVRCHESYes.  Motivating.  If you can't shake your tail to this. . .
Watermelon and Root BeerSarah Gayle MeechAs we said.  Old school country. 
Long Island SoundJames McMurtryBrother's from TX.  Prefer that he use Yanks and Isles than Mets and Rangers. 
Suego FaultsWolf GangA little bit Supertramp at the beginning, no?
FreedomPitbullPure bubblegum nonsense, put perfectly great for your run mix.
DreamsBeckThis song is erstwhile because it was a one-off in 2015.  That last album of his, jeez.
Should Have Known BetterSufjan StevensFrom the mixed up files of Bon Iver and Iron & Wine.
What Part of MeLowObligated to share 2015's favorites from MOJO.  This is one of those. It's fine.
Feel YouJulia HolterArt-rock, but has a nice, soothing quality. 
Our NatureSavoir AdoreAlso from 2013.  Different from "Dreamers."  Good, balanced sound.
Right as RainAdeleSimple.  Just her voice, and some dude doing off-beats on keyboards. From 19.
20/20Gaz CoombesA little odd, but that's good in a way.  From MOJO's best.
Groove it OutLoneLadyPurely for the exercise mix.  The lyrics are mainly, "Groove it Out."
SouthHippo CampusA bit more lyrics, composition, and also good for the exercise mix.

Don't You Give up on MeLissieGreat new album with some country/Americana pop sensibility
Mystery and WonderBlitzen TrapperRock/Americana. A quite underrated band.  Like to catch them live.
Bound to RoamThe Black LilliesSmokey southern rock /country finger picking duet
Fooled Around And Fell In LoveElvin BishopGrew up with these tunes.  Glad to hear this reprised in Guardians of the Galaxy.
Still Not HomeTift MerrittA golden nugget from dual album with Simone Dinnerstein
Everytime BootsJulia HolterAvant guardesque, art-rock artist, is uber talented.  This one is cool.
High on Tulsa HeatJohn MorelandThere are some country songs that are so simple, they are good.  Real music.
Big Blue WaveHey Ocean!Good exercise song.  Tough to imagine crashing the waves in Jan., but it helps.
Tennessee Love SongSarah Gayle MeechOld school southern country.  It could be from the 50s, but it is not.
She Loves MeJames McMurtryGreat album from singer-songwriter, son of Larry.  For real.
Through the WoodsThe Okee Dokee BrothersFor the boy.  It's great for the children and better than puff the magic dragon . . .
Waiting For YouGrizfolkNot folk, but good alt/rock chops and songwriting.
I Can't Give Everything AwayDavid BowieGot this off of ITunes the day before he passed away.  Weird.
If It Takes a LifetimeJason IsbellForgot to put this on one of the playlist.  It's a given.
Lost WeekendPete YornLast album was atrocious.  Much, much better.
RestlessNew OrderStill kickin' it.  If you are too young to remember Blue Monday, then this "feels" pretty new and still relevant.
Down HereJohn GrantThis dude is really tough to put a finger on, but we dig it.
Back to YouTwerpsDifferent enough and catchy enough to help you through traffic.
Ragg LevyJake Xerxes FussellHad to listen because of the middle name. Pull up with a rocking chair and a beer.

24 FramesJason Isbell
Chateau Lobby #4 (in C for Two Virgins)Father John Misty
Times SquareDestroyer
EmilySan Fermin
Right On TimeDawes
Mind GamesLeagues
TravellerChris Stapleton
Shine Like LightningDrew Holcomb & The Neighbors
Keep ConfessingSpringtime Carnivore
The Life You ChooseJason Isbell
Bad BloodRyan Adams
MoleculesAtlas Genius
FreazyWolf Alice
EvieLast Dinosaurs
Keep TogetherHunter Hunted
Cherokee StarsGideon Grove
Something in the WaterCarrie Underwood
10,000 Emerald PoolsBorns
To The TopTwin Shadow
Down HereTurnpike Troubadours
Roaming EmpireMaritime
Fake RosesThe Lone Bellow
Carry MeFamily of the Year
Adventure of a LifetimeColdplay
Zero in the CityGreat Lake Swimmers
Dark DaysThe White Buffalo
Tomorrow Never ComesZac Brown Band
DreamersSavoir Adore
My TypeSaint Motel

Elegy to the VoidBeach HouseLovely song.  Second set of the year for them.  Worth getting.
Oh, TonightJosh Abbott BandGenuine Texas country (avec Kacey Musgraves).
Return to the MoonEL VYThe National dude involved.  Different sound with good results.
SnakeskinDeerhunterA little funky, a la Black Keys meets Tapes n' Tapes meets Beck.
FacepaintFamily of the YearOne of the best albums of the year, family or otherwise.
Out of the WoodsRyan AdamsPop version is good too.  This is better.
Nights Were Made For LoveBlitzen TrapperMeatloaf meets modern Americana.
SedonaHoundmouthDeer Tick.  A good laid-back tale.
Don't it Feel GoodJon WolfeModern country sing along.
(This Ain't No) Drunk DialA Thousand HorsesIbid.
My TypeSaint MotelSaxes, cow bell, keyboards, maracas, and tambourines, maybe.  Funny.
ConfessionFlorida Georgia LineThoroughly enjoyable, if formulaic, modern country.
Infinite CitiesThe Bright Light Social HourGenre agnostic.  Shoe gazing alternative.
Heaven Don't Call Me HomeThe Lone BellowSouthern rock/Americana.  More rockin' honkey tonk Georgia.
Letters to GhostsLucie SilvasUpbeat saucey voiced country/soul-pop.
Small Town LoveCasey Donahew BandFun country missive.
A Head Full of DreamsColdplayWhere they are, is where they want to be.  Good exercise song.
Dancin'The Black LilliesDon't let the title fool you.  Great Americana.
Inside OutPhil CollinsHomage to the children's movie and to No Jacket Required, frankly.

Fake RosesThe Lone BellowA wonderful true Americana band.
Minnesota, Mend MeThe Lowest PairFolk banjo picking harmonies
Wasn't That Drunk (w/ Carly Pearce)Josh Abbott BandTexas Country sing along.
Open Your EyesSchool of Seven BellsFrom new album in Jan. Guilty pleasure for run-mixes.
Adventure of a LifetimeColdplayIt is upbeat!  Sounds like Pharrell and Daft Punk paid a visit.
YoungFrankie CosmosGrows on you with its simplicity
The Ocean and the SeaBird DogYou may have heard this band before.  The slow alt/country, banjo rock build?  But, so what.
Who's in TownSantahSanta is coming to town? Too much of a reveal. Crusty alt./rock, such as the Alabama Shakes.
VampireLazyboy EmpireBut for the punch line lyric, this song is fantastic.
This Will EndThe Oh HellosSofter sung harmonies, and somewhat of a downer, but it is actually quite lovely.
One Step at a TimeELOJeff Lynne.  It's as though he never took a break.
Broken HandsFraser A. GormanA stark folk/singer-songwriter lamenting over the loss of country music, etc.
SeventeenSjowgenSurprisingly fun and delightful tune.
Tear-Stained EyeSon VoltA 1995 countrified song from Paste.  Did not know these guys had it in them.
Roaming EmpireMaritimeGet this one.  You will not be sorry.  Wonderful.
Here's to the Death of All The RomanceThe DearsSort of prog, but it is easily digestible and not too indulgent.
Water Under the BridgeAdeleMore dynamic from the new album.
Give a LittleFamily of the YearWe are all in on this album.
Wildest DreamsRyan AdamsYet again, although both versions are very good.

Stay a Little LongerBrothers OsborneFun little country song that's rock'n at the end.
StyleRyan AdamsEven better
A Thousand FacesBoy & Bearingratiating
HelloAdeleOne has to laugh, but she can sing.
Hudson CommodoreJason IsbellThat should wrap it up.
Strange VineDelta Spirit2008 from one of our favorites
Should've Run After YouCole SwindellThe formula works, at least for road trips.
SecretChelsea LankesEven-keeled song with a good voice.
Carry MeFamily of the YearGreat sound.  One of best songs of the year.
CelebrateMetricShift to pop on this album, but her voice still comes through
Come DownGospel BeacH"H"?  Some late 70s folk/rock thing going on that is somewhat interesting
LorielleShe's Got the RiverDrivin n' Cryin' with a female voice.
Northern HighwayMartin CourtneySoft rock sounding road trip song
Bang My Head (feat. Sia and Fetty Wap)David GuettaMix it up back to the 21st century
Sore EyesBraidsYeah, I don't know dog, but asked to put some beats back into the box
Why Would I Now?The DecemberistsFrom the E.P.  Probably residual from their last.  It's good.
What I Never Knew I Always WantedCarrie UnderwoodThe voice is just good
In My EyesThe Cox FamilyNice alt/bluegrass/folk song
Make It HolyThe StavesIrish folk.  Rainy day interlude
Heart and SoulT'PauLol retro.  It's awesome.  Admit it. She gets so fired up at the chorus.

Wasted TimeVance JoyVery good album.
Dead BrainsJessica Hernandez & The DeltasSoulful folk with horns and stand-up bass
SensesThe Lighthouse & The WhalerAlt/pop sound that's contemporary enough with some 80s influences.
Yellow EyesRayland BaxterGreat laid back songwriter's song.
Your Children's ChildrenCarolina StoryRich Americana from 2013.
Who's WhoThe Weight & HurryAlso 2013. Grass fields, gazing at the sky as the clouds go by.
HelicopterBranchesA 2012 tune that's good enough to be one of the best of this year.
Cherokee StarsGideon GroveLovely song and nice uplifting sound.
The Next StormFrank TurnerTalented dude that takes some listening, but it is worthwhile.
Born SlippyAlbert Hammond Jr.Somewhat weird, but it is from the mixed up files of Talking Heads and the Psych Furs.
We'll Always Be TogetherReuben James RichardsBig band soul for modern times.
MountainThe Phoenix FoundationThoroughly different.  Futuristic alt.  Interesting.
Lead Us Through the NightSmall FeetSounds like Meatloaf's voice put to modern sound and actual lyrics.
All the Sad Young MenSpectorThe Editors.  If you like the style it is interesting. Not sure what it all means.
FaultlinesHEARTWATCHAlt./pop that is upbeat.
I KnowAstronauts, etc.Ambiance and mood setting with laid back falsetto
All the TimePromised Land SoundSounds like a rock band forced to sing a country song.  Kind of dig it.
Cold Beer ConversationGeorge StraitA new classic from a classic.
Love Grow ColdBlitzen TrapperThey call these guys indie, but we don't know what they are.  Americana good.
Head Over BootsJon PardiCountry.  Old fashioned style.

Killer in the StreetsThe RaveonettesMood alternative
Bad BloodRyan AdamsHow in the world does this become one of the best songs of the year?
CornerNight BedsThis is an interesting band with diverse sounds.  This is one of their alternative sounds.
Modern TimesThe White BuffaloUpbeat Americana
The ChaseFuture IslandsA little pink handkerchief.  Their sound is their own and is deeply influenced by a fun time in music.
We Built This HouseScorpionsSmiles :)  It's an older code, but still checks out.  We were about to clear them.
Today's the DayP!nkThe dame of modern pop
Mason-Dixon LineJudah & The LionFrom 2014.  A worthy contribution to the alt-country collective.
The ValleyThe Oh HellosOf Monster & Menish.
WildfireThe MynabirdsInteresting alt. sound that has some distinction among the lot.
EvieLast DinosaursOne of the best of the year and part of the run mix.
Native New YorkerOdysseyThis reaches only certain people.  It is so perfect.  Almost more so than NY, NY.
First One to KnowStoney LaRueVery good folk/country
Bright LightsMatchbox TwentyRemember this guy?!  So exasperated.
How to ForgetJason IsbellYep, the whole album.  Ridiculous
WildflowerBeach HouseMood.  It's always nice.
Circadian Rhythm (Last Dance)Silversun PickupsNot so far from "Panic Room."  It's good.
The ShadeMetricNew album.  New sound
Long Drive HomeTurnpike TroubadoursInvest a song or two in them if you like the genre.  Consistently good.
Words Can Break Your HeartDon HenleyOne of the good ones from his new album.

Feels Like FireRyan AdamsA little more rock'n album
WildfireZack Brown BandA little honkey tonk, but listenable.
All You EverThe HoneycuttersZoe Muth.  Very nice alt. country/Americana
New AmericanaHalseyNot at all Americana, but it is what the kids are listening to.
Runaway (U & I)GalantisFrom Paper Towns.  For your exercise mix
FreazyWolf AliceOne of the best songs of the year.
Great SummerVance JoyEnjoyable summer song
To The TopTwin ShadowCross-genre song that is good enough to endure.
Believe (Nobody Knows)My Morning JacketMaintaining the banner of genuine rock music.
JackrabbitSan FerminOne of two great songs from them this year
Dime Store CowgirlKacey MusgravesIf there is such a thing as bubble-gum country.  But, it is fun.
When The Stars Come OutChris StapletonGenuine country
I Can't Think About it NowDawesSome Phish vibe to this.
100Brandi CarlileConsistently good songwriting
Giving Me AwayBetty WhoOne can thumb one's nose at it, but we actually dig it.
When, WhenCivil TwilightSometimes gets lost in the mix.  Upbeat and enjoyable.
The Body of LoveBen LeeSlow, methodical, melodic
Something More Than FreeJason IsbellYou feel like this guy lives among actual people.
Does it Really Make A Difference (feat. Mavis Staples)GalacticFunky and that's just fine.

May I Miss YouFamily of the YearFrom the makers of "Home."  Great band
10,000 Emerald PoolsBornsDeceptively addicting. 
Saturday Night Gave Me Sunday MorningBon JoviNo one ever said they were great with song titles.  Ode to 80's obliviousness.
Loving You EasyZac Brown BandSomething from an Ashley Judd romantic comedy.  Cheesy.
Buy Me a BoatChris JansonGuilty pleasure red neck country
Smoke BreakCarrie UnderwoodYou don't have to be bad to be good.  I think it's a yes Simon.
Down HereThe Turnpike TroubadoursOne of our favorite alt. country/Americana bands.  Would love to see them live.
Break Up With HimOld DominionMainstream country radio song, but it is thoroughly enjoyable.
Old Love/New LoveTwin ShadowNot completely on the band-wagon, but this song is good
Dark DaysThe White BuffaloAmericana.  Thoroughly genuine.
The BladeAshley MonroeA little bit of a downer, but she has a lovely voice.
Find a Way (feat. Rudy)Dirty SouthIf nothing else, do it for Rudy. Purely an exercise song.
Times SquareDestroyerOne of the best songs of the year from New Pornographers contrib.
MoleculesAtlas GeniusTrendy, but it is a good one and done from their likes.
StyleTaylor SwiftCan't help it.  It is a good song.
The Making OfThe BohicasDon't know where we got this, but it is a little rock'n
Wake MeBleachersWashed alt/pop.  It's got a little "Berlin" music sound to it.
FlyMaddie & TaeWe got this album.  Really, we did.
RiptideVance JoyGreat song.  Well written, Alt./Indy. 
BrosWolf AliceFreazy is the best, but this is very good.  Good new band.
Children of ChildrenJason IsbellSo, the whole album should be played over and over again.

The Life You ChoseJason IsbellAlbum of the year.  Best song along with 24 Frames
That Old Flame (feat. Martina McBride)Don HenleyThought the album would be a bit more dynamic, but it has its moments.
Weed Instead of RosesAshley MonroeFeeding off of the Kacey Musgraves go your own way route, but it's good.
Dad Told MeHello SaferideGreat song from our favorite Swedish band.
I Can't ExplainSurfer BloodDistorted guitars but otherwise a clear 80's Psychedelic Furs sound w/o accent
Turn AroundMikal CroninUpbeat song.  Like the whole album
High SocietyBetty WhoLove it.  Complete 80s dance/pop nonsense.  Love it.
Cup of TeaKacey MusgravesIt's good.  Simple, but good.
ReapersMuseSorry Muse, you are prog.  Need a little rock these days. Arpeggios will make you smile
Steal Your Heart AwayWatkins Family HourTotally baited to this album, but how can one resist?!  Americana goodness.
Ain't Much Left of MeBlackberry SmokeFrom a prior album (2012).  Wonderful southern rock.
Eastern WindHeartless BastardsA little Fairport Convention with guitars!
Right On (feat. Charm Taylor)GalacticFunk.  Takes a listen, but it is great.  Mix it up.
Little WorldsMandolin OrangeFolk picking and songwriting.
Follow the RiverCalexicoEnveloped in something lost in the southwestern countryside.
Under a RockWaxahatcheeLive sound & rock n' roll.
No Great MysteryMy Own Pet RadioFrom the maudlin sounds of the University station.
DriftingON AN ONA lovely song with a "drifting" feel and sound that builds to the end.
Simple MachineGusterIt's Guster and it sounds like Guster.
Keep TogetherHunter Hunted2013.  Repeat, but it made it to the commercial rota.  A fun song.

One DayZac Brown BandI guess easy-listening.  It is nice.
Los Angeles, Be KindOwl JohnFrightened Rabbits?  It's great
Young & CrazyFrankie BallardNope.  It's country.  A little honky-tonk too.
BiscuitsKacey MusgravesSo what.  It is still funny and good to listen to.
AftermathMuseSorry Muse, you are Prog.  The Division Bell turns Freddie Mercury.
24 FramesJason IsbellRepeat.  It's that great a song.
Falling From the SkyCalexicoAlways appreciated the set on this guy.  Just as much on this new album.
Gates of DawnHeartless BastardsClingy to the vestiges of rock n' roll while making it sound new.
TroubleRyan AdamsA little edgier but the songwriting is very much there.
Feeling OkBest CoastVery good song.  This album is better than their last.
Kick the Dust UpLuke BryanIt is what it is. 
Hold OnThe Chain Gang of 1974Mix it up!  So 80s.  Great exercise music/background.
Little Toy GunsCarrie UnderwoodThe voice on this lady.
Summer KillsVena PortaeIt's got some Dolly in there, but more contemporary.
HungerOf Monsters And MenSeems like they would be fun to see in a small venue.
HypnotizedDream PoliceThe never-ending search for what's left of rock 'n roll.  A little too Jack White.
California Lovers (feat. LL Cool J)Tori KellyOh, this is bubble-gum.  But, LL Cool J!  Summer frivolity.
Wilder MindMumford & SonsNot quite so different, but different enough.  We salute them for branching out.
Won't Be Around No MoreAvi BuffaloA little depressing, but a good songwriter.

Beautiful DrugZac Brown BandThe Pop song
CrystalsOf Monsters and ManWhy abandon a good thing?
MercyMuseSorry Muse, Radiohead, etc., you're prog and I love it. This is Queen!
Right On TimeDawesBack to reality.  Simple, laid-back rock. Kansas, only better.
Digital WitnessSt. VincentSiouxsie & The Banshees
I'm ReadyGeographerDifferent sound.  Risky, but worthwhile.
Empty NestersToro Y MoiUpbeat, slightly funky, but also light and fun.
Waiting On LoveNicki Bluhm & The GramblersCountry, but not too mainstream.  Sort of Fire Marshals of Bethlehem sound.
Wrong ClubThe Ting TingsMix it up.  Dance pop, but not just teeny dance pop.
Better Than HimThe Magic NumbersGive this band a chance.  They have a sound that always builds and is never trite.
Next to Me (feat. Darianne Westcott)Amber PacificSo cheesey and definitely from some Pixar movie, but who cares.  Sing it.
FoolinAndrew CombsSteel pedal, so it must be good?  Yeah, it is not bad.
Made My Mind UpMikal CroninWill always like his stuff.  Sings it unabashedly.
Bury Me DeepIvan & AlyoshaA little rockin, but is not overwrought.  Enjoyable.
Talk to MeKopeckyRockin and catchy.  They keep it simple, but not too simple.
Settled DownMandolin OrangeSo, there's plenty of Mandolin.  Laid-back country folkstra.
Keep in the DarkTemplesChanneling some Kula Shaker.  Fills the 60s psychedelic void.
Stoic ResemblanceThe Helio SequenceGive them credit for not resigning themselves to their mid 2000s sound.
MariaJP HarrisLow-key country.  Very nice.
EmilySan FerminDeep baritone voice with brass complements some catchy sounds.  Love the hi-hat.

A Guy Walks Into a BarTyler FarrOn the heavy modern country playlist
TravellerChris StapletonClassic and genuine Country
Background SongGranger SmithI am sensing a formula here.  Pop Country
Don't ItBilly CurringtonEnjoyable modern country with the token bad English.
Does Not Bear RepeatingThe WeepiesNew album.  Good for them.
Tomorrow Never ComesZac Brown BandFrom the Country, Bluegrass, Jazz, Rock and Pop album
Hello My Old HeartThe Oh HellosSounds like so many others.  Folk rock singer/songwriter with rich harmony.
First LightRacing GlaciersBuilds nicely.  Sounds like the early 2000s (Rogue Wave, Long-View, etc.)
Severed Land/The SoundGold LakeVery nice sound and a very good album.
Shadow of a ManNeulorePart of the trend with folk sound layered with lots of "ohhhhs" and acoustic guitar
PathsSerynCranked this up for the guitar half-way through on the way to R-40.  It is good.
Dope MachinesThe Airborne Toxic EventThis band should be relegated to the cliché bin, but they stop short of being stale and perfunctory.
Zero In the CityGreat Lake SwimmersDefinitely more upbeat from a staple favorite.
The Night BelieverMewVery good album.  Simply enjoyable.
California NightsBest CoastStick to the garage/grunge but there are enough hooks to hang onto.  Lyrics, uh, not really.
BelieveMumford & SonsThey were probably sick of everyone copying their sound.  Have to give them credit.
Meet Me in the WoodsLord HuronAgain, not too dissimilar from before, but this is upbeat and not too atmospheric
Broken Hearted FoolGreat PeacockI have a problem with the band name. Dunno why, but the song is fine.  Slightly country.
Voices Sturgill SimpsonReal country.

I like You a LotJake OwenCountry sing along
Neon LightBlake SheltonJust alright, but it is played ALL of the time
Who We AreTristan PrettymanA ballad for someone other than Ricky Bobby.  It builds nicely.
Too ShinyZoe MuthLuv her soothing croon.
Mind Games LeaguesMix it up!  "oh, what's the fussing all about."
Wherever Is Your HeartBrandi CarlileGetting more and more Melissa Ethridge, but that's fine.
The Sweetest ThingPine Hill ProjectOne of the few covers that is actually much better than the original.
Lake SongThe DecemberistsIt's ok to giggle.
Too HighBlackberry SmokeSouthern country rock.  The river is too deep and too wide, man.
Chasing TwistersDelta RaeA pop song with weird whistling, but it is thoroughly fun.
When All You Got Is a HammerGretchen PetersSultry, witchy woman with country undertones.
War On the East CoastThe New PornographersOne of their best sung by the Destroyer singer
Call Ya MommaJustin Townes EarleA diddy on the bijou
Wartime LoversRose WindowsUnique sound.  It is different enough to keep it interesting.
You I Never KnewNite FieldsGuitar has some Cure-like qualities.  The rest sounds Exactly like the Church!
Grand RapidsPrincetonSynths like rushing rapids? 
Maple SapRiver WhylessNice fingerpicking and violin paint the picture well.
WaitM83From The Fault of Their Stars, which is sort of terrible, but the pain seems real.
Right Back Where We Started FromMaxine NightingaleAbsolutely nothing wrong with peeling back for a sanity check.

Keep ConfessingSpringtime CarnivoreFun.  Whooooo, instead of whistling
1957Milo GreeneThe Iceland/Canadian sound
Chateau Lobby #4 (in C for Two Virgins)Father John MistyProlly should not be able to stand him.  This song is really good and really weird
For a BoyRaelynnNashville country
Shine Like LightningDrew Holcomb & The NeighborsAlt. Country.  A bit Zac Brown here.
Katie Queen of TennesseeThe Apache RelayVariation of sound makes this band enjoyable.
Now You See EverythingStephen SteinbrinkA little Stephen Stills in the 2000s.
Snow Falls In JuneRyan BinghamLike it and like his voice.  Just not much risk of snow in June here.
Another Sunday in the SouthMiranda LambertA little more genuine
Pumpin BloodNONONOA repeat, but the HBO overplay snagged us
RollercoasterBeanFlavor of the times, but it is fun.  Best for summer, prolly.
She Lit a FireLord HuronSongs sound similar, but it is very nice
I Blew It OffPunch BrothersA genuine sound.  No BS.
The Great UnknownJukebox the GhostSchizophrenia!  They're back and it is still fun.
Love Don't GoThe Family CrestBrass begins and sounds a little like Okkervil River
Living For LoveMadonnaAh.
Canyon MoonAndrew McMahonIt's good and sing-able.
Take My Love The Lone BellowLove this band.  They can do everything.
Kansas CityThe New BasementsI think this is a Dylan song sung with Mumford dude.  It is well done.
SilhouettesColony HouseA nice upbeat sound.  The whole album.
24 FramesJason IsbellOne of the best of the year

Heartbeat SongKelly ClarksonEternally catchy.  The great voice
Saint Of Impossible CausesJoseph ArthurNot sure what it's all about, but JA at least changes it up
The Long Road Ahead (feat. Tom Morello & Eleanor Whitmore)Shooter JenningsRage Against the Machine dude and EW?  Folk.  It works.
Lonely Tonight (feat. Ashley Monroe)Blake SheltonInsufferable, isn't he?  Good song though.
HomegrownZac Brown BandDon't want to like it and still don't like the bridge, but it is a catchy tune.
Something in the WaterCarrie UnderwoodIs she KIDDING me?  Can absolutely, flat-out sing.
Big Time Nashville StarShakey GravesBluesy folk, minimalism.  A bit refreshing.
Take Me To ChurchSinead O'ConnorAngry.  Love it.
SidekickWalk The MoonUpbeat circa 80s.  Breaks the current mold
I Got Knocked Down (But I'll Get Up)School of Seven BellsIf you need to not think . . . at all . . . whole running up that hill.
Turtles All The Way DownSturgill SimpsonProbably one of the best genuine country songs in a decade.
My BodyYoung The GiantThe beer commercial finally broke us.
Eskimo BoyStrange TalkRich bass, probably fretless.  Need the occasional boomer in there.
Fantasy FoolsThe New PornographersClassically NPs.  They're all involved.
EndlesslyGusterSounds like . . . Guster.  Dependable.
EasyLyla FoyNice change of pace, if needed.
Love Ain't EnoughThe Barr BrothersSlightly different sound, but just as entrancing.
I Like Dreamin'Kenny NolanBlast from the past.  Just nice.
Don't Know Much (with Aaron Neville)Linda RondstadtAlmost have AN's crazy falsetto vibrato down.  An all-sing.

Shelter SongTemplesAustin Powers psychedelic
Even in the Darkest ArmsThe Barr BrothersVery nice and more upbeat finger picking follow up to their last. Reference to Tea & the Tillerman.
I am the WitnessJoseph ArthurMay have finally had a trip too far, but a catchy  guitar strumming tune nonetheless.
Instrument For YouThe VespersNice folk sound with standup bass and violin accents on the second downbeats.
On The RocksThe Rural Alberta AdvantageSlightly resembles Wintersleep in sections with some nice piano. 
AprilPianos Become The TeethI guess there is some piano, but mostly diminutive alt sound with guitar
Your Green JacketSinead O'ConnorShe's back and angry.  This one is very nice and not as angry.
Carry Me HomeHey Rosetta!A little Rogue Wave sound that stays mostly within itself until the end
10,000 Emerald PoolsBornsNice baseline drives harmonies with minor melodies to make it sound slightly melancholy
CrazyKat DahliaMix it up.  Current blah, but she can sing.
All This Could Be YoursCold War KidsFranz Ferdinand, etc.  Falsetto is a little much, but it is a stadium chant, so . . .
Above The Clouds of PompeiiBear's DenWhat's with Pompeii all of the sudden? Finger picking harmony with banjos and horns.
Power Hungry AnimalsThe Apache RelayVery good, if a little angry, alt./folk of the Felice Brothers ilk, only more melodic.
The Deed and the DollarShooter JenningsJacobson's ole Dollar.  Classic, unpretentious country. 
Name on a MatchbookSpringtime CarnivoreYeah, whiney 70s whistling, AGAIN.  Requested for some reason.
Just FriendsEleanor WhitmoreStrings accompany a folk/pop sound. 
TrueSpandau BalletThe greatest ever over-exasperated singing of the word "true."  A classic.
Blue HighwayBilly IdolAwesome B-side to Eyes without a Face '45.  "Whose gonna give you a ride on a [Lee] Highway?"
The ChauffeurDuran DuranBefore they became really, really terrible, this was actually very new for the times.  Classic New Wave
If You Were HereThompson TwinsNot sure we realized this was TT at the end of 16 Candles

Cardiac ArrestBad Suns
Heart is a DrumBeck
A Sky Full Of StarsColdplay
Seasons (Waiting On You)Future Islands
Open SeasonHigh Highs
Hey HoHello Saferide
All I WantKodaline
Golden CityMatrimony
Odds & EndsMagnolia Memoir
WavesSleeper Agent
Back In The Tall GrassFuture Islands
Come AwaySons Of The East
Rivers In Your MouthBen Howard
Home (Leave the Lights On)Field Report
So Much WineThe Handsome Family
BrothersThe War on Drugs
Shut InStrand of Oaks
Drunk on a PlaneDierks Bentley
Whiskey and Chewing GumLori McKenna
All I KnowWashed Out
We Are ExplorersCut Copy
Mind Over MatterYoung the Giant
GoneThe Head and the Heart
Speed Of SoundCommunist Daughter
Let GoRyan Adams
Not Giving In (feat. John Newman & Alex Clare)Rudimental
Every MorningJ. Mascis
Do YouSpoon
Dense Water Deeper DownSinead O'Connor
Follow Your ArrowKacey Musgraves
Oh Whiskey RecallJimi Goodwin
Dreaming of HousesNina Persson
Far From the RosesMinor Alps
All Too WellTaylor Swift
Same MistakesThe Black Lillies
Champions of Red WineThe New Pornographers
That's My Kind of NightLuke Bryan
Girl HarborManchester Orchestra
Leave the Night OnSam Hunt
Sweet HomeOld Crow Medicine Show
Turtles All The Way DownSturgill Simpson

The ExitLydiaA tinge of mostly alt/pop
Dark Side Of The MoonChris StaplesNot that Dark Side of the Moon.  Lovely.
Rocking ChairThe DistrictsIt is rocking
Come AwaySons of the EastGreat song.  Alt bluegrass.
Watching YouRodney AtkinsCheesey, but how can you not sing along.  It's the buckaroo song. 
DustEli Young BandStraight up country road song
Christmas TreatJulian CasablancasYes, from the commercial
American KidsKenny ChesneyIt's silly, but so what
That's How I Got to MemphisJoe PernicePernice Brothers sound
Green LadyMerchandiseAll in.  It's different and therefore refreshing
Blank SpaceTaylor SwiftOnly a phase, please.
It's Gonna Be AlrightDrew Holcomb & The NeighborsGreat band. Song will grow on you despite the weird keyboards.
The Wrong YearThe DecemberistsMisbegotten, long forgotten chords
Lips Are MovinMeghan TrainorThis is awesome (flavor of times)
Uptown Funk (feat. Bruno Mars)Mark RonsonSuper funk
LaredoStreets of LaredoDunno why either, but found myself rocking to it.
Name on a MatchbookSpringtime CarnivoreYeah, whiney 70s whistling
Time Shows FoolsJustin Townes EarleGreat songwriting
You're Not Coming Home TonightFirst Aid KitSorry, they are just enjoyable and this song is nice
TracksTrapper Schoepp & The ShadesAlmost like a hair band ballad, but there is actual guitar playing.

Thunder ClatterWild ClubPleasant enough alternative to all of the same things.
Language of the DeadDelta SpiritThey do alt country/rock.  This is more rockin
Let GoRyan AdamsLovely.  As always
Hey LoveMinerPickin and clappin
Sunshine (feat. Reggie Watts)Flight FacilitiesReggie makes all the difference.  Thoroughly fun alt. funk
Old HabitsSmall HousesSounds like Deer Tick, which is a good thing
Hold OnSons of the EastThis is the Australian mumfords.  Oh well, Miner and these guys are similar
1000 SeasonsThe RentalsHoliday alt. rock.
PrideRobert EllisTalented jazz/blues/country performer
Hell's BellsLauren SheraAC/DC eat your heart out.  Great real country.
Girl HarborManchester OrchestraOne of the best songs of the year, seriously
Orange SkyOscar and the WolfPossibly a revisit, but since we have Minor and Mathew and the Atlas, why not.
When You BreakBear's DenAn unlikely blend of folk sound and synths that actually works.  Bad word alert.
Violently WildHorse FeathersWill always like this deminimus sound
Let It GoSaint SaviourNot that Let It Go. Nice music
I Will RemainMatthew and the AtlasFolkstra.  Patience is rewarded with banjo and clapping
Quiet LoveErland & the CarnivalPastoral, if a little sad, but there is always times when it's nice to be alone.
ChordsMoving MountainsNot that many "chords."  It builds nicely into a full sound.
Bombardment Society (Founder)Weaver at the LoomNot just for knitters with some 7 time at the end.  Nice.

Shotgun RiderTim McGrawGreat, upbeat driving song
Welcome to New YorkTaylor SwiftProbably our last trip to the Coliseum to see the Isles play
MagdaleneBear's DenA little bit Great Lake Swimmers/ a little bit . . .
Make You BetterThe DecemberistsGreat album.  Slightly less carnie.
Rivers In Your MouthBen HowardTracy Chapman a little, no?
TerrifiedThe Rural Alberta AdvantageA good edge and crescendo
CarouselMinerAustralian mumfords, but the boy likes watching the youtube of this one
If I Go (Chicago)The Sea The SeaImagine that kid in all of us deciding whether to go . . . or not.
No One Is LostStarsMix it up a bit
Never Coming HomeReigning SoundLove this.  For the background to a typical Jason Bateman movie
Home (Leave the Lights On)Field ReportThe Red Roof Inn anthem, but it's a nice, upbeat song
HeroWildcat! Wildcat!Somewhat darker electronica that becomes more lyrical and catchy
Black LemonGenerationalsIf this song can't grow on you, dunno what will
Lion's DenLittle ChiefBluegrass folkstra of the mumford ilk
Chasin' a RainbowRailroad EarthMe little Irish limerick
Alone TogetherBy The SeaSimple lazy days at the shore
TimeJungleTotally out of some weird movie, but fun to drive with
Dearly Departed (feat. Esme Patterson)Shakey GravesLike this little patchwork number
Flying Over WaterJason IsbellLeftover in our ears from his latest masterpiece

Not Giving In Rudimental
(feat. John Newman & Alex Clare)
Great running song
ColourWild ClubVery good song.
MiracleKimbraOk, so maybe not just a flash in the pan.
Say My NameOdesza (feat. Zyra)Upbeat theme for the final push to the finish.
MTLOV (Minor Keys)A Sunny Day in GlasglowI guess they're Scottish.  It's cute, but actually grows on you.
Bridge On FireShovels & RopeCould be the most overrated band of the decade, but they have some good songs.
WarningCymbals Eat GuitarsA bit too punk/garage, but it has its place.
Every MorningJ. MascisFor real?  Dinosaur Jr.  It's really good.
Do YouSpoonSometimes this band sound annoys the bagesis, but this is admittedly a very good song.
A Dream Of You And MeFuture IslandsGot it.  It is what it is, but sorry, great album.
Why I Had To GoBishop AllenInteresting band.  Pleasant song.
Waiting For My Time To ComeColony HouseWonderful little song. The whole album really.
I Shall Be RealeasedMidlakeYes, "realeased."  Does not sound like your mum and dad's Midlake.  It is good though.
Saturday's SongHis Golden MessengerThis has a very Elvis Costello meets Jackson Browne quality. Love it.
I Love You MoneyLowellSilly.  But, fun and thoroughly listenable.
Dense Water Deeper DownSinead O'ConnorYep.  She's back with a vengeance. Great song.
Life is a RollercoasterRonan KeatingRemember this song?  You might laugh out loud as you admit that you like this song.
Gold In The MorningLittle ChiefIn the wake of Mumford & Sons . . . So what.  It sounds just fine.
07 StellaCereus BrightHit repeat.  More along the lines of Avett Bros.
Reverie On Norfolk StreetLulucSinger songwriter.  Even though downbeat, it is lovely.

Waltz For RichardFirst Aid KitSwedish folk band is pleasant enough
Sweet HomeOld Crow Medicine ShowAlt. Country/folk possessing good songwriting
Leave the Night OnSam HuntThoroughly enjoyable driving song to sing along to even if the lyrics are a bit silly
Girl In A Country SongMaddie & TaeVery funny and totally true.
That's My Kind of NightLuke BryanSoon to be former National's Adam LaRoche's walk-up song. Big black jacked-up truck
Like A CowboyRandy HouserMust be inspiration to those with boots and 10 gallon hats
Iris (Hold Me Close)U2Can't understand all of the complaints.  It is a descent album
Still I WaitFlagshipEasy to sing along to.  Some 80's Echo & The Bunny Man.  Sort of.
ArizonaSeasGreat folk/rock song. 
BudapestGeorge EzraWhen I'm 64.  That's what comes to mind.
Champions of Red WineThe New PornographersMaintains unique style and sound with Neko Case and lead singer of Destroyer in ensemble cast
Year In ReviewThe Black KeysNot in love, but at least they do their own thing
Hey HoHello SaferideHighly anticipated Swedish band release.  Holds a special place because of 25 days.  Fine album.
Death Of An Old BikeThe RosebudsNew release from the mid-to-late 00's band.
Tired of Giving UpRyan AdamsAnother gem
You Know Where to Find MeImogen HeapSort of one of those different sounds for the sake of difference, but definitely distinctive.
XtalkHundred WatersA little weird.  A little electronic.  Not bad.
AutumnBear In HeavenAtmospheric and droning beat
Shake It OffTaylor SwiftForgiven only b/c of last year's performance at Grammy's- amazing.  Will hopefully shake this off.
DreamersSavoire Adore80's style blends nicely with modern sound.

Back in the Tall GrassFuture IslandsGreat album.  It just conjures excitement.
Goshen '97Strand of OaksDisplays complexity and diversity in their/his sound.
Laura PalmerBastilleWe all might not like to admit we own this album
My Silver LiningFirst Aid KitDecent effort for the Sweden to Nashville sisters.
Give it TimeOld 97'sHard working country rock band
Stolen DanceMilky ChanceNot likely to coin a new dance style, but groovy.
Drunk On A PlaneDierks BentleyVery funny
Wind, Sky, Sea & SandLee HazelwoodHeard this while Lyle Lovett walked into a bloody crime scene on an FX show.  Sort of dig it.
Better ManFrances ConeSong has a bad word, but she's got some good chops.
SaltBad SunsVery nice groove with sort of 80s style
LionThe Felice BrothersStarting to get their act back together.  Still their way.
Simple As ThisJake BuggClearly channeling Cat Stevens, Nick Drake, etc., but it is really good, so. . .
Little Piece of HistoryZoe MuthPacific Northwest bluegrass/country voice?  Lovely.
Start A FirePassengerOff of Whispers album.  A bit fuller sound.
Waiting All NightPhishStill doing it.  Not as fun as "Fee" et al., but nice.
All I KnowWashed OutFrom 2013.  This sound has a place and it is thoroughly relaxing.
Never Going to Let You DownColbie CaillatGreat for a montage or an after school special. 
Are You Behind The Shining Star?Trampled By TurtlesWonderfully modern alt bluegrass sound
BloodlinesMimicking BirdsNot for everyone.  Interesting blend of sounds.  Sort of indie prog, actually.
MorningBeckLonger, more brooding song from fantastic album

Black and BlueThe Secret SistersA 60s retro sound that's catchy if not surreptitious.
Bergamot MorningSea WolfA favorite band
GwanThe SuffersFunky brass and soul.  A bit refreshing.
LinesKatie HerzigReliable, fully modern singer-songwriter.
Love Like ThisKodalineMumford & Sons.  It's still fun to listen.
You're the StormThe CardigansNina Persson on familiar ground.
Talking BackwardsReal EstateIndie band with slightly withdrawn sound.
HelloSam QuinnThe equally talented second half of the Everybodyfields staying true to his sound.
The Mountain SongHard Working AmericansHot, humid morning hikes in the Blue Ridge.  The Allman Bros.
Heart In Your HeartbreakThe Pains Of Being Pure At HeartChange of pace 90s sound.  Turn up the vocals.
Is This A BreakdownEcho & The BunnymenRemember these guys?  It's actually quite good.
Breaking the Angle Against the TideCraft SpellsMan versus Ocean
AlienationMorning ParadeUpbeat blend of synths, tolerable only in summer beach months.
Chillin' ItCole Swindell"Nothing but two lane country ahead."
Chris IsaakLydia LovelessGreat country sound for a decidedly non- country artist.
Where the Rivers Run ColdInfamous StringdustersRare example of a band name that describes their sound
You're MineScud Mountain BoysA laid back song of despair and probably obsession.  Interesting sound.
Heart Like MineDolly ShineStraight up heartbreak country.
Who Killed the Moonlight?Nicole AtkinsDiverse Pretenders/folk blend. 
Gilded OldiesCataldoNever quite builds, but interesting song.

The National SideRomanticaGreat song from circa 2007.  Its actually a little rootsy.
Just BegunForest SunJack Johnson.
Light That MatchDown Like SilverA modern folkish duet
Seasons (Waiting on You)Future IslandsA great song for a run or after a long day.  Love it.
InkColdplayCould be a Sting song on Dream of the Blue Turtles
AutomaticMiranda LambertCatchy pop-country.  Yeah, it's overplayed.
Meanwhile Back at Mama'sTim McGraw (feat. Faith Hill)Here's hoping those crazy kids work things out.
Trade All The LightsCaleb CaudleCountry crooning.  It's a nice song.
Ain't Worth the WhiskeyCole SwindellGood album for road trips to the lake or to the beach.
Cheap Sunglasses RACAn upbeat song for summer.
Instant CrushDaft Punk (feat. Julian Casablancas)The Strokes meets Earth, Wind & Fire?  Mostly the Strokes here.
We RemainChristina AguileraThe Hunger Games.  Whatever else, she can sing.
Red EyesThe War On DrugsOne of the best albums of the year.
Simple and SureThe Pains of Being Pure at HeartGood alt-indie band.  This particular song is a bit too sweet.
WaterfallFear of Men"Our lives contracted.  I'm not alone in this."  English band with simple, non-indulgent sound.
Staring At the StarsPassengerSuddenly on the radar? Previous album is better than current album.
Man In The MoonCoyote GraceWest Coast troubadour threesome.  Very nice and full acoustic sound
The Last TimeTaylor Swift (feat. Gary Lightbody)Nice duet.
Unmistakebly LoveStephaniesidAnother playlist repeat from circa 2007.  Probably a commercial now.
A Year Ago TodayBear's DenGreat Lake Swimmers genre with a little more bounce.

Coming HomeKaiser ChiefsStadium band, with sing along appeal
21st of MayNickel CreekFinger picking return
BrothersThe War On DrugsThis album is genius
All I WantKodalineMumford & Sons
The Long Journey HomeRodney CrowellRoad-trip or ironic traffic anthem
A Sky Full of StarsColdplayClassic sports montage music
LavenderRay LaMontagneNot Marillion's version of a UK lullaby.
MilwaukeeThe BothAimee Mann's best is The Forgotten Arm, but this is interesting.
Southern SunBoy & BearBegins like Midlake and evolves into a 70s/80s sing along.
Standing in the SunJessica Lea MayfieldFails to showcase her excellent voice.  She's alt country, but less so here.
Oh, CarolinaNEEDTOBREATHECountry rock folkstra.
Shut InStrand of OaksInteresting artist.  Hard to pinpoint, but nice sound and good writing.
Heart Is A DrumBeckAnother good song from one of his best albums
Kiss Me DarlingTwin ForksPlaylist repeat is thoroughly enjoyable
Learn It All Again TomorrowBen Harper & Ellen HarperTalented
Stars Keep On Calling My NameMac DeMarcoDemur afterthought music.  Somewhat minimalist.
Anywhere But HereDrew Holcolmb & The NeighborsEnjoyable alt country
The Only Home I've Ever KnownReckless KellyMP's favorite album
GoneThe Strange FamiliarNot what one would expect.  Full voices and full sound.
This Is How It Feels To Have A Broken HeartGusterThey make good music.

Save Your SeasonMint JulepWhile a sucker for the drink, the atmospherics of this song are also appealing.
Blue MoonBeckAs hard is it may seem, this album is absolutely fantastic.
If You Only Knew HerThe New MendicantsIf you like the Pernice Brothers, you will like this.  We think it is great.
VacationWake OwlSomething happened between last year's awesome EP and this release.  Get the EP!
SupernovaRay LaMontagneA little too psychedelic this go around.
Hometown BluesSyd ArthurLove the piano in this and even the interesting chorus with the instrumental accompaniment
BridgesBroodsA freebie, but if you put it on late at night on your way home from the city, it makes sense.
Bad Self PortraitsLake Street DriveVery talented jazz-rock band.  Either you are in or you are out.
So Much WineThe Handsome FamilyAbsolutely must have this song.  There are three chords, but this is a classic.
I Never Knew There Would Be YouLil' SisNot getting the band title, but really dig the song.
Blue Jean SkyOver the RhinePedal steel.  Kind of admire this duo and their story.
CatherineThe Black LilliesThis is a good band and a good album.
Swim and Sleep (Like a Shark)Unknown Mortal OrchestraA retro sound.  One would survive without, but it is interesting.
My TimeWheeler BrothersNice, relatively unremarkable alt-country sound.
Heart Like a WheelZoe Muth & The Lost High RollersA rare find.  See comments on Zoe in playlists below. Tennessee sound from Seattle.
Gale SongThe LumineersAlso from the Hunger Games
Tin StarLinda OrtegaCould be a playlist repeat, but awesome song.
Made Up English OceansDrive-By-TruckersThey've lost some stars, but they've done things the right way.
The Golden ThroneTemplesThe good part is that the arrangement matches the title of the song.
Say Anything (feat. Jill Andrews)Anderson EastA bit demur, but it is a nice singer-songwriter song. Love the Everybodyfields.

BelieverAmerican AuthorsWhy eschew just because it's popular?
I Want it AllKarmin80's Disco
Happy (From Despicable Me 2)Pharrell WilliamsA song for all the generations.
KongThe NotwistVery good song from a band that has evolved nicely.
Begin AgainTaylor SwiftHave to admit, she writes good songs
Follow Your ArrowKacey MusgravesProgressive country
Odds & EndsMagnolia MemoirA bit Brandi Carlile a bit Tift Merritt, etc.
Highway Don't Care (feat. Taylor Swift & Keith Urban)Tim McGrawTerrible, but extraordinarily catchy
Oh Whisky RecallJimi GoodwinA wonderful song even if you don't drink 'whisky.'
Dreaming of HousesNina PerssonNothing like the Cardigans- better.
Rust or GoldJill Andrews1/2 of the Everybodyfields.  They must get back together.
Sophie Bear's DenRecommend this album.  Alt-blue grass country folkstra.
DogwoodWhiskey MyersSuper upbeat alt-country
When Everything Was What It WasThe Belle BrigadeSort of Fleetwood Mac- Buckingham style
LunaBombay Bicycle ClubEnjoyable lush sound.
SilhouettesOf Monsters and MenNot too different from the rest, but this about completes the album.
Fight to KeepRun River NorthOk, so it is remake of Mumford & Sons, etc.
VarsitySmith WesternsAtmospheric, but a very good soundtrack-like sound
AtlasColdplayThe Hunger Games

We Came to Smash - In a Black TuxedoMartin SolveigLate submersion in fun movies that remain over MP's head.
Start a RiotJettaNot bad background music for a traffic-ridden drive
Lose Yourself to DanceDaft Punk (feat. Pharrell Williams)Bring back Earth, Wind and Fire
EntertainmentPhoenixDespite the annoyances, good song from their last album
Golden CityMatrimonyVery upbeat duet
Open SeasonHigh HighsBecca laments over Jessie
Far From the RosesMinor AlpsStarts off like Midlake and finishes with an early 80s soft-rock chorus
December MoonMatt KabusSinger songwriter with a very good sound for a cold winter afternoon
Song My Love Can SingDoug PaisleyNOT Brad.  Another singer songwriter with a bit more of a small town feel
All Too WellTaylor SwiftThe performance of this at the Grammys was actually really, really good.
TalladegaEric ChurchRoad trip music.  That's all.
The Deer & The WolfSophie Ellis-BextorInteresting and up-beat
JungleNina PerssonThis is the lead singer of the Cardigans.  Great album
Merry Go 'RoundKacey MusgravesProgressive country
Same MistakesBlack LilliesGreat alt-country band. 
Far From Any RoadThe Handsome FamilyIntro to True Detective Season 1
You Got MeAshley MonroeLovely, slightly dark alt-country
The Body ElectricHurray For the Riff RaffSlightly gruff, and dark but catchy, so could not resist
MagicFrances ConeNot a running song, but a great voice
Are You Alright?Lucinda WilliamsSeason 1 of True Detective

Locked Out Of HeavenBruno MarsMP LOVES this song
After the DiscoBroken BellsThe Shins with a buzz
Get LuckyDaft Punk (feat. Pharrell Williams)Bring back Earth, Wind and Fire
Cardiac ArrestBad Suns
Through The Deep, Dark WoodThe Veils
It's Never Over (Oh Orpheus)Arcade Fire
Invisible (RED)U2
ThanksgivingStephen Kellogg
Crazy BirdWild Child
Advanced FalconryMutual Benefit
Los AngelesCalifornia Wives
Native StateJess Williamson
Silver TimothyDamien Jurado
CavalierJames Vincent McMorrow
Long Time GoneBillie Joe & Norah Jones
HarmoniaCass McCombs
HoloceneBon Iver

Break The WallsFitz & The TantrumsCarry-over from 2013.
We Are ExplorersCut CopyNew Year's Resolution music
Sleeping With a FriendNeon Trees
WavesSleeper Agent
Mind Over MatterYoung The Giant
Coming of AgeFoster The People
Stop SignsThe Moondoggies
Luv, Hold Me DownDrowners
Never Too LateBlue Rodeo
Speed Of SoundCommunist Daughter
Sheets DownConnor Christian & Southern Gothic
GoneThe Head and The Heart
Home For The HolidaysWheeler Brothers
Everything Will Be OkayHome Free
When The Sun Gets In Your BloodRailroad Earth
Morning LightThe Dirty Guv'nahs
DreaminRayland Baxter

AlaskaThe Silver Seas
Beggars GuildRoadkill Ghost Choir
CruiseFlorida Georgia Line
DiamondsThe Boxer Rebellion
Finish LineFanFarlo
From this ValleyThe Civil Wars
Further OnBronze Radio Return
Harper LeeLittle Green Cars
Hero Family of the Year
Line of FireJunip
Love To Get Used Matt Pond
RamonaNight Beds
SidewaysLet's Go Sailing
When You SingSchool of Seven Bells
Wild CountryWake Owl
You Don't Know MeThe Polyphonic Spree
Safe and SoundCapital Cities
Down Down The Deep RiverOkkervil River
Dirty PawsOf Monsters and Men
The AnarchistRush
Wagon WheelDarius Rucker
Lonely AnywhereThe Everybodyfields
StockholmJason Isbell
Things Will ChangeTreetop Flyers
No Way DownThe Shins
Little GamesThe Colourist
Trouble Knows My NameRand Rogers Band (feat. Willie Nelson)
Ends of the EarthLord Huron
Chasing The SunsetImaginary Cities
TennesseeDrew Holcomb and the Neighbors
Song For ZulaPhosphorescent
ShakeThe Head and The Heart

Faded HeartSchool of Seven Bells
All Eyes On YouSt. Lucia
AfterlifeArcade Fire
High School LoverCayucas
GracelessThe National
The Old and the YoungMidlake
Wild HoneyThe Silver Seas
Dear Fellow TravelerSea Wolf
Homecoming HeroesThe Head and The Heart
Great DayThe Sounds
The Other Side of OKDrag The River
As Fast As My FeetLinda Thompson (et al.)
Black, Black WaterThe Greencards
The MuseThe Wood Brothers
Sometimes the Grass Is Really GreenerRobbie Fulks
Brother WindTim O'Brien
TexasThe Band of Heathens
The Nothing Part IILady Lamb The Beekeeper

RunDelta Rae
My FriendsThe Head and The Heart
Underneath the TreeKelly Clarkson
The NightSchool of Seven Bells
Later OnThe Swon Brothers
Drinks After WorkToby Keith
Whatever She's GotDavid Nail
Ooh, BelleThe Barr Brothers
I've Got FreedomLily & Madeleine
Are You My LoveKelley Stoltz
Teach Me To KnowThe Lone Bellow
TennesseeGreat Peacock
Don't Think Twice, It's AlrightMarcus Mumford & Justin Hayward-Young
When I KnewEleanor Friedberger
Dreams of CannibalismTyphoon
TideraysVolcano Choir
Til the Storm Has GoneThy Whybirds
Truth#2Patty Griffin
Clouds Never BreakBelle Adair

StrongLondon Grammar
(Everything Is) DebatableHellogoodbye
Get To YouMatt Wertz
My Heart Belongs To YouJohnathan Rice
If You Didn't See Me [Then You Weren't On the Dancefloor]Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.Lol.
Tin StarLindi Ortega
Ends of the EarthLord Huron
Pretend It's Love The Postelles (feat. Alex Winston)
There Can Be Only OneCass McCombs
The Night They Drive Old Dixie DownThe Band
Meet Me At the Edge of the WorldOver the Rhine
Colours To LifeTemples
Every MileThe Parson Red Heads
Chain My NamePolica
Wave FormsIslands
Holy WeatherCivil Twilight
Speed The CollapseMetric
Make A Wish On MeHelena Hunt

Forever MineThe Greencards
Appalachian HilltopTruth & Salvage Co.
Cool KidsEchosmith
Another StoryThe Head and the Heart
Pumpin BloodNonono
The Mother We ShareCHVRCHES
Johnson BlvdAmos Lee
Open Ended LifeThe Avett Brothers
Don't Swallow the CapThe National
No StrangerSmall Black
Love Don't GoThe Family Crest
Hearts Like OursThe Naked and Famous
The Dream's In The DitchDeer Tick
Ever Loved OnceBlitzen Trapper
Further Away (Romantic Police)Lissie
GoldenThe Tontons
Dark RoadSarah Jarosz
Wave FormsIslands
If It's The EndWilly Mason

Ghosts Go BlindOla Podrida
Houses Are BurningTreetop Flyers
Midnight OwlThe Moondoggies
Lonely AnywhereThe Everybodyfields
My Old FriendSam Amidon
Summer SkinAmy Cook
Red VinesAimee Mann
Down Along The Dixie LinePunch Brothers
The Girl I KnewReckless Kelly
The Place That I Call HomeInfamous Stringdusters
Round HereFlorida Georgia Line
Down Down The Deep RiverOkkervil River
ReflektorArcade Fire
ShotgunThe Band of Heathens
RiddlesMinus The Bear
Knee SocksArctic Monkeys

BurnEllie Goulding
Harper LeeLittle Green Cars
The WireHAIMYep, drank the Kool-Aide
In NothingSea Wolf
Backwoods CompanyThe Wild Feathers
Bad ReputationHaley Bonar
SwitzerlandThe Last Bison
SidewaysLet's Go Sailing
Relatively EasyJason Isbell
Every Storm (Runs Out of Rain)Gary Allan
I Hold OnDierks Bentley
Ease My MindTwo Tons of Steel
Beer in the HeadlightsLuke Bryan
The Last GoodbyeReckless Kelly
Runnin' Outta MoonlightRandy Houser
Forever Mine (feat. Sons of Father)The Greencards
Loner In DisguiseThe Ravenna Colt
Nothing ArrivedVillagers
The Way We TouchWe are Twin
I Didn't See It Coming (Richard X Mix)Belle and Sebastian

The CeilingThe Wild Feathers
Tour of DutyJason Isbell & The 400 Unit
BeautifulBen Rector
Stand BackStevie Nicks
Old FriendSea Wolf
The John WayneLittle Green Cars
Love Is WarAmerican Young
ShakeThe Head and The Heart
MercyTV On The Radio
AlaskaThe Silver Sea
Song For ZulaPhosphorescent
Come and StayVic and Gab
Up From BelowEdward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
Same Old Same OldThe Civil Wars
Fields of June (feat. Frank Turner)Emily Barker & The Red Clay Halo
FlyingThe Del-Lords
QuillThe Last Bison
Another is WaitingThe Avett Brothers
Forever Mine (feat. Sons Of Fathers)The Greencards

The End is NighBell XIInspired by Talking Heads
Things Will ChangeTreetop FlyersModern day vintage 70's?  Thoroughly enjoyable.  Heidecker & Woods
YamahaDelta SpiritWonderful sound.  Niche selection from a very appealing album
CollegeRogue WaveHumor becomes them.  Perfect vacuuming song
All The TimeThe StrokesThe slight expansion of sound is welcome.  One of their best albums.
The DescentBob MouldNot new, but refreshingly original
MontreuilTeam GhostMontreuil-sur-Mer?  Not sure.  A quick fix for a droning mid-2000s sound. 
SunshineCourt Yard HoundsNice song from a cobbled together country folk ensemble
Younger DaysMount MoriahEasy to sing along folk/Americana
The One That Got AwayThe Civil WarsUnfortunately overhyped duo that has very enjoyable music
CrossesStephen KelloggDude can sing.  Can't help but think about corn flakes though
BeekeeperAoife O'DonovanA name like that deserves a listen
Ain't It EnoughOld Crow Medicine ShowClassic alt-blue-grass
StockholmJason IsbellPerfect vision of a harbor in Sweden
ManNeko CaseSeems like it was written for someone else, maybe a man?  Maybe not.
TroublemakerCamera ObscuraUplifting song from an otherwise drab album
PompeiiBastilleFun song.  A little strange, but it is about a tumbling city, so.
LeavesCheers ElephantRecalls something from the recent past.  Possibly the song immediately preceding.
FloatPacific AirGroovy.  Works for long walks or short runs.
ByegoneVolcano ChoirA nice blend of 80s pomp and 2000s sophistication
People of the SticksThe Besnard LakesA modern prog platform with excellent harmonies and perfectly listenable instrumentation

Dance the Cosmos LightLight Heat
Ways To GoGrouplove
It All Feels RightWashed Out
BrotherSwear And Shake
Wagon WheelDarius Rucker
Black HolesFrontier Ruckus
Safe and SoundCapital Cities
Mind Your MannersPearl Jam
BraveSara Bareilles
You Don't Hear Me NowGolden Animals
On the SunRoyal Forest
Mission BellsMatt Nathanson
Flyin' Down a Back RoadJustin Moore
In Love With The GirlLuke Bryan
How 'Bout YouEric Church
Missin' You CrazyJon Pardi
Second ChancesGregory Alan Isakov
The Heart of DixieDanielle Bradbery

Further OnBronze Radio Return
Wanna Feel ItThe Olms
The StairsFamily Of The Year
Sweater WeatherThe Neighbourhood
Tap OutThe Strokes
Until The MorningAkron/Family
ChocolateThe 1975
Fall for YouYoung Galaxy
Only NaturalSmith Westerns
CruiseFlorida Georgia Line
Drunk Last NightEli Young Band
Shake It OffAsh Bowers
Crash My PartyLuke Bryan
Don't YaBrett Eldredge
American BeautifulThe Henningsens
I Want CrazyHunter Hayes
Everything Has Changed (feat. Ed Sheeran)Taylor Swift
American LoverspacificUV
When You SingSchool of Seven Bells

HeroFamily of the YearVery lovely song
Sea of LoveThe NationalAnother good album, though they continue to be slightly overrated.
Passing OnThe New FrontiersGreat song from earlier album
Everlasting ArmsVampire WeekendOk and better than most of the over-adulated sounds of the day
The Body In RainfallWild NothingNew album is not quite as catchy as the last but very enjoyable.
HomeDelta SpiritVery nice album
HopeKopecky Family BandNew album is more cross-cutting, but as good as the last.
Note to SelfJake BuggThe next best thing.  70s folk, singer-songwriter of the Cat Stevens ilk
The SecretThe Airborne Toxic EventAnthem-style band is very listenable even if somewhat trite.
AlwaysThe Boxer RebellionConsistently good
GrowWake OwlAll of the songs on this EP are good.
In Brilliant SunshineDelaysNostalgic for their 2006 sound.
BoyEmma LouiseHints of a more reserved Saint Savior's "I Call This Home"
3AM SpiritualSmith WesternsOasis
Finish LineFanFarloTalking Heads mit ensemble
We Bought a ZooJonsiActually liked this movie.
It Doesn't Matter to HimJohn GrantDude reminds of Anderson on the Miami Heat (not as tall).  Really weird prog/Floyd ending.
Letting GoNational SkylineColdplay voice with more atmospherics.
This State is Your LifeA Silent Film80s reprisal.  Sings "glass" like "gloss." Enjoyable enough.
If It Doesn't RainSally ShapiroPhoning it in a bit a la Ivy, but remain loyal to spectrum of work

One Way TriggerThe StrokesMit Falsetto.  Critics rib, but refreshing update to familiar sound.
Next YearTwo Door Cinema ClubGood, upbeat sounds for the run mix.  Sounds like Rogue Wave
DroplaYouth LagoonInteresting sound
DrifterRoadkill Ghost ChoirThis is a new favorite band.
RecoveryFrank Turner90s throwback.  Can't believe the 90s is a genre.
Wildest MomentsJessie WareNot easy it characterize
Train With No NameThe VeilsOne of our favorite bands along the lines of Tapes 'n Tapes
Spring Has SprungBritish Sea PowerNew Album.  Psychedelic Furs sound with modern touches
America ReligiousCaroline RoseSlow, plodding folk, turns into a country/bluegrass thumper.
Trouble Know My Name (feat. Willie Nelson)Randy Rogers BandWorth it for Willie
Seven AngelsHemNot a running song, but lovely.
Sad AngelFleetwood MacNew song.  Lindsey-centric.
Never Wanted Your LoveShe & HimTry to ignore who it actually is.
Keepin Our Eyes OutFitz & The TantrumsSimilar sound from last album.  Similarly refreshing.
From A Window SeatDawesOne of the few original sounds of the day.
HandspringsThe Kingsbury ManxModern-day 60's prog troubadours.  Soothing.  
Little GamesThe ColouristUpbeat full sound
WeightMikal CroninAlt/rock pop
Serial BowlsFuturebirdsGarage rock sound with southern rock/REM influences.

Gonna Fly NowBill ContiGreat touring artist:)
Strictly Reserved For YouCharles BradleyGood old school soul.  One and done
Everything You NeedThe Lonely WildMuted horns and thumping drums.  Reminded of Rusted Root slightly.
DiamondsThe Boxer Rebellion New Album is as good as the others.
Line of FireJunipSubdued, atmospheric, crescendo build.
You'll Never GoWake OwlAll of the songs on this EP are good. 
New LoverJosh RitterFamiliar sound, with a Simon & Garfunkle like feel.
I Love You, I DoDrew Holcomb & The NeighborsShort, simple folk lullaby
Green Eyes And A Heart of GoldThe Lone BellowFolksy rock. Imagine crossing the Verrazano Bridge to this song one day
Just Make It StopLowNot the most uplifting, but the band's name is Low after all
No FreedomDidoNot as drab as the last album, but close
I've Been AroundWheeler BrothersA little Jack Johnsonesque ,with a fuller sound
Put A Light OnGenerationalsPassion Pit, Foster the People, Grouplove, etc.
Ghosts and CreaturesTelekinesisRadiohead texture with MGMT sound
Float AwayDonoraSimilar to the Grammy pop songs of last summer
You Don't Know Me The Polyphonic SpreeSong really grows on you.  Takes a couple  of listens
In the CityCavemanA bit too atmospheric but has a little Peter Gabriel to it.
Chasing the SunsetImaginary CitiesIt sounds like a perfect song for the end of a horror movie or Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy for some reason
Cherry BlossomsNight BedsDifferent sound from Ramona.  Pretty song.
Boat SongWoodkidVoice like the Editors with the National sounding finish (piano and horns)

Suit & TieJustin TimberlakeOriginally thought this song was a joke from Saturday Night Live
Dirty PawsOf Monsters And MenFinally broke down with their most popular song.
Love to Get UsedMatt PondRevisited by special request.
Now That I've Found You (Version 2)Paul McDonald & Nikki ReedFolk/country.  Very sweet song
Little NumbersBoyGirls.  Good accompaniment for slicing onions
VacationGriffin House70s sound like Heidecker & Woods
Burn ThruAbigail WashburnSounds like an old lady at times, but a good singer/songwriter
RailroadsHolly WilliamsChoo Choo.  The boy likes it.
Good LightDrew Holcomb & The NeighborsPretty much straight country
Love Like MineNashville Cast (Hayden Panettiere)Fan of the show in the family
Summer ChildDar WilliamsLove this album from 2012
Human ParadeSilver LakesAtlanta band from a few years ago.
RamonaNight BedsAlbum a bit different from this song
WhisperThe Dear HunterAlternative.  Not very complicated, but enjoyable.
Mt. WashingtonLocal NativesGreat song.  Ode to NH
Let the Day BeginBlack Rebel Motorcycle ClubSwear this is a remake.  A little Jane's Addiction
The WoodpileFrightened RabbitFeed your lawn; feed it.
Clever CreaturesThe Cave SingersNot Nick Cave.  From Seattle, but sound a little Southern rock.
Waitin'Caitlin RoseGood siren voice and simple groove.
Because He Love Her SoThe Dust Busters & John CohenBluegrass love song.

BreakersLocal NativesInteresting sound tries a little hard to be different, but good for the run mix.
Keep TogetherHunter HuntedA solo road-trip song when you're missing everyone
American NomadThe Apache RelayBlythe Danner's movie choices (e.g., "What's Your Number?") = title of song
May (Safe Hearts)PlantmanHard to become enamored with a band named Plantman, but good song.
What I LoveThe Spinto BandHas a Beatlesesque effort as so many do at the bridge.
CarelessBeach FossilsThe vocal is too muffled.  Still a good mood song
Pretty Girl From MichiganThe Avett BrothersFrom the Carpenter.  Remnants of their earlier stuff.
Be Less Rude Frightened RabbitThe accent does not bother
Beggars GuildRoadkill Ghost ChoirGreat song
Silver LiningGuardsNot from the movie.  Uplifting song of the Sambassadour genre.
Sex On The RegularMiniature TigersIt is a fun song and grows on you.
Go to Sleep, MessDay JoyA little too subdued, but we've all been there.
The StormThe Airborne Toxic EventYeah, this one is a little like that New Orleans band (Kings of Leon ?)
The HurdleThe Joy FormidableIt's like Letters to Cleo with Smashing Pumpkins guitars
IllusionsShout Out LoudsMore evolved sound than previous albums
TennesseeDrew Holcomb & The NeighborsVery good folk/country band
Somebody Help MeBonnie "Prince" Billy & Dawn McCarthySouthern rock with country twinges.  Not bad.
LiesThe MavericksElvis from Vegas.  No?  It's awesome.
Blue CanoeBlue MountainFrom the lost files of Athens, Ga.
ViolinAmos LeeOne of his best

Private EyesHall & OatesThe Americans
Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)Kelly ClarksonShe's got pipes
Call Me MaybeCarly Rae JepsenReminder of the Summer Olympics
TryPinkNever again
Sinful HeavenBear In Heaven
Eminence FrontThe Who The Americans
TribecaSouth of France
I Never Knew YouThe Avett Brothers
Wild CountryWake OwlBest find so far.  Folksy
Restless HeartMatt Hires
Where I BelongJenny Simmons
TeenageVeronica Falls
My NumberFoals
Charlie BrownColdplayThis is the one for the Grammys?
Love to Get usedMatt PondGreat song.  Not sure why some think he sold out.
Running for CoverIvan & Alyosha
LargeTaken By Trees
SymptomsAtlas Genius
MadnessMuseThis is the one for the Grammys
Weird WinterBrian Wright

Home & DryThe Silver SeasGreat unknown band
Summer of Broken HeartsPalmettoSomething off of Switched at Birth- maybe
No Way DownThe ShinsThe best ones are not always the most popular
Hang LooseAlabama ShakesGood for hanging out on the porch and relaxing
LazuliBeach HouseAbstract reverb is actually very addicting
Mountain SoundOf Monsters And MenNot sure it is very mountainy, but their Icelandic (read: Canadian) sound is pleasant enough.
ChangeChurchillA less bluesy Alabama Shakes
The AnarchistRushIf I could play these instruments, this is how I would wish to play them.  (Bass-line at measure 25)
I Will WaitMumford & Sons2 chord fast tempo banjo.  Formulaic, but fun.
HindsightThe Long WintersBrooding.  Familiar sound, but can't place it.  The Grays?
Get Your Shine OnFlorida Georgia LineNot our favorite Randy Rogers/Abbott, etc., but uplifting for a cold January.
Tarnished GoldBeachwood SparksGood folk band.
Bleeding OutThe Lone BellowA good, diverse album with good voices.
Red Flag DiverAimee MannA good throw-back of early days on new album
ParadiseWild NothingSubtle New Order and Depeche Mode
GenesisGrimesDriving through the city late at night.
Jean's WavingAmor de DiasThis is the Clientele dude under a different name.  Like the laid back sound.
The Swan of MeanderLone WolfLovely song.  Maybe too lovely
Year of the CatAl StewartPlaylist namesake.  So cheesy.

EmmylouFirst Aid Kit
LiliputtBeth Jeans Houghton & The Hooves of Destiny
Set Fire To The RainAdele
Both Sides Are EvenThe Boxer Rebellion
Keep Your Head UpBen Howard
WaterfallThe Fresh & Onlys
We Go TogetherThe Farewell Drifters
Empty PocketsYarn
Young GunsMoonlight Bride
Sweet Georgia PinesAbbie Gardner
Stubborn LoveThe Lumineers
Working TitlesDamien Jurado
Somebody That I Used To KnowGotye
Ballad of OregonRiver City Extension
Breathing UnderwaterMetric
On the SeaBeach House
StarsGrace Potter & The Nocturnals
7 & 7Turnpike Troubadours
Live and DieThe Avett Brothers
LabradorAimee Mann
The Gifted and the DamnedRepeater
Cough SyrupYoung the Giant
JaneThe Silver Seas
BirminghamShovels & Rope
Slow Cruel Hands of TimeBand of Horses
Wishes and StarsHarper Simon
Something to MeTift Merritt
All the WhileThe Pines
My Love Will KeepAdrienne Young & Little Sadie
NocturneWild Nothing
HeavenThe Walkmen

The Lights Mull Historical Society Colin McIntyre 's lip biting made for tv anthem.  I like the lights.
Tell MeDark Dark DarkMoody piano driven tune. 
The Enemy  The RaveonettesAn upbeat song about an enemy. Guitar sound like the Cure.
Within YouRay LaMontagneI can't remember what movie or show, but it really grows on you.
Heads Roll Off Frightened RabbitTrying to follow in the Avett Brothers' footsteps a little.
Quit YouTristan PrettymanProbably an Apple commercial
Mother of InventionThe TrishasCountry voices inspire creativity (i.e. work around the house)
Lord KnowsDum Dum GirlsTalking with the lord god.
Neverending Math Equation Sun Kil MoonMark Kozelek.  Great song.
The Night I Learned How Not to Pray  Iris DeMentAnother Kitty Wells-like sound.
OctoberNew London FireReally like this guy's stuff.  This has a little more twang to it than earlier music.
VeniceThe Lighthouse and the Whaler  Picture running through the flooded streets to the city square and rousing the pigeons!
Now is the StartA Fine FrenzyShe's bought into the new sound.  It's not bad.
Come HomeCHAPPOGot caught caught up in this commercial while painting the kitchen.  Can't remember which commercial.
Sweet Georgia PinesAbbie GardnerOde to the home country
Room to GrowAdrienne YoungThis is a wonderful little song
(Untitled) Love SongRomany RyeGreat music.  Plays well live.
PiqueMenomenaInteresting band.  Tough to peg the genre, so I guess "indy"  They threw some horns in.
San FranciscoThe Mowgli'sVery upbeat jingle.  Also a candidate for a commercial.  You wonder if they write them that way just hoping . . .
Through My PrayersThe Avett BrothersBeautiful song

Kasper  Sea WolfOne of our favorite bands. Another very good album
Red Taylor Swift It is what it is.  Don't be ashamed.
JaneThe Silver Seas"Jane, you know I'm fond of you . . ."  JHS' favorite. Great band from Tennessee via UK, via France.
Cry for JudasThe Mountain Goats Very upbeat for these guys.  More energy than their  previous albums.
Panic StationMuseSorry Muse.  You are Prog.  This is so 80s and completely different from their anthems.  Good for them.
Cough SyrupYoung the GiantMaybe they just have a cold.  We love this song.
How to LiveBand of HorsesThis album is wonderfully different.  Really, really like it. Play it through a few times.
To MyselfTift MerrittShort diminutive song.  Very laid back.
All My DaysAlexi MurdochNick Drake. 
Yet AgainGrizzly BearThe Rosebuds and the Blonde Redheads. A little Radiohead without trying to sound that way.
The PitSilversun PickupsThe Pit.  The Panic Room.  The Pantry.  The Picnic.  The P nouns are their thing.
I WonderRodriguez60 minutes.  Who knew? Love the bass player
Black Water Falls The War On DrugsDylan before the 80s and with a couple of other musicians.
Never Far BehindRyan BinghamEither you like this guy's voice or you don't.  If you do, good song.
UnfinishedBen SolleeGood singer songwriter with a variety of styles.
Burning Up the SkyThe Parson Red Heads This is familiar (folk/americana), but can't quite peg it. CSNY, but not really.
Deer Creek Canyon Sera CahooneLovely guitar strumming
SplitterCalexicoGreat driving song.  More upbeat than usual.
Yer Only JobJoseph ArthurFound this on his crazy Web Site.  Like it.

Follow MeMuse
CarolineOld Crow Medicine Show 
Live and Die The Avett Brothers
Whispers In the Dark  Mumford & Sons
Self MadeLittle Big Town
NocturneWild Nothing
Would That Not Be Nice  Divine Fits
ApplesauceAnimal Collective
Holding All My Love For You  Julianna Raye
My DearRuby Velle & The Soulphonics
CherokeeCat Power
The Gifted and the DamnedRepeater
LabradorAimee Mann
Where'd All the Living GoImaginary Cities
ChampionThe Chevin
It's TimeImagine Dragons
My ShepherdThe New Pornographers
We Almost Had a BabyEmmy the Great

Dead FlowersDeer Tick 
RaggamuffinSelah Sue 
We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together Taylor Swift  I know.. . . OMG, like never.
I Bought My EyesTy Segall Band 
The GardenRush
DreamsThe Cranberries 
Sugar PillAmbulance LTD
Ode to the Summer Syd Arthur
ToskaMinus the Bear
OverwhelmedTim McMorris
Amber WavesErin McCarley
Peaceful Easy FeelingEagles
The WindZac Brown Band
Lost KidThe Apache Relay 
I Will RemainMatthew and the Atlas 
Weights & MeasuresDry the River
All the WhileThe Pines
If Only You KnewAn Atlas to Follow
Cali in a CupWoods
Dreams So RealMetric

There & Back Again  River City Extension The Head and the Heart, only it rocks a little more.
Faster Than The Speed of Light The Soundtrack of Our LivesRemember these guys?  Very uplifting song.
Neither Here Nor ThereLost In the Trees
CharmerAimee Mann
MidlandArthur Beatrice
Home Sweet HomeThe Farm Inc.
Did It For the GirlGreg Bates
Knock KnockBand of Horses
There'll Be Sad Songs (To Make You Cry)Billy OceanWe found ourselves singing the "aye ya ya yi" part out load in the grocery store.
Never Meant to Love YouCory Chisel & The Wandering Sons 
Cathie (Carry On)The Dreaming Spires
Clock WinderHilary Hahn & HauschkaI wonder if Hauschka is the PK for the Seahawks?
FlutesHot Chip
Clothes, Friends, PhotosPeter and Kerry
No RestDry the River
HomeMisty Miller
We Come RunningYoungblood Hawke
Talk About LonesomeBeachwood Sparks
Presence of MindThe Fresh & Onlys
Sunshine In ChicagoSun Kil Moon

SONGS                               ARTISTS                                < 15 Words
Eg Anda                           Sigur Ros                         There are accents missing in name, but the music is  for most any mood. 
FeverMaps & AtlasesVery familiar, but cannot place it.  Good mix of genres.
1904The Tallest Man On EarthA little Deer Tick.
All the WorldBoDeansMelrose Place or Friends?  Or, is it Party of Five?
I Don't KnowKat EdmonsonI Don't Know Either, but I nice song.
All Those Friendly PeopleFuneral SuitsNot too bad, but difficult to distinguish.
Love Don't Leave Me WaitingGlen HansardNot that much testosterone.
Goodbye Normal StreetTurnpike TroubadourAlt. Country.  Like these guys.
Where I'll Be Horse FeathersThe soothing sounds . . .
Watch the ShowM. WardAre we all really wondering what M. stands for?
I Believe In YouBuddy MillerGood one from Mercyland CD.  Not all are.
Pass It OnThe GrascalsA little straw in the mouth and knee slapping, but I like it.
Stone In LoveJourneyIt's a stone in love, man.
Be Ready When I say GoEmperorsPicture a fist pump during the chorus, flared nostrils and some squinting.
Empire of Our StatesGirlyman (avec Emily Sailors)I'm guessing from NY?
PuppetsMan Without CountryPuppets are weird.
Take A WalkPassion PitSound of the moment.
Sleeping UteGrizzly BearWith name like Grizzly Bear, one would think Americana- nope.
Santa CruzErin McKeownWonderful song.

Randy Lynn RagCharlie CushmanBluegrass
Flint Hill SpecialDavid TalbotBluegrass
The FoothillsSara WatkinsBluegrass
Pipe KnotTrampled By TurtlesAlt Bluegrass/Folkstra
Ground SpeedKenny IngramBluegrass
New MultitudesJay Farrar/Will JohnsonCountry Folkstra
Miles to GoAlison Krauss & Union StationCountry/Bluegrass/Folk
Look The Other WayJustin Townes EarleSwingin' Folkstra
JosefinFirst Aid KitAlt Country
Earl's BreakdownJoe MullinsBluegrass
Heart FixerThe GreencardsAlt Country
Kansas City SouthernTurnpike TroubadoursAlt Country Folkstra
I'm a MemorySara WatkinsCountry Folkstra
Ballad of a Fisherman's WifeGreat Lake SwimmersFolk
Come InsideZoe Muth and the Lost High RollersAlt Country Folkstra
The Carolinian (live)Chatham County LineCountry/Bluegrass
Home in the WoodsCory Chisel and the Wandering SonsFolkstra/Country
Midnight on the InterstateTrampled By TurtlesFolkstra/Alt Bluegrass
Nashville Skyline RagJ.D. CroweBluegrass
Searching (For Someone Like You)Kitty WellsFolk/Country
Steel Guitar RagTony TrischkaBluegrass

Lost In the SunIvySummer Beach Song.  Trippy
This SummerSuperchunkSummer.  A little Vince Neil at first.  The lyrics are funny.  Otherwise skip.
Summer's HereThe SchoolSummer. Belle & Sebastian or Sambassadeur
PixelsFawnOk, summer theme over.  Belle & Sebastian/Camera Obscura theme still going
Get BurnedSleeper AgentMixed bag.  A bit "Letters to Cleo," with a "Grouplove" feel.  Not too synthy.
We Should Be SwimmingZulu WinterBrooding melody for certain mood.  Livens up.
Randy QuaidDrawing of Threes (Mark Kozelek)Red House Painters.  For the right time of day, week, month, etc.
I Call This HomeSaint SaviourBattlecry for women everywhere :)
TunnelsRobert FrancisStarts off poorly but it is a very good, lyrical -heavy song.
BlueFirst Aid KitOddly sounds like She & Him, but they are a Swedish alt. country band.
Neil ArmstrongAllo Darlin'I like the European angle to an Edie Brickell & the New Bohemian-like sound.
SomebodyJukebox the GhostNot as good as "Schizophrenia" from 2010, but similar
ParalyseChoir of Young BelieversProg-like, but suredly treated like a modern marvel by the DBs in music media
Nothing is Anything (acoustic)WintersleepI said my piece about this band.  They are very good.
Only in my DreamsAriel Pink's Haunted GrafittiThis seems retro.  It is has a nice summer mood.  Easy listening
OctoberThe Helio SequenceIt is a simple blend of beats, some guitar and synths with a familiar vocal.
VenusAnais MitchellSomeone's holding her nose.  Got to be.
Keep it in MotionGuided By VoicesStrange band, but a great, upbeat feel.
Lost Love Giant Giant SandUsed to be Giant Sand, but now they have more folks.

On the Sea          Beach  House            Tough not to have this band playing in the background just about anywhere.
Ho HeyThe LumineersPlayed very nicely live.  Great new band.
Let It GoFossil CollectiveReally good tune and lyrics.  Will sound good live.
LadyChromaticsListen to the opening song in the movie Drive.
The Only PlaceBest CoastSounds like a song from a 90s movie- American Pie or such.
Nothing's Real But LoveRebecca FergusonSultry singer has a big, infectious voice. Adele comes to mind.
How Do I knowHere We Go MagicAddictive.  A very easy listen.  It just sort of plays.
Big White BedGusterFrom the On the Ocean E.P. Not bad.
Lock & KeySara WatkinsBest song on her album.
Breathing UnderwaterMetricIt is what it is.  It is just good. Emily Haines' voice.
200,000The Rocket SummerMadness.  Don't hold it against me.
The WreckersRushBut for the forced rhyme . . ., a very good song still.
The A TeamEd SheeranWho is Ed Sheeran?  No idea.  Good song though.
StarsGrace Potter & the NocturnalsSounds crazy, but they are actually very good.
Hard Way HomeBrandi CarlileI think it is already in a commercial.  Bummer.
ResuscitateWintersleepThis  Canadian band has its own sound.  We like it very much.
7&7Turnpike TroubadoursIt's the Troubs!  From their new album.
Ballad of OregonRiver City ExtensionGradual sound build with beautiful harmonies and a blend of acoustics
Trembling HandsTemper TrapAustralian Band with a full synth sound.  He can sing.
Land of Hope and DreamsBruce SpringsteenBrother can still do it.

HeavenThe Walkmen   Fast paced song with just the right reverb.
Youth Without Youth  MetricIf you like the last album, get this one.
Star Crossed Memories Robert FrancisThis is a very great album.  Totally recommend it.  Crosses many genres.
Spirit First (Sincerely, K.)Levi WeaverGuitar picking singer-songwriter.
Semi-AutomaticThe Boxer Rebellion Admittedly favor this band for some reason.
A Promise to KeepBrandi CarlileFrom her new album.  She will get overplayed, but deservedly so.
Fit Against the CountryHorse FeathersSometimes too ethereal.  Not here though.
You and MeSara WatkinsNickel Creek fiddler makes a lively album
WesteringHiss Golden MessengerI LOVE this.   70s vibe. 
To Be Loved By YouCallaghanDecatur CD Dude.  It is very good.  She's not Italian.
Chains of LoveRyan AdamsBleeding this great album dry.
Easy Come Easy GoGreat Lake SwimmersNothing fancy.  But, another soothing Americana tune from a fine Canadian artist.
Reverend Pearl and the BeardThe New Pornographers.  Great voices.
Memphis In the RainJustin Townes EarleN'Orleans style tune about Memphis.
Rain Finally Coming DownJosh Abbott BandZac Brown Band
That's What's UpEdward Sharpe & The Magnetic ZerosOnce it gets going, it is catchy.  They are better than this. 
Anna SonWalk the MoonCatchy and reminds me of the movie the Money Pit
Sailor SongFirst Aid KitOn the band waggon with this Swedish folk band
Friends of FriendsHospitalityOdd.
Longer BoatsCat StevensEvery now and then, throw in an oldie.

Good Morning  Rogue Wave Very pop sounding.  Will make a good commercial.
BreakdownScars on 45Free song of the week is not so bad
Only For YouHeartless Bastards  The Fairport Convention?
ThunderbirdThe Golden Convention Madonna circa 2005 + Roller Skating circa 1985 = TGC
TonightSybille BaierBack to real music, but bit of a downer.
Somebody That I Used to KnowGotye (feat. Kimbya)Surprising texture.
From the ValleyThe Civil WarsOff of the Mercyland CD  It's good.  Not all on the album are.
IdalouThe Josh Abbott BandThe Randy Rogers Band
California StarsBillie Bragg & WilcoI have absolutely no idea.  Americana.
Strange AttractorAnimal Kingdom Free single of the week.  Not terrible.
Tuck the DarknessBowerbirdsInteresting web of piano, strings and dynamics.
I'm Getting ReadyMichael KiwanukaHis brother may or may not be a LB/DE for the NY Giants- no way.
Here Lies JohnThe GreencardsAlt. Bluegrass masters.
Give it AwayAndrew BirdCould never get into this guy's music.  Good song, though.
The RideJoan as Police WomanCourtesy of Paul Weller.
You Are YoungKeaneNew album is quite good
Bloody Mary (Nerve Endings)Silversun PickupsSounds suprisingly like Smashing Pumpkins.
Old L.A.Jay FarrarThere is nothing old about L.A.  The song is good, though.
MariaJustin Townes EarlCombines blues and folk music into a very listenable conjugation.
Beautiful ThingSlaid CleavesVery nice folk song by singer/songwriter

Empty PocketsYarnI love this little folk/country song
Young GunsMoonlight Bride80's flavor, but it is perfectly 10s or whatever we call  now.
Come On Let's GoBroadcastIvy with a retro James Bond intro feel.
Parted WaysHearless BastardsSounds exactly like some other band, but I can't sort it out.
Stubborn LoveLumineersWonderful song.  A bit like The Head and the Heart
Save MeGotyeBelgian artist that sounds like Ah Ha.
Walt WhitmanTrampled By TurtlesAlt. Blue grass.  They are awesome.
Flesh and BloodAnnualsA favorite from a favorite band of ours.
Going HomeLittle Country GiantsSweet song.  If you take the long way home on an old country road . . .
Hold OnAlabama ShakesSaw this at Best Buy.  Really? 
In the Same RoomJulia HolterEnya in a seven time signature.
This GirlPunch BrothersCan't believe they cover Radiohead on this album. Not here, but great song.
The CapitolSimion GhostA little Camera Obscura and Belle & Sebastian.
MythBeach HouseThe new one by them.  It is fine enough.
Patricia's ThirstChoir of Young BelieversJohn Hughes' movies from the 80s.
Young ThirstDamian JuradoLeonard Cohen.  In a way, right?
Need Your LoveThe Temper TrapNot "Love Lost," but we owe it to them for that song.
Paddling OutMike Snow1st Listen- Nah.  Second and third- will not be able to get it out of your head.
Watching You Watch HimEric HutchinsonI think this dude fancies himself another Daryl Hall.
Fire EscapeCivil TwilightAddictive song with 90's alternative feel.
The DarknessAmos LeeCan't top "Windows are Rolled Down," but very nice.

The Same Thing Cass McCombsRepeat.  Because. . .
We Take Care of Our OwnBruce SpringsteenHard not to fall into the trap.
Set Fire To The RainAdeleFantastic song.
Orange BlossomsJJ Grey & MofroAtlanta Live Band
I Raise UpBushwallaTalented funk.
TemporaryWhite RabbitsNew Sound.  Better sound.
On The RunKaiser ChiefsEnglish stadium football Band.
Goin' Back To the CountryThe Magnetic FieldsDifferent.  Road trip for the heartland.
DodecahedronBeth Jeans Houghton & The Hooves of DestinyTo be on Best of 2012. Unfortunate album cover.
Start/Stop/SynchroRose Elinor DougallGood for a run mix.
The GlobeBen SolleeStory teller.  Not perfect, but it's got lots of hmmhmm.
Luh Luh LoveWide SeaAustrian band sounds like Oasis here.
La GrandeLaura GibsonMade for a David Lynch movie (or should have been).
The HighwaymanArbouretumCan't help it.  It's crazy, but I like it.  No idea who this is.
Swing Low Sail HighThe Wailin' JennysDon't you know you are supposed to love this?  It's not so bad.
Give OutSharon Van EttenShe is a special talent.
The Daily MailRadiohead"It wears me out.  It wears me out."
From FinnerOf Monster & MenCanadian probably.  (Ok, Icelandic, but sounds Canadian)
Rivers and RoadsThe Head and the HeartBest Album of 2011, by far  . . .
TuesdayThe EverybodyfieldsThe best band that is no more (At least for now)

Marianna    Wide Sea      Austrian Band that has 70s Ambrosia.  Song reminds me of a certain tree. 
StaircaseRadioheadThom York's diminimis beat box thing, but it is still Radiohead.
It All Feels The SameTennisA little retro.  Hard to dismiss.
It's Only LifeThe ShinsMelodic sing along.
Orona ParkThe Wilderness of ManitobaOk, so obviously Canadian.  Dude at Decatur CD again.
Song for LovePlants and AnimalsCanadian.  Not a trend.  (1 bad word)
Empty HouseDelta SpiritGreat song.  Not unique, but it is catchy. Lyrics are humorous.
LiliputtBeth Jeans Houghton & The Hooves of DestinyTo be on Best of 2012.  Unfortunate album cover.
To Be FineSharon Van EttenShe is a special talent.
It HappensSugarlandRealized I had not yet put a Sugarland song on a playlist.
SafeMiranda LambertChheeeeeseey.  But, it is perfectly fine.
Without YouBrothers and SistersNothing to do with the t.v. show that finally put me out of my misery.
New ManJoy Kills SorrowVery good Americana/fol/alt blue grass band
Red LightsVib GyorDays of our Lives music, but I confess that I like this song.
Black HarvestCow"It's an older code, but it still checks out." C'mon, the crops have failed.
Love Is RequitedElisaYou won't hate it.  Impossible.
Both Sides Are EvenThe Boxer RebellionNot a 2012 song, but really worth a thorough listen.
Still They RideJourneyWho are "they?"  And, why are they still riding? (For LWH)

Cloak & DaggerThe Asteroid Galaxy TourProbably on an Apple commercial
I Know You KnowEmpireSomeone made me include it. A little tough but tender for my taste.
Sante FeBeirutGuess it is about the 1840s guy? Interesting.
If I Die YoungThe Band PerryWhy not? Not too proud.
My Love Will KeepAdrienne Young and Little SadieA sweet country/folk song.
Written on the ForeheadPJ HarveyBat sh[]t crazy.  Perfectly listenable.
Games People PlayLissieNot as good as her own stuff, but that's ok.
No EscapeThe ChancesA little like the Weepies.
Ghost DriverSouth of FranceSome vocal distortion, but it is a fun song.
OrdinaryHusbandIt's like the lead singer of the National with the band from Big Country.
One By One BlackbellsA bit like Oasis?
AirborneRed Horses of the SnowA bit like New Order?
BirdsThe Revolving BirdsLate 60s with Radiohhead synths?
Born AloneWilcoI guess the allure is the unpredictability but the consistent vibe.
Good ThingsKathleen EdwardsTough to be beat "I make the dough, you get the glory." This does.
Free (Edit)Graffiti6No kidding- it was free. It's not bad, actually.
River of PainNewfound RoadLike if you ran out of gas "somewheres" on Route 66.
Time to GrowLovell SistersCountry.  It's nice.
I Can't WaitKieran Kane, Kevin Welch & Fats KaplinAccordian beginning.  And then, I guess they sing very well together with guitar picking.
Ridgeway BackgroadsThe Biscuit BurnersLively country/bluegrass

Laughing Down CryingDarryl Hall"She's Gooooooooooone, oooh ooooh  oooh  I"
Empty ThreatKathleen Edwards Folkey Night in Canada.
In the MorningForest SunAfter a glass of wine.  Country, but really just singer/songwriting
Space Between the LinesTim O'BrienClassic Americana.   Sort of a road trip tune. (He's probably Canadian)
Man Made LakeCalexicoBest of songs composed/played while on tour.
Here to ThereSonya KitchellProbably the best song on this list.
You Look So FineGarbageEasy to miss, but it is actually a very good song.
Hit the Ground (Superman)The Big PinkSimilar to the "pumped up kicks trend," but it is Superman. 
ClimbGolden KanineIt's the brass that gets me.
Hey MoonJohn MausIf you play piano/keyboards and use the sustain, this song makes sense.
Old MythologiesThe Barr BrothersThis is a great band.
FireIngrid MichaelsonCatchy, like the other one she did.
AfternoonYouth LagoonYou'll like it-eventually.  There's kind of a Bridge on the River Kwai thing.
Silver DaggerGillian WelchGreat voice, but never super overlifting.  You know?
MidwestJoseph ArthurThis dude is wiped out, but I really like this song.
My Way Back HomeDawes
FadedGreencardsBest alt-bluegrass band from Europe and based in Brooklyn.
One More NightJoy Kills SorrowThis band is so good.  Guitar picking, banjo and lyrics.
Yellow HouseRed MollyYellow house? This is song for you.  (Oh Brother Where art thou ish)
One By OneLaura CantrellSissy Spacek-not really, but . . .

The Great Pan is DeadCold CaveIf you have trouble waking up in the morning, tee this one up.
Box-Type LoveRun Dan RunJust alright dude.
DoorstepTune-YardsNot totally sold, but it is interesting
Brother SparrowAgnes ObelI can't lie.  I think the name Agnes Obel is cool.
ValleyTampled By TurtlesAlt-Bluegrass stalwarts.
One of a Kind (Feat. Justin Currie)Naomi BedfordKind of starts out sounding like Dolly, but simmers down once the dude chimes in.
Give it a TryReckless KellyCountry. 
Two HeartsRyan AdamsOld, but it is in my head.
I'd Feel BetterRosebudsFrom their Punkier roots.
Somewhere Across ForeverStellastar*Ned's Atomic Dustbin with chicks.
Somebody Like YouThe Belleville OutfitCountry ensemble with an indie singer.
When I Was YoungNada SurfGuitar picking?  They may have written this one.
WaterfallThe Fresh & OnlysNice reverb sound.  Upbeat
Don't Carry It AllThe DecemberistsThe dude's voice gets on my nerves, but the songwriting is great.
LoreleiFleet FoxesAlmost too cool for school, but it just sounds good.
SerpentsSharon Van EttenYes, different from the others.
In My TImeKurt VileSinger/songwriter.  A bit psychedelic. He uses a bad word.
BrainsLower DensMoody, prodding and nice.

Fireside (Molly's House)Lucy DreamsThe Cure without Smith's voice
ColoursGrouplove90's alternative (aka, Blind Melon), but the lead singer sounds healthy
I Belong In Your ArmsChairliftApple Nano commercial band actually can do music.
O NathanielHiss Golden MessengerThere's a hair of 70s in here.
EmmylouFirst Aid KitFree download turns out to be good Swedish alt-Country.
Miss K.Deer TickTough to find the 4min. version
WordsGiversIndie.  Good sonic build.  Ultimately an upbeat song.
Cuts You UpPeter MurphyTotally heard this on some recent TV episode- late 80s classic?
ForeverThe Explorer's ClubAlright, so these guys are channeling the Beach Boys. 
Me and You and A Dog Named BooLoboIs this old?  It's great.
Post War BluesDan ManganCanadian. It's good .
With My Good EyeWildfireDecatur CD talked me into this one.  Metric?
Summer is COmingMatt Pond PAI guess he's from PA.  Dunno why that's so important.  Dimmunitive songwriting.
EmptyRay LamontagneIt is in a recent movie (The Driver?)  A special song.
Honda CivicThe Felice BrothersThis album is terrible.  The song?  I loved my Honda Civic.
Stopping By Jason Isbell & The 400 ClubReally good listening.  Nothing fancy and unpretentious folk/pop
Fake PretendCarter Tanton A bit synthy and it gets weird, but it is a really good mood song.
Keep Your Head UpBen HowardSinger/songwriter.   Catchy in the David Gray mold.
Over YouCat's EyesCrazy dude from the Horrors. 

My MistakesEleanor FriedburgerInteresting.  Fiery Furnaces' voice
Into the Wild (Live)L.P.credit card commercial version (picture mad lady with hiking boots singing)
Video Games Lana Del RayThis may be all we get
All At OnceAirborne Toxic EventHBO TV Series theme.  Dramatic but enjoyable.
Simply SimpleMother MotherSinging it after a couple of listens.
Change the SheetsKathleen EdwardsThe album is as good as her others.  Very folksy Canadian.
Simple SongThe ShinsYep, it sounds like the Shins.
Stay GoldThe Big PinkMaybe slightly oversynthed for some, but good on the ears while exercising.
SilverlakeAzure Ray (feat. Sparklehorse)A bit of a sucker, but it is a good song.
We Go TogetherThe Farewell DriftersThe Beachboys with a folk touch.
Here Lies JohnGreencardsBest alt-bluegrass band from Europe and based in Brooklyn. 
Easy Come, Easy GoSierra HullCountry/folk.  (long drives in the car)
BirminghamThe BittersweetsDug back into the annuls.  Refreshing folk/country
Mountain GirlBlue MountainClassic rootsy folk for the college kids
Ballad of Restored ConfidenceCadillac SkyNot sure how to describe.  Sentimental folk.
Irresistible ForceJane's AddictionOh, it's terrible, but they're fun and they did write "Three Days"
If I Had a GunNoel Gallagher's High Flying BirdsKind of like Oasis, but can't figure out a band name?
Be Here NowSilver LakesGood Atlanta area band
Cold DaySonya KitchellSinger/songwriter goodness

Down In the ValleyThe Head and the Heart
This Old Dark Machine James VIncent McMorrow
If There Was No YouBrandi Carlile
BadaboomTapes 'n Tapes
Cross Country SkiingHeidecker & Woods
Long Walk Home Railroad Earth
This Is Why We FightThe Decemberists
I've Been GoneZoe Muth and the Lost High Rollers
Paper AirplaneAlison Krauss and Union Station
Windows Are Rolled DownAmos Lee
ColorsApril Smith & The Great Picture Show
Not Going HomeThe Elected
The MirrorJill Andrews
Little Lovin'Lissie
The DiveFool's Gold
Goodbye LoveThe Redlands Palomino Co.
Go AheadThe Rosebuds
Shell GamesBright Eyes
Dear Holly Romany Rye
Pumped Up KicksFoster the People
Hawaiian AirFriendly Fires
MiracleAstrid Williamson
Winter BeatsI Break Horses
SpringsteenEric Church
Me & TennesseeTim McGraw & Gwyneth Paltrow
Everything You See (Kids Count Hallelujahs)Portugal, The Man
Just A KissLady Antebellum
Same MistakeClap Your Hands Say Yeah
ChicagoLucie Wainwright Roche
Shake It OutFlorence + The Machine
Punching In A DreamNaked & Famous
When I'm Alone Lissie
CruelSt. Vincent
Lost and FoundKatie Herzig
Midnight CityM83
Rose Mary StretchPepper Rabbit
Nomad by FateChuck Ragan
Murderous JoyCarter Tanton
Alabama PinesJason Isbell and the 400 Unit
Lonely BoyThe Black Keys
Rolling In The DeepAdele
Sweet SisterAnnuals
Amor FatiWashed Out
Tongue TiedGrouplove
Love the Way You Walk AwayBlitzen Trapper
Cry BabyCee Lo Green
Coming HomeGwyneth Paltrow
LanternJosh Ritter
Try To SleepLow
Whatever You Say I AmMarriage Blanc
Beggar In The MorningThe Barr Brothers
Blue EyesMiddle Brother
Little TalksOf Monsters & Men
The Stars Came Out Once The Lights Went OutThe Veils
Baby MissilesThe War On Drugs
Into the WildL.P.
We All Go Back To Where We BelongR.E.M.

Winter Song  The Head and the Heart  
As Tall as Cliffs  Margot and the Nuclear So & Sos
AuctioneerThe Broken West
First Instant Last Report   Earlimart
River SongSeryn
Holy HolyWye Oak
Lonely BoyThe Black Keys
FallingThe Civil Wats
Lost In TimeStellastarr
Jesus Fever Kurt Vile
Robin Egg BlueCass McCombs
Oh, SarahSunday Valley
Highway SongButcher's Blend
Living FreeMichael Donner & The Southern Renaissance    
Alabama PinesJason Isbell & The 400 Unit
Kmag YohoHayes Carll
Into The WildL.P.

Better Off Without YouSummercamp
Future ShadowsForest Fire
When I'm With YouBest Coast
Surfer KingA.A. Bondy
Before the BridgeFuture Islands  
Shake it OutFlorence and the Machine 
Gold on the CeilingThe Black Keys
Winter WonderlandLiz Phair
Snow DayMatt Pond PA
Love Will Take YouAngus and Julia Stone
Lay Myself DownMazzy Star
GhostsThe Head and the Heart
The FinderMeg Baird
The Fear Ben Howard
Snow DaysReal Estate
Punching In A DreamThe Naked & Famous
HookedEilen Jewell
Winter WindsMumford & Sons
A Song For My FatherHeidecker & Wood
Northern LightsCider Sky

Tongue Tied  Grouplove
Something, Somewhere, Sometime  Ben Soilee and Daniel Martin Moore
Murderous JoyCarter Tanton
Little Toy GunHoneyhoney
Days Are ForgottenKasabian
Little TalksOf Monsters and Men
Your Past Life As A BlastOkkervil River
SwimJeremy Larson
To Be GoneAnna Ternheim
Blue As Your BloodThe Walkmen
SafeMiranda Lambert
Main StreetDeer Tick
From Now OnThe Features
Midnight CityM83
What Became of You and I?Treelight For Sunlight
The Same ThingCass McCombs
SonnetThe Decemberists
We All Go Back To Where We Belong    R.E.M.

Same Mistake   Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah 
EndtapesThe Joy Formidable
Chicago Promenade   Jason Isbell
My HeartLoney Dear
Wait Alberta Cross
AntarcticaThe Weepies
14u & u4MeThe Decemberists
The GetawayAthlete
Slip AwayClarence Carter
You're A Friend of Mine Clarence Clemmons & Jackson Browne   
Shine on YouThe Duke and the King
Hard Livin'Railroad Earth
HauntedThe Gourds
Come InsideZoe Muth and the Lost High Rollers
ChicagoLucy Wainwright Roche
Do I Wake or Do I Sleep   Homer Hiccolm & The Rocketboys
Shooting Star and the Ambulance    Pete Francis
Dreamin' AloneHightide Blues
Holiday RoadMatt Pond PA

Paradise  Coldplay    
Half Moon    Blind Pilot
Stand In The Water Wildlife
Beggar In The Morning The Barr Brothers 
KnotsLisa Hannigan
CruelSt. Vincent
Lucky NowRyan Adams
Love the Way You Walk AwayBlitzen Trapper
White ElephantLadytron
A Flower My Love GrowsHeirlooms of August  
Field SongWilliam Eliott Whitmore
Lay My Burden DownAlison Krauss & Union Station   
Rose Mary StretchPepper Rabbit
Shivering FawnFruit Bats
First LoveEmmy the Great
Nomad By FateChuck Ragan
Virginia (Featuring Amy Ray)Sonia Leigh
Wanderin'Justin Townes Earle

Lost and FoundKatie Herzig  
Just a KissLady Antebellum
End of TimeLindsey Buckingham  
She Walks In So Many WaysThe Jayhawks
Hello AgainNeil Diamond
FriendBob Evans
TigersStephen Malkmus & The Jicks   
Got it All (This Can't Be Living Now) Portugal, The Man
Is And Is And IsWhite Denim
Shoofly PieThe Wood Brothers
20 YearsThe Civil Wars
Ritual UnionLittle Dragon
Blue CassetteFriendly Fires
Sparrow and the WolfJames Vincent McMorrow
Smile For No OneSarabeth Tucek
Goodbye LoveThe Redlands Palomino Co.
Ash/Black VeilApparat
Wait in the DarkMemory Tapes
HeartsI Break Horses

SONGS                                                                             ARTISTS                                                
AnimalEllie Goulding 
Hurts Like Heaven Coldplay
The Heart is Willing A.A. Bondy
IntroThe XX
Sweet UnrestThe Apparat
Do I WaitRyan Adams
FletcherBlitzen Trapper
Higher GroundThe Believers
RunRenee Stahl
Who You AreCary Brothers
Sick & TiredCross Canadian Ragweed
Yesterday, NeverClap Your Hands & Say Yeah
Everything You See (Kids Count Hallelujahs) Portugal, The Man   
SpringsteenEric Church
You and IThe Duke and the King
Me & TennesseeTim McGraw and Gwyneth Paltrow
It's Already TomorrowFoster & Lloyd
Before the Night is GoneZoe Muth & The Lost High Rollers
Newspaper AngelsJenny Scheinman

Miss America      Carolina Liar
BurnNiki Barr Band 
Come Visit MeThe Rosebuds
JulyYouth Lagoon
DodecahedronBeth Jeans Houghton 
CalgaryBon Iver
KellyWhen Saints Go Machine
Beautiful Summer  Heirlooms of August
Coming DownDum Dum Girls
In the Coach Station Light  Fonda
ViewgirlsWolf Ram Heart
Time Spent In Los Angeles   Dawes
The Circle Married the LineFeist
River of DaysRosetta West
Whole LoveWilco
ArriveThere Is No Sin
These DaysDavid Juliet
Day by DayHank Williams III
Musical ChairsFair to Midland

Howlin' At The Moon  Kopecky Family Band 
Walking WiresRadical Dads
Back And ForthThe Bright Light Social Hour 
Baby MissilesThe War On Drugs
GgWhite Heath
First LightMy Morning Jacket
How Far We've Come  Dawes
Within and WithoutWashed Out
Summer HolidayWild Nothing
Love Can Be A Learning The Fruitful Earth
She Is YoursRedlands Palomino Co.
Love's VoiceJim Lauderdale
Batterie KinzieFleet Foxes
WoodsThe Rosebuds
Loosen The KnotLissie
Lovin' ArmsThe Wood Brothers
Way To The FutureKatie Herzig
We Owned The NightLady Antebellum
Other CountryBurlap to Cashmere

Philadelphia Freedom Elton John           
What Part Of ForeverCee Lo Green
One Horse DownBaskery
What You SaidLaura Cantrell
Bless You CaliforniaThe Beau Brummels   
Best NightThe War On Drugs
Starved Of AffectionThe Blood Arm
The Day Your Mouth Stood Still  Captain Wilberforce                 
World Gone GlobalThe Dead Trees
The DiveFool's Gold
Picture Of A BirdFruit Bats
Coeur D'AleneThe Head and The Heart
Hope On The HorizonMegan Henwood
MiracleAstrid Williamson
Laurel CanyonKalli
Winter BeatsI Break Horses
Wichita LinemanGlen Campbell
Streets of PhiladelphiaBruce Springsteen

Hawaiian Air  Friendly Fires
Morning Thought Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.                
The Swimming Song Vetiver
The House That Built Me            Miranda Lambert
Flowers In Your HairThe Lumineers
Misery RunsMyNameIsJohnMichael   
Hell On HeelsPistol Annies
Wishing On Her StarLydia Loveless
Hand It OutWoods
For 12Other Lives
UntitledThe Globes
Armored Scarves13 & God
Street JoyWhite Denim
Baby JeansThe Wooden Birds
Not Going HomeThe Elected
Morning SonCountry Mice
Poor ElizaChris Bathgate
When My Name Is Spoken Spirit Family Reunion
The Honest TruthTyphoon
Wild WindowFool's Gold

The Lonely British Sea Power 
Blue EyesMiddle Brother
Belt of OrionThe Belle Brigade
It's RealReal Estate
Fallin' For YouColbie Caillat
HoudiniFoster The People
Colgne Cerrone HoudiniGoldfrapp
Amor FatiWashed Out
Up Up UpGivers
RepatriatedHandsome Furs
Go Outside Cults
I Don't Want LoveThe Antlers
The Way it GoesGillian Welch
That's Where I'm GoingEilen Jewell
If I Don't Write This Song,  Someone I Love Will Die Hello Saferide
Deep Elum BluesJimmie Dale Gilmore & The Wronglers
RunThe Erins
JoleneRay LaMontagne
Think You Can Wait (From the Film Win Win)The Nationals
Guilty CubiclesBroken Social Scene

When I'm AloneLissie
Floating in the BalanceSarah Jarosz
Tangie and RayFruit Bats
Pumped Up KicksFoster the People 
Silly FathersRubblebucket
I Love You, I DoMiss Erika Davies
HoloceneBon Iver
Endless SceneStill Corners
Sleep PatternsMemory House
Cathode RayBlonde Summer
Grown OceanFleet Foxes
It's Always SummerThe Corin Tucker Band
Almost Blue Joseph Arthur
Heart in the HeartbreakThe Pains of Being Pure At Heart
CarpetbaggersJenny Lewis Feat. Elvis Costello
Twilight GalaxyMetric
CircuitalMy Morning Jacket
Up On the North ShoreThe Sea and Cake
I'll Fly AwayAlison Krauss & Gillian Welch

Hips Don't LieShakira
Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It) Beyonce
In da Club50 Cent
Ride Wit MeNelly featuring City Spud
This Is How We Do ItMontell Jordan
Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'Michael Jackson
Baby Got BackSir Mix-A-Lot
On the Floor (feat. Pitbull)Jennifer Lopez
Gold Digger (feat. Jamie Foxx)Kanye West
Young Forever (feat. Mr. Hudson) Jay-Z
Lose YourselfEminem
Walk this WayRun-DMC
The Humpty DanceDigital Underground
The PowerSnap!
Good VibrationsMarky Mark and the Funky Bunch & Loleatta Holloway
It Takes TwoRob Bass (et. al)
BeautifulChristina Aguilera

Every Teardrop is a Waterfall Coldplay
This Is Why We FightThe Decemberists
Rise Above 1 (Feat. Bono and The Edge)Reeve Carney
Well, Well, WellDuffy
Distant LightsIvy
Rolling In the DeepAdele
Black TreacleArctic Monkeys
Love Is My New DrugDawn Kinnard
Your Life Beside UsMark Olson
I've Been GoneZoe Muth And the Lost High Rollers
Lonely East TX NightsWhiskey Myers
Two Kinds of HappinessThe Strokes
Honey Come HomeThe Head and the Heart
Go AheadThe Rosebuds
Sound of the BellsJill Andrews
Every GirlTurnpike Troubadours
Until I DieBrandi Carlile
LosersThe Belle Brigade
VelcroBell XI

Eclipse (All Yours)  Metric
Her Time of DaySam Hare
Village Green Preservation Society Kate Rusby
Fields Are BurningLittly Country Giants 
Favorite GhostDawn Kinnard
Cats in a Bag The Luyas
Choir Of AngelsDeer Tick
The Soft AttackThe Daysleepers
Tea LightsLower Dens
Help YouTrampled By Turtles
Road MovieTensheds
Wandle SwanDanny and the Champions of the World
Gossamer HairPearly Gate Music
Futile DevicesSufjan Stevens
Real LifeSusan Cowsill
Try to SleepLow
SunshineSmoke Fairies
CumberlandD. Charles Speer & The Helix
Forever YoungBob Dylan

BloomThe Veils
Sweet SisterAnnuals
Spanish Sahara  Foals
Since K Got Over MeThe Clientele
StarlessThe Unthanks
The Green PasturesWilliam Tyler
RazorbackedD. Charles Speer & The Helix
Powers of TenThe See See
This Old Dark MachineJames Vincent McMorrow
This Is for LoveNicole Atkins
Cold Heart of MineTrembling Bells
Get Well SoonSarabeth Tucek
Riding For the FeelingBill Callahan
Lost In My MindThe Head and the Heart
Black NightThe Dodos
Old Man on the MountainPG Six
Willow GardenAllison Williams
Love the One You're WithTensheds

RiderOkkervil River
MontezumaFleet Foxes
Desert IslandHeidecker & Wood
It Happened Today R.E.M.
Potter's FieldRailroad Earth
BadaboomTapes N' Tapes
Sweet Talk, Sweet TalkThe New Pornographers
Two Small DeathsWye Oak
If There Was No YouBrandi Carlile
Down In the Valley The Head and the Heart
Moving Through Georgia Sam Hare
Annabel LeeStevie Nicks
Nothing Else Will Do Babe Sandy Denny/Strawberries
Le Grand CochonD. Charles Speer & The Helix
Cry Cry CryNicole Atkins
Especially MeLow
Blowing KissesSarabeth Tucek
Blue TipThe Cars

Down From DoverMarianne Faithfull
WizbotSea of Bees
Big Burned HandIron & Wine
Will DoTV on the Radio
Windows Are Rolled DownAmos Lee
TomboyPanda Bear
Paper AirplaneAlison Krauss & Union Station 
Rest of ReactionShake the Baron
The Stars Came Out Once the Lights Went OutThe Veils
An Easy LifeBroken Bells
BelongThe Pains of Being Pure at Heart
I Hope That No-One Cris At My FuneralNew Rules for Boats
Target On Your HeartSarah Lee Guthrie and Johnny Irion
Constant Future  Parts & Labor
Shine Like StarsGlasvegas
Don't Haunt This PlaceThe Rural Alberta Advantage
LanternJosh Ritter
JonathanSean Rowe
Marching SongEsben & The Witch
Something SpecialRandy Newman

Happy 81Modern Skirts
Dear HollyThe Romany Rye
I Follow Rivers Lykee Li
Golden HazeWild Nothing
Walk Around the Lake Lost in Trees
Facing the SunTreelight For Sunlight
Middle BrotherMiddle Brother
Our Hearts Are WrongJessica Lea Mayfield
Cross Country SkiingHeidecker & Wood
Young BloodThe Naked and Famous
GnomesSea of Bees
CivilianWye Oak
Holly BlueThe Gentle Good
Long Walk HomeRailroad Earth
Then He Kissed MeThe Crystals
As Tears Go ByMarianne Faithfull
CryingRoy Orbison
Moon RiverPatty Griffin
Indeed You DoHolly Golightly & The Brokeoffs

Freak OutTapes N' Tapes
Machu PicchuThe Strokes
Lotus FlowerRadiohead
Sad SongThe Cars
Love the Way You Lie  Eminem Feat. Rihanna
Empire State of Mnd (Part II) Broken Down  Alicia Keys
Something to Die ForThe Sounds
Now Is Not The TimePretty Little Empire
10 Mile StereoBeach House
The MirrorJill Andrews
Long Walk HomeRailroad Earth
The King Knows HowOver the Rhine
Nervous Lonely NightJessica Lea Mayfield
Good Night CaliforniaNate Currin
All Die YoungSmith Westerns
Map of an EnglishmanErland and the Carnival
Troubles Will Be GoneThe Tallest Man on Earth

SofiaWest Indian Girl
Beneath the Reach of LightYellowbirds
ChucumbeDavid Wax Musuem
StampThe Rural Alberta Advantage
Under Cover of DarknessThe Strokes
Tree By the River Iron & Wine
Coming HomeGwyneth Paltrow
January HymnThe Decemberists
Helplessness BluesFleet Foxes
Blue Skies AgainJessica Lea Mayfield
HomeBrian Eno & David Byrne
Secret LoveStevie Nicks
Shell GamesBright Eyes
Living Is So EasyBritish Sea Power
We Will All Be ChangedSeryn
Sun RoomJ. Irvin Dally
Yer SpringHey Rosetta!
The AfterlifePaul Simon
Looking For the Right ThingJamestown Revival

Oh My HeartR.E.M.
Good TimeAlan Jackson
Go DoJonsi
The YouthMGMT
Your Protector Fleet Foxes
Race YouElizabeth & The Catapult
CasablancaCount To Fire
Angela Surf CityThe Walkmen
In SleepLissie
Where the Road Meets the Sun Katie Herzog & Matthew Perryman Jones
Feels Like RainBill Calahan
Monkeys UptownIron & Wine
Sentimental FeelingsTensheds
At My HeelsTwin Shadow
A Room Where Your Paintings HangLost In Trees
Western HospitalityClub 8
Bigger Than UsWhite Lies
This MomentaryDelphic

Sun HandsLocal Natives
The Only Living Boy In New York Simon & Garfunkel
Moth's WingsPassion Pit
F*** YouCee Lo Green
Dancing On My OwnRobyn
Harlem River BluesJustin Townes Earle
Little Lovin'Lissie
Crash YearsThe New Pornographers
BoyRa Ra Riot
ColorsApril Smith and the Great Picture Show
WIldwoodChatham County Line
What I Say I AmMariage Blanc
BloodMiddle East
StrandedThe Walkmen
Floating VibesSurfer Blood
HannahFreelance Whales
Holding Us BackKatie Herzog

AnimalNeon Trees
Left Your Arms Empty Blackbud
The Weary Kind (Theme From Crazy Heart) Ryan Bingham
Hey Little Darlin'Zoe Muth & The Lost High Rollers
The CaveMumford & Sons
Too Late For GoodbyeRandy Rogers Band
Queen of the LotThe Spring Standards
CaughtIn The Crowd Kate Miller-Heidke
Good To Be HomeThe Everybody Fields
DillyBand of Horses
Sweet DispositionThe Temper Trap
Pride and JoyBrandi Carlile
MixtapeTift Merritt
Twenty MilesDeer Tick
The Ghost InsideBroken Bells
Do You Love MeGuster
Another Bad Night's SleepThe Silver Seas
Down On WashingtonThe Turnpike Troubadours
Bye Bye Cellphone1973
Love LostThe Temper Trap
Golden GirlBlackbud
GeorgiaBand of Horses
Down By The WaterThe Decemberists
MoneyGrabberFitz & The Tantrums
Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of PromiseThe Avett Brothers
Best Things In LifeThe Silver Seas
SchizophreniaJukebox The Ghost
HomeEdward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
On the OceanGuster
Beg, Steal, or BorrowRay LaMontagne & The Pariah Dogs
Same Changes The Weepies
Target HeartBlue Giant
Nerves of Nightmind Frontier Ruckus
We Used To WaitArcade Fire
Swim Until You Can't See LandFrightened Rabbit
Little Lion ManMumford & Sons
The High RoadBroken Bells
ZebraBeach House
Sometime Around MidnightAirborne Toxic Event 

If You Can't See My Mirrors The New Pornographers
InterstateRandy Rogers Band
Waiting on the StairsPela
The Greatest Light is the Greatest Shade The Joy Formidible
Dragon's SongBlitzen Trapper
RingbearerFrontier Ruckus
Cubism DreamLocal Natives
Step Out of The CarThe Boxer Rebellion
Let It RideRyan Adams & the Cardinals
Holy Rollers for LoveJakob Dylan
The StrangerLord Huron
It's Getting Light OutsideClearlake
Bushwick BluesDelta Spirit
Up With The LarksThe Pearlfishers
WInter DiesMidlake
The Only Sound that MattersRobert Plant
Fake Blues Real Estate
Let Down Radiohead

GeorgiaBand of Horses
OliviaNew London Fire
Precious StonePete Yorn
St. Bernard's LilyThe Red River
Not In LoveCrystal Castles (w/ Robert Smith)
Scissor RunnerJenny and Jonny
One of UsPomegranates
PineconeThe Sammies
My ShadowKeane
Speak NowTaylor Swift
Stadium LoveMetric
Curs in the WeedsHorse Feathers
The Secret SunJesse Harris
Pickin's Up The PiecesFitz & The Tantrums
ExcusesThe Morning Benders
Bushwick BluesDelta Spirit
The Man Who Would Speak True Blitzen Trapper
My Girl to MeDawes
When She Comes HomeDeer Tick

Deep BlueArcade Fire
Anyone's GhostThe National
Architect's & EngineersGuster
ComplimentsBand of Horses
I Found A Whistle MGMT
When You Leave My ArmsThe Duchess & The Duke
Lingering StillShe & Him
MeasureField Music
Silver SoulBeach House
The Biblical Sense of the WordQuiet Company
Drop Me OffPela
I WalkedSufjan Stevens
Ms. NovemberThe Silver Seas
London's In LoveThe Pearlfishers
Back of my MindThe Autumn Defense
BluebirdDanny & The Champions of the World
Kiss Me AgainJessica Lea Mayfield
On the EdgeThe Open Sea
Ultraviolet LightRyand Adams & The Cardinals

Christmas LightsColdplay
Belly of June Horse Feathers
Dragon FlysSusan Cowsill
Being On Your OwnFruit Bats
The Greatest Light Is the Greatest ShadeThe Joy Formidible
ComplimentsBand of Horses
The Violent HourSea Wolf
Up From BelowEdward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
Laughing LoverBlitzen Trapper
Rude to RileHorse Feathers
Nothing Like You Frightened Rabbits
This Tornado Loves YouNeko Case
DreamsBrandi Carlile
We Mad A MountainThe Mynabirds
Solitary GunRogue Wave
Add My EffortThe Weepies
Memory BoyDeerhunter
Everything is One Big Christmas TreeThe Magnetic Fields
Christmas Time is Here AgainMy Morning Jacket
Peace On Earth/Little Drummer BoyBing Crosby and David Bowie

Beg Steal or BorrowRay LaMontagne & The Pariah Dogs
Simple Song (For a Complicated Girl)1973
Wired For LIght School of Seven Bells
RestorationThe Acorn
Harry & BessFeraby Lionheart
Can't Go Back NowThe Weepies
On the OceanGuster
HummingbirdImaginary Cities
SchizophreniaJukebox The Ghost
Into the LightThe Alexandria Quartet
Beautiful Day Miranda Lee Richards
When You Find MeJoshua Radin
Gone AwayLucy Schwartz
MonstersBand of Horses
Too Late For GoodbyeRandy Rogers Band
I Want The World To StopBelle & Sebastian
40 Day DreamEdward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
We FellS. Carey
Death of a SongwritterBlabbermouth

Down By the WaterThe Decemberists
Portions For FoxesRilo Kiley
Countdown (Sick For The Big Sun)Phoenix
The Songs of the Weak Will DieSuperfamily
A New DayScouting For Girls
ChugjugFamily of the Year
MoneyGrabberFitz & The Tantrums
Same ChangesThe Weepies
SingMy Chemical Romance
Morning RoutineThe Red River
HighwireThe Maple Trail
Call to the WorldNarcolepts
The Ghost InsideBroken Bells
Say No to LoveThe Pains of Being Pure At Heart
Again and AgainThe Narcoleptic Dancers
When It RainsKidd Rock
WoodsWhite Pines
Dead American WritersTired Pony
If You Ever Get FamousThe Duke & The King

HomeEdward Sharpe & The Magentic Zeros
My Foolish PrideThe Charlatans (UK)
Not Getting ThereBlonde Redhead
As She's Walking Away Zac Brown Band (w/ Alan Jackson)
Saturdays and SundaysChatham County Line
You're the RadioThea Gilmore
What's Wrong With This PictureLloyd Cole
For the SummerRay Lamontagne & The Pariah Dogs
Bye Bye Cellphone1973
Sorrow, SorrowSad Day For Puppets
Just the Way You AreBruno Mars
Afraid of EveryoneThe National
Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)Arcade Fire
DreamsomeShelby Lynne
HallelujahRyan Bingham & The Dead Horses
HeirloomSufjan Stevens
MothersS. Carey

Do You Love MeGuster
Infinite ArmsBand of Horses
Roll Away Your Stone Mumford & Sons
Harm's Swift WayRobert Plant
MineTaylor Swift
Another Bad Night's Sleep  The Silver Seas
Have You EverBrandi Carlile
ChinatownWild Nothing
Never Listen to MeThe Thermals
State FairThe Fire Marshals of Bethlehem
To the SkyOwl City
One DaySharon Van Etten
Down on WashingtonTurnpike Troubadours
Heaven's On FireRadio Dept.
Come With Meceo
Pumpkin SoupKate Nash
Song For MorrieForest City Lovers
Goodbye MidnightThe Spring Standards
I Was Made For Sunny Days The Weepies
Heartworn TragedyThe Bart Crow Band

Half Light II (No Celebration)Arcade Fire
On My Way HomeBand of Horses
Blue SunshineBlue Giant
Hard DriveEvan Dando
Nothing But The Whole Wide World Jakob Dylan
Goodbye KissGrace Potter and the Nocturnals
ChangeThe Young Veins
Crazy For YouBest Coast
There She GoesSix Pence None the Richer
Where's It GoingEllery
Hey Little BirdI'm A Kloot
Weighty GhostWintersleep
The Sea and the HeatherFuzzy Lights
Echoes of TimeThe Smiles and Frowns
EquinoxThe Love Language
Baby LeeTeenage Fanclub
OctoberBroken Bells
Fire and RainCarole King & James Taylor
Soft as ChalkJoanna Newsom

Ready to StartArcade Fire
Golden GirlBlackbud
Pride and JoyBrandi Carlile
Numbers Don't LieThe Mynabirds
It's Hard To Be Humble (When
You're From Alabama)
Nerves of the NightmindFrontier Ruckus
MixtapeTift Merritt
Target HeartBlue Giant
Wait So LongTrampled By Turtles
Best Things In LifeThe Silver Seas
New InheritorsWintersleep
Soft SkinMountain Man
Twenty MilesDeer Tick
All to AllBroken Social Scene 
Heart to TellThe Love Language
Across The WireCalexico
Truth Sets InAvi Buffalo
You're Not the Only OnePaul Thorn
Half AsleepSchool of Seven Bells
Wet and RustingMenomena

Talk to MeStevie Nicks
Over the Hills and Far AwayLed Zeppelin
How You Like Me NowThe Heavy
You've Got a FriendCarole King and James Taylor
DillyBand of Horses
AnimalNeon Trees
Love LostTemper Trap
Midnight SunThe Sounds
The Walls are Coming Down  FanFarlo
Honey in the SunCamera Obscura
BechamelThe Pernice Brothers
Left Your Arms EmptyBlackbud
BayonetsAmazing Baby
OursThe Bravery
Dying DaysBrandi Carlile
Hard Luck LoveZoe Muth & the Lost High Rollers
American HoneyLady Antebellum
Today Was a FairytaleTaylor Swift
DarknessRobert Francis

(1)  Bloodbuzz OhioThe National
(2)  Change of TimeJosh Ritter
(3)  Your LoveKeane
(4)  Like TreasureEditors
(5)  It's WorkingMGMT
(6)  Queen of the LotThe Spring Standards 
(7)  Caught in the Crowd     Kate Miller-Heidke
(8)  Around the BendGreg Laswell
(9)  White Blank PageMumford & Sons
(10) Own StuntsBreathe Owl Breathe
(11) Dayglow Vista Rd.Minus The Bear
(12) This is itHarper Blynn
(13) Good to be HomeThe Everybody Fields
(14) The Mama PapaPlants & Animals
(15) World SickBroken Social Scene           
(16) Ocean FloorTypefighter
(17) Just BreathePearl Jam

(1)  ResistanceMuse
(2)  Sick MuseMetric
(3)  Nice FoxThe Rosebuds
(4)  FactoryBand of Horses
(5)  CelesticaCrystal Castles
(6)  DaysSambassadeur
(7)  Always Look On The
Bright Side of Life
Monty Python's
(8)  Just the Same WayJourney
(9) (What A) Wonderful World  Sam Cooke
(10)  I Speak Because I CanLaura Marling
(11)  ZebraBeach House
(12)  Another Likely Story Au Revoir Simone
(13)  The QuizHello Saferide
(14)  Bring DownMidlake
(15)  Saw You FirstGivers
(16)  BenedictionThe Weakerthans
(17)  For TodayJessica Lea Mayfield
(18) All the TimeElizabeth Cook
(19) Fallin' & Flyin'Colin Farrell & Jeff Bridges

(1)  Calypso GoldPrinceton
(2)  Sweet DispositionThe Temper Trap
(3)  That Lady The Isley Brothers
(4)  The is a WindThe Album Leaf
(5)  StrandedSambassadeur
(6)  In the SunShe & Him
(7)  RocketGoldfrapp
(8)  What's in it For?Avi Buffalo
(9)  Suffering SeasonWoods
(10) Wide EyesLocal Natives
(11) LaredoThe National
(12) Don't Wake UpThe Kissaway Trail
(13) CollectorHere We Go Magic
(14) Round and RoundAriel Pink's Haunted Graffiti
(15) One Way OutThe Mother Hips
(16) MarzJohn Grant
(17) The Sea ChangeTurin Brakes
(18) Don't Look Down or BackTunng

(1)  Hymn #101Joe Pug
(2)  Chicken FriedZac Brown Band
(3)  Way Go LilySam Amidon
(4)  Like A HurricaneThe Coal Porters
(5)  Little Lion ManMumford & Sons
(6)  I Can't LoseHolly Golightly & The Brokeoffs
(7)  RavennaTrembling Bells
(8)  I Saw Her At the FairLouis Eliot & The Embers
(9)  When The Tailgate Drops, The BS
Jack Rose
(10)  Need You NowLady Antebellum
(11)  The Running KindZoe Muth & The Lost
High Rollers
(12)  Ten Thousand WordsThe Avett Brothers
(13)  CarolineOld Crow Medicine Show
(14)  Sourwood MountainCarolina Chocolate Drops
(15)  In God's CountryThe Infamous Stringdusters
(16)  Let's Go Down to The RiverAmy Cook
(17)  These Old ShoesDeer Tick
(18)  I Can See The Pines Are
A.A. Bundy
(19)  Gone, Gone, GoneColin Farrell

Train in VainAnnie Lennox
The Weary KindRyan Bingham
You AreWynonna Judd
True ColorsCaroline Herring
More Like HerMiranda Lambert
Absolutely CuckooThe Magnetic Fields
A History of LoversIron & Wine with Calexico
Asking for FlowersKathleen Edwards
Wide-Eyed, LeglessLaura Veirs
Hey Little Darlin'Zoe Muth & The Lost High Rollers
When You Say Nothing At AllAllison Krauss and Union Station
Who Knows Where the Time GoesThe Fairport Convention
Wake Up SunshineChicago
You're My Best FriendQueen
Never Anyone But YouThe Clientele
Burn Down the MissionElton John
Acts of ManMidlake
The CaveMumford & Sons
On the Wings of LoveJeffrey Osborne
The WeightThe Band

Gimme SympathyMetric
Sleeping LessonsThe Shins
My GirlsAnimal Collective
25 Days Hello Saferide
Show Me What I'm Looking ForCarolina Liar
The ReelingPassion Pit
Panic SwitchThe Silversun Pickups
To Lose My LifeWhite Lies
MountainGreat Northern
31 TodayAimee Mann
Always DoAnnuals
All I NeedRadiohead
By Your SideThe Everybody Fields
Eid Ma Clack ShawBill Callahan
Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of PromiseThe Avett Brothers
Adventures In SolitudeThe New Pornographers

No One Is Going to Love YouBand of Horses
ReacharoundBell X1
PiecesThe Bridges
Long Walk HomeBruce Springsteen
You Picked MeFeist
Charming the FlamesFields
MykonosFleet Foxes
MotionlandFoxtail Summersault
HomeGreat Northern
Dear ValentineGuster
Run Run RunHaunt
Get Your Head Around ItHeadlights
I Make the Dough, You Get the GloryKathleen Edwards
+/- FairytaleOffice
Buildings & MountainsThe Republic Tigers
FantasiesRogue Wave
Dance All NightRyan Adams
Why Do You Let Me Stay She & Him
Rainy MondayShiny Toy Guns
OrbitingThe Weepies

Yankee Bayonet (I Will Be Home Then)The Decemberists
WanderlustThe Delays
HoursTV On the Radio
The Bull, and the GoatAnnuals
Hope SongRock Kills Kid
CrazyThe Fire Marshals of Bethlehem
Do You Realize??The Flaming Lips
The Day After TomorrowSaybia
Happy TownEast River Pipe
When They Came For UsShiny Toy Guns
Wake Me When It's OverLongwave
They Never Got YouSpoon
And What Fallout!The Kingsbury Manx
Control FreakCopeland
Old DominionThe Essex Green
Allison KraussThe Stills
Turn on MeThe Shins